When Can You Workout After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Find out!

Working out is an essential thing for staying healthy and being fit.

If you’re strictly conscious about your physical activities, then you may feel like you can’t pause even for a single day, but there are some circumstances where you may need to take a rest and avoid strenuous activities.

The time after wisdom teeth removal is one time you have to stop your workout because wisdom teeth surgery leads to several complications in your gums, and for that reason, you have to avoid said activities, such as workouts, but the questions are:

How long should you wait, and when can you workout after wisdom teeth removal?

Here’s everything regarding that!

When can you workout after wisdom teeth removal?

After the wisdom teeth removal, a workout must be strictly prohibited for the first 10 days. Strenuous exercises and works should be avoided, such as stretching, bending over, or heavy lifting; you can do light activities such as walking, cycling, and other similar activities that do not pressure the surgery site.

Any workout that increases the blood pressure at this period can interfere with the starting phase of healing, making it challenging to control bleeding.

Why are physical activities prohibited after wisdom teeth removal?

The reason experts restrict people from workout after extraction is that any pressure applied to the extraction area can hinder the wounds healing process; which may lead to pain, irritation, and dry sockets.

Avoiding precautions can increase your wound healing time and may lead to further complications.

Sports after wisdom teeth removal – Take your time

Patients are advised not to do sports after wisdom teeth surgery for a week. How long you need to avoid activities depends upon several factors, such as the location of the teeth, their positioning in the jaw, and the like.

Extraction of upper wisdom teeth can be a bit less problematic than the lower ones, so one who has had an upper wisdom tooth extraction may be able to start some light physical activities after around five days.

However, if that activity produces throbbing, pain, or bleeding, the patient has to refrain from further exercises for a few more days and then slowly return to activities.

In complex surgery cases, such as when bones need to be cut to remove teeth, patients may need to avoid sports for more than ten days to ensure proper healing.

What are some harmful activities to avoid after surgery?

There are various physical activities that may worsen your dental condition if you don’t avoid them, here’s some of them:

Neck stretching

Stretching your neck creates pressure over your jaws and mouth. That can put a burden on the surgical site, which is under the healing process. Avoid activities that stretch your facial area.


Jumping or stepping downstairs can put force on the extraction site. Avoid jumping and stepping on stairs to restrain from any harm.


When you run, almost all of your body parts get affected by force. That force can also affect your teeth extraction site, so avoid that too

Vigorous mouth rinsing

Rinsing is an essential part of oral hygiene; however, you shouldn’t forcefully rinse your mouth after wisdