How To Get Rid Of A Crick In Your Neck

Has your neck stuck in pain right now? Or you usually suffer from the neck crick? There can be several ways of experiencing crick on the neck. This is why, in this article, you are going to learn how to get rid of a crick in your neck.

So, let’s get started right now!

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Rid of a Crick in Your Neck

It’s the standard issue that we face in our daily life and no doubt it hurts a lot when we are trying to work but can’t focus on our tasks due to the neck cramps.

Before jumping on our today’s main topic which at the moment is pretty clear to you is about how to get rid of a crick in your neck, let’s first understand what usually causes the crick in our neck? !

It can take place when:

  • We lift heavy weight, primarily through the neck.
  • Keeping the head in the same place for a long time
  • Having stress and depression
  • We teak our neck with an enormous pressure

And so many other things can be the reason for facing pain in our neck.

We know that the cramp can be a disgusting issue for our life as we can’t work finely with them, but there are also methods that you can just try right now and can get rid of your neck cricks.

Straightforward methods are available that you might have known or tried before. They can surely make you get free of the neck pain that you were facing for a long time.

As we mentioned above, that there can be different reasons for facing the neck cramps, like staring at the same object for a long time, sleeping with wrong positions and much more.

Our article is consisting of the techniques and simple methods from which we believe that you can get rid of your neck’s issue.

So have a calm read of this article as it contains numerous ways for removing your neck issue.

The most accessible methods at first:

Try moving your head after minutes:


You might have tried this technique tens of time for feeling free of neck pain and cramp, but if you haven’t got a bit relaxation, then you might be doing that wrong.

While you are at work, move your neck slowly up then down & after some minutes just move your head towards the left to center and center to the right, but don’t do that fast as it will double up your neck pain.

Must try this exercise when you at a long drive, as you are needed to focus on the track for the specific time, and we feel a lot tired. Driving is from those works that have easy chances for creating neck issues.

So move your head little after when you are towards the long journey.

Repeat this method after minutes so that your neck will not get stiffed at one posture.

Make this exercise your habit at every morning especially after waking from the bed.

This simple and familiar way will let your neck to remove the stiffness which is one of the causes of the spasm of the neck.

Have your neck massaged:

what is the fastest way to get rid of a crick in your neck?

It is massage!

It is a straightforward way of reducing neck crick; you can even do this while working.

Just calmly rub your fingers to the troubled areas on your neck, move the fingers gently to your neck.

Massage roundly with your fingers throughout the painful areas.

You can try this at any time when you are facing the issue; massaging will be the easiest and efficient way of getting rid of neck cricks for you.

The yoga method:

This method is approved and suggested by a Yogist, and I have tried it and have experienced significant relief from neck pain.

You have just to remain to sit wherever you are; it doesn’t require such complicated yoga techniques.

Sit straight in the chair or at any place, keep your face straight towards the front.

Now slowly move your neck towards your right neck and keep breathing calmly while you are moving to the right.

After moving your neck towards the right neck, come back to the front neck position where you started and slowly release your breath as you are coming back to the previous place.

Now just do the same action to the opposite left side as we are mentioning below.

Take your head to your left-hand side slowly and keep breathing slowly while you are moving to the left.

This method will become more effective when you try it in the open & fresh environment.

Now return to the previous straight position with the same motion and release the breath slowly. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”] Keep in mind that your head should be in the straight position, put it at neither up nor to the down, just keep the straight area and perform the method in the same manner. [/alert] [alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”] Do this method for 5 to 7 minutes a day with the way we told you above. And again, we are guiding you that don’t apply to the process in a rush as it will disturb your neck more than before. [/alert]

Take a rest after the busy hours:

Image result for break time at office

Most of the people working for hours at the same place get immense busy that they don’t leave the work for even few minutes.

It causes the neck bones stiffed and painful as they are not receiving rest even after hours.

The best time for taking a short break is the time of noon, the time after receiving the lunch is the best and necessary for making ourselves relaxed.

Try taking a short nap if possible after the lunch, and you will feel a significant change not only in your neck pain even to your entire tired body. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So taking a short rest of 10 to 15 minutes doesn’t only make you feel good but it also makes your neck calm, thus no more pain! :)[/alert]

Fix your wrong posture:

Image result for wrong posture

You sleep, work and do every stuff with the way you feel comfortable, but in reality that relaxed position is disturbing your body muscles. The inappropriate postures are one of the reasons that cause the crick in your neck.

You have to upgrade your neck position as well as your working and sleeping position in order to save your neck from cramps and other disorders. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Below we have mentioned the right posture for your body which is recommended by the medical experts.[/alert]

Right seating posture:

Image result for correct sitting posture

While sitting at the office, home or at any free place, you have to keep your position maintained as guided below. Primarily when working at a computer, we follow the wrong posture which doesn’t only harm the neck, but even the whole body.


The image above is entirely guiding the correct posture that we should adopt while sitting for a long time.

Follow this posture rules:

Whether we were trying to sit straight before, but this image has proved us wrong as it suggests the 135° as the comfortable posture.

