How To Get A Ring Off A Swollen Finger – 14 Actionable Ways!

Your finger is swollen and is stuck by a ring; you are trying hard to take it off your finger. Worries no more because in this article we are going to show you how to get a ring off a swollen finger quickly using the actionable techniques mentioned below.

Let’s dive in!

How To Get A Ring Off A Swollen Finger - 14 Actionable Ways! - The Ultimate Guide by blog.
How To Get A Ring Off A Swollen Finger – 14 Actionable Ways! – The Ultimate Guide by blog.

You are here probably because you have been attempting your immense tricks and techniques, but you have ended up seeing the ring still in your swollen finger and are looking for some actionable and accurate methods that actually work, isn’t it?

You are definitely at the right place! 

Without any doubt, this is a terrible situation where a person wants to remove the ring out of his/her finger, but they actually can’t just because of the swollen finger that becomes a barrier between the way from which the rings leaves of from our finger.

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If you guys keep trying the unprofessional and the wrong way to get the ring out of your finger, chances are you will end up making your finger painful and troubled.

A person with this situation gets into two issues that make the problem more difficult.

  1. Stuck ring
  2. Swollen finger

The swollen finger can get more affected and ached when there is applied enormous force and numerous attempts in the process of getting a ring off a swollen finger.

How To Get A Ring Off A Swollen Finger

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To put it in another way.

The situation can become worse if irrelevant techniques and attempts are tried on the swollen finger

We recommend you guys not to try your tips as they usually have fewer chances of working and more of doubling the issue.

So, all you need is professional and working methods to get rid of a swollen finger. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]The techniques that we have defined in our entire article have been tried by peoples like you who have been suffering from this issue.[/alert]

Know what?

These tips have worked for them like a charm!

So have research in our article where we have added lots of methods for the exact issue of which you peoples are suffering for.

From several of the tips, you will find the best ones that can get the ring off a swollen finger.

Here we go finally.

Lubricate your swollen finger:

The first way that we suggest you for getting rid of this issue can be done by lubricating the swollen finger.  There are several ways to grease the finger; you are required to understand each of them and try them with the hope that these ways will work for you like a charm.

Apply oil on finger:

The very first technique we are sharing with you to get off the tight ring can be hopefully done by applying oil on your swollen finger.

bottle, bowl, cork


How to use this technique:

For using this technique, you need a small amount of oil which can be any like cooking oil. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Just apply the oil you have with your finger on the effect ones. Pull off the ring slowly by keeping the finger away from the pressure. The ring will surely get slip off as you keep taking it off from the finger.[/alert]

Oiling the finger will help you to remove the tight ring easily without producing pain on the finger.

It will also prevent your swollen finger to get more disturbed as the oil will help to slip the ring out of your finger.

Lubricate using soap/shampoo:

These are one of the stuff which is available right at your home.

bathroom, bottle, clean

How to work with this tip:

All you need is to mix the shampoo or soap in the little amount of water & merely apply the solution to the swollen finger. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]With slight hand, take the ring out of your finger. While you are doing this process, keep in mind to not pull the ring by massive force.[/alert]

The soaps are one of the best ways to take out the fast things out of the finger and hands.

So don’t just sit here, try this tip right just now.

Try using cream:

You can also use any of the cream available at your place.

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The petroleum jelly and the moisturizing creams are better suggested to get off the ring out of the swollen finger, but you can use other ones which you are having right now.

How to work with this method:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, apply cream over the area where the ring is stuck, try pulling off the ring politely out of the finger.[/alert]

While the ring is releasing, apply some more cream to make the work done entirely.

Butter up your finger:

Like other of the items that can be used for the solution, you can also use the butter present in your refrigerator to get a ring of your swollen finger.

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The way of using this technique:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]All you need is to take a minimal amount of butter on your fingertip and apply that on the area where the ring is stuck.[/alert]

Try to reach the butter inside the ring so that this technique will become more useful for this problem.

Try a glass cleaner:

Image result for glass cleaner work

Like many of the ordinary things, you can also use the glass cleaner to solve your problem right at your home.

You are needed to get a glass cleaner, or if you have, it then follows how to make your job done with it.

How to work with this tip:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Take a branded glass cleaner; Spray it all over your affected finger. After covering the finger with the liquid, you then have to take off the ring gently.[/alert]

How does glass cleaner works?

Glass cleaners are enriched in producing lubrication on the skin, in other words, they are the useful tool for using them for taking off the ring from a swollen finger.

So by just lubricating, you can use the better stuff we mentioned above to get the ring off your swollen finger.

Keep the below statement in mind:

We recommend you to prevent yourself applying massive force while taking off the ring. Do these methods politely to make your work done without disturbing your swollen finger.

Let’s move further for other effective methods!

