Why Is My Face Bruising After Wisdom Teeth Removal: What To Do?

It is prevalent to have complications with your face after wisdom teeth removal; the problems can include swelling, pain, and insensitivity. However, bruising after wisdom teeth removal is a rare condition that often makes a person worried.

These bruises may cause pain and sometimes increase swelling. Thus, it is crucial to know why your face bruises and how to get rid of them sooner.

So, here are the answers to some common questions about post-surgery facial bruising to help you be prepared:

Why is my face bruising after wisdom teeth removal?

Why is my face bruising after wisdom teeth removal? - Redstonelife.com

Bruising is often caused when small blood vessels get torn and leak blood under the gums during the surgery. Bruising can also happen after taking aspirin or a blood thinner after extraction due to the reaction.

You may experience bruising over your cheek or jaw where surgery was performed. However, it might not be painful when you touch it.

How long does bruising last after wisdom teeth removal?

Bruising usually lasts for about a week or more after surgery.

It slowly starts dissipating from the day after surgery.

It is recommended to seek medical help if bruising lasts more than two weeks.

Can bruising go away on its own?

It often goes away without the need for any treatment. If bruising is spreading throughout the mouth, though, you shouldn’t seek immediate medical help.

How to get rid of bruising from wisdom teeth?

Apply moist heating packs or a steamed towel over the bruises. That will help to lower pain, bruising, and discoloration.

Note: Don’t apply excessive heat, or it will cause complications to your skin. Use slightly warm water to get better results.

Why do your cheeks swell after wisdom teeth removal

Swelling in some cases is a sign of both inflammation and infection, but after any surgery, it is a symptom of inflammation.

Swelling occurs when the body brings excessive blood, and the fluid in the blood gets collected to the affected area.

Applying a cold compress over the cheeks may lower swelling.

Bruising on neck after wisdom teeth removal: is it normal?

It is infrequent to have bruises on your neck after wisdom teeth are removed. It does sometimes happen, however, because of bleeding under the flap of tissues between the bone and tissue.

Don’t miss a checkup with your doctor if your neck bruises following wisdom tooth extraction.

Why do I feel a hole near my cheeks after wisdom teeth removal?

In reality, it is not a hole but a healing extraction site. When your wisdom tooth is extracted, the removed roots create a space in the bone. This space often takes two months to heal properly.

So you don’t need to worry about the feeling of an empty hole over your cheeks.

Bruising on the palate after surgery – Should I worry about that?

You can have mild bruising from traumatized blood vessels during tooth extraction, but it is nothing to worry about; and will resolve on its own. However, if you experience an increase in the size of bruising, you have to revisit your dental surgeon.

Other complications you may experience after wisdom teeth extraction 

After wisdom teeth extraction, many unusual things can happen; some of them are:

Swollen mouth & cheeks

It is very common for most people to have swelling on the mouth and cheeks after surgery.

Swelling will increase for the first few days but will gradually improve. Apply ice or a cold cloth to the swollen area.

Stiff & sore jaw

Stiffness and soreness usually result when you keep your mouth closed for a couple of hours after the extraction.

It is always good to slowly open and close your mouth to release stiffness from your jaw.

Pain in the extraction site

Excessive pain is the most common complication that occurs after wisdom teeth removal.

You can use ibuprofen and a doctor’s prescription for painkillers.

Also, it is recommended to have plenty of rest and avoid solid foods to counter the pain.

Gum bleeding

Bleeding occurs for the first 24 – 48 hours after surgery.

You can bite on a gauze pack at your extraction site to control bleeding.

An unpleasant taste

A bad taste in your mouth can be because of excessive bleeding.

This usually goes away after bleeding subsides; however, you can gently rinse your mouth with water to get rid of the bad taste.

Tingling or numbness

Numbness is common; however, tingling is caused by the trigeminal nerve’s injury during the extraction process.

You may experience tingling over your tongue, lower lip, chin, gums, and even teeth, so don’t get late for an oral surgeon if you’re experiencing tingling.

Dry lips & sore throat

The corners of the mouth are sometimes stretched during surgery, causing cracks and dryness. You can moisturize your lips with balms and ointments.

The surgical process may also make swallowing painful. However, it usually resolves on its own in a few days. Try home remedies like honey, garlic, or licorice root to speed up recovery.

You will start experiencing several discomforting symptoms in the first few hours after the extraction. However, with correct oral hygiene, diets, and proper care, you should be able to hasten recovery.


Like many other complications after wisdom teeth removal, facial bruising is one of them.

You do not need to worry much about that. However, if bruises get severe, you should check yourself with a doctor to get rid of them sooner.

All in all, we hope you’ve found the answer to your question and learned other relevant things regarding this topic in this blog post.

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