  • The leftmost side part of the image guides to lose the rest of your back from the chair.
  • The wrong thing in the middle image is the neck posture which doesn’t meet with the position of the body, and also the 90°, as well as the straight sitting position, is also not considered as the right posture to adopt.
  • The third and the proper stance with 135° position include the rest of both pelvis and the back, and it also keeps the attitude of the neck maintained.

However, if you are at work, you may not adopt this posture as it doesn’t seem like a mannered posture to keep at the public places. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So for the offices and at the public places, we suggest you another ideal straight posture for making the body maintained. [/alert]

Below is the mannered posture that we suggest you adopt at the public places.

Image Credits:


  • Make your back as well as spine straight. Don’t feel yourself wrong if your spine is not at the rest of the chair.
  • Keep your neck & head up to the front position.
  • Give your pelvis rest with the chair than your back as shown in the image.

This posture clarifies that one needs to make his back and the neck straight to sit at the correct attitude. [alert type=”success” icon-size=”normal”]If you succeed in fixing your wrong posture by applying these techniques, that means you have somehow made yourself free from neck pain. 🙂 [/alert]

The right sleeping position:

An average person sleeps continuously 8 hours a day. The wrong sleeping posture for such hours becomes a significant reason for the neck pain. So you should correct your way of sleeping with the way we are guiding below.

  • Do not take big pillows as they imbalance your body and your head.
  • Don’t only sleep in the same position; try sleeping with all left, right and center area. Resting at the same place can make the body stiff.
  • Rest on your pillow with the method explained below.

The illustrated picture above shows the right and the wrong way of resting on the pillows.

The Wrong:

The first wrong style shows that the person has used a larger pillow which is unbalancing the person’s neck and the body. So always use the pad that adjusts your body and your head.

The second picture also has the same pillow and just shows that this way can create the neck disorder.

The Right:

We hope that you have identified the difference and the disadvantages of sleeping with the wrong posture.

Both right methods of sleeping recommend merely using that pillow which is not so higher than the place where you sleep.

The image guides to also attach your neck with the end of the pillow while resting on the bed.

Your phone is creating trouble for your neck:

You have to believe that; Your Mobile Phone is one of the causes of this issue!

Now we are not telling you to turn your life out of your smartphone, and you will not do this anyway. 😀

However, you have to admit that the phones we use for the most of the time in our day are one of the causes of neck crick.

It’s not a theory; it’s just as simple as we discussed above that leaving our head towards the same thing for a long can cause pain in our neck.

But the issue becomes more painful with the mobile phones.

We don’t only stare at our phones for hours, but we even look at them in the wrong way that creates a disturbance in the neck muscles.

The picture itself points us that we are accessing the mobile in the wrong way

Pic credits:

The boy in the image facing problem in his neck when he is looking down to for using his phone, as this is the wrong neck posture for utilizing any place. Thus this causes the disturbance in the bones of the neck and result; it pains when we return to the normal position.

The righteous way of using the phone is shown merely in the second image where the boy is not changing his posture for accessing his phone, so in the result, he is free from the cricks in his neck.

How to use phone with right posture?

To use mobile without Side affecting your neck, follow more points below:

  • Keep your head at the center position & avoid it to lift down.
  • Use the phone at the top place by keeping the arms up.
  • Lower down your eyes to the screen so your head will not need to move below.

So by keeping these instructions while using the mobile phone, you can get away from daily basis neck pain.

Warm your neck:

Here we start a non-exercise way of reducing the crick.

  1. Take hot water in the pot.
  2. Pour the towel into the boiling water & squeeze the water into the bowl.
  3. Now gently apply the warm cloth especially over the painful areas of the neck.

Do this method for at least 10 minutes with the warm water, and you will hopefully feel great relaxation from the neck crick. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Or if you can’t do this due to insufficient time, you can just directly take a bath with warm water and make sure to apply the water to every side of your neck.[/alert] [alert type=”danger” icon-size=”normal”]Note: we do not recommend you to use extremely hot water for this method, and you shouldn’t also hurt yourself by trying the technique with such warm water.[/alert]

And if you still haven’t get rid of the crick in your neck:

Have a consult with the specialist:

Image result for doctor consult animated

Well, we recommend you to take care of your neck and don’t take it a standard issue if you are not getting free of the problem.

Damaged bones can also be the cause of cricks in your neck.

Every one of the techniques we added in our entire article includes the relief for your problem, but if your pain is increasing over time, you should better have yourself checked by the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers:

  • What is the best sleeping position for neck pain?

Answer: The back and side sleeping positions are considered to be the best against neck pain.

  • How to sleep with a stiff neck and shoulder? 

Answer: Put a pillow under the knees and sleep on the back slightly reclined.

  • How long does a crick in your neck last?

Answer: Cricked necks normally fix within three days, but it all depends on the way you are curing them.

  • Can a crick in the neck cause headaches?

Answer: Yes, a crick in the neck can also cause headaches because of tension headaches is linked in the neck.

  • Does icy hot help crick in the neck?

Answer: Yes, icy hot is very effective against the severe neck pain.


So the article for guiding you on how to get rid of a crick in your neck ends here. If you have tried, or whenever you decide these exercises and methods, we believe that you will get out of your problem.

Every solution we categorized in the article has a cure for your problem. We believe that you will be free of the issues in your neck after trying the above methods with the daily routine and have learned how to get rid of a cricked neck fast.

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