Time to use your dental floss:

Now here comes an item that isn’t a liquid solution, besides of all the things we mentioned above, this method requires a long process and patience.

So we request you to read the process of using this method keenly to apply it correctly to the solutions.

Take a long piece of dental floss, put one end of it inside the ring and take it out.

Note: It will take some effort for the floss to get inside the stuck ring.

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While the floss’s end is coming out of the ring, take the second end of the floss and round it around your finger.

Doing this will help you to give a ring a movement, which in result will help to take the ring out successfully after doing the method entirely.

So now tie the current end to the top of your finger so it won’t get opened.

Make sure not to wrap the floss tightly as it will result in blood blockage and will cause an issue for the swallow of a finger.

When you wrap the finger successfully, merely release the top end of the floss just like untying.

As you release the floss, the ring will slightly remove from its place towards the start of the finger.

You can also get a live tutorial of this tip by watching this video.

Get a strip of a cloth/oxygen mask:

Who else will not have a piece of cloth at his/her home? So, with just this simple thing, you can also get the stuck ring off your swollen finger.

Well to start working on this method, you need a strip of cloth, or it will be better if you get an oxygen mask and use its piece.

To make the technique work for you, you are just required to follow the same method we discussed above by using the dental floss.

Image result for how to get a ring off a swollen finger

The difference is only of the item. Otherwise, you can use any of such which works for you like the best technique.

To this end, you can also use the strip of cloth or oxygen mask to get the ring off your swollen finger.

The last step for the stuck ring:

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Here we have another way of solving your problem using an alternate method, so let’s know about it.

Take a piece of tape, wrap it under your stuck ring, and leave the tape inside the ring for half of an hour.

Put your hands in iced water for about 10-15 minutes.

Now after that, remove the tape out from your finger & spray the glass cleaner to your finger.

Now at last, slightly take the ring off your finger in the twisted movement & your ring will hopefully be in your hand.

How to treat the swollen finger:

Image result for swollen finger

Without any curiosity, you are also required to fix your swollen finger to get your finger into the normal condition, so that it won’t trap any other ring again.

If you don’t care of your finger, it can get more swollen, and you might get stuck in further problems.

So, you need to follow the steps of fixing your swollen finger that we have mentioned below:

Perform activity on your affected finger:

2 Hands Holding 1 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Each

  • Do some movements on your all fingers politely
  • Make your fingers open with each other & then join them
  • Try opening and closing your hands
  • Close the swollen finger and re-open it

The above simple and easy to perform exercise will help you to circulate the blood across all of your fingers (especially the swollen ones) which will be led to assist in fixing the swallow of the finger

Do hands exercises:

approve, black-and-white, hand

The low blood circulation in the fingers is one of the led to the swollen finger, so you are required to do some hand exercises to reach the blood across your fingers.

  • Keep your affected finger above your heart for 30 minutes. Try the tip at least three times a day.
  • Keep your all fingers straight to the up direction for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Take your both hands to the top of your head, interlink them, and bring them down behind your head. Take your head to the back & produce little amount of resistance after half of the minute. Release your hands, perform some movements & redo this method for some more times.

Massage your fingers:

Four People Showing Clap Hand Gestures

Move to a good body massager, and he will surely do a better treatment for your finger.


Take the warm oil and rub it with your swollen finger gently time by time. Massaging the affected finger politely as it will help to recover the finger.

So massaging will hopefully treat your swollen finger so you can quickly take and remove your rings easily.

Try Contrast Hydrotherapy:

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For using this tip, add warm water to a bowl or any container that you have.

Soak the swollen finger in the water for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Now take the hand out from the warm water & merely add to the cold water for just one minute.

Use this tip for 3 to 4 times a day, and we believe that your finger will be better than before.

Prevent exceeded salt & sodium intake:

alcohol, background, bar

Several things produce the swallow in the finger, salt, and the sodium are one of them.

So, you are needed to keep yourself away from as prescribed below:

  • Reduce the salt & sodium as they led to producing swelling in several parts of the body.

Visit the specialist:

Macro Photo of Stethoscope and Pens

The cause of swollen fingers can be the viral infections, so to fix that you will need to take the prescribed medicine to remove the virus.

So visit a better specialist, and he will surely suggest you the better medicines and the prescriptions that can fix your swollen finger.


The ring that becomes stubborn at the swollen finger is not less than a weird issue.

So by trying the numerous techniques that we shared in the complete article can make you guys possible to get a stuck ring off a swollen finger.

With easy to follow steps & the cheap products that are needed to make the work done will hopefully help you in getting yourself out from this issue.

Furthermore, the knowledge we mentioned at the end to reduce the swelling of the finger will according to us help you to return your finger to the delicate and healthy condition.

So, in the end, we believe that you have gained lots of information and especially have understood how to get a ring off a swollen finger.

If you have got any more tip or any feedback, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us.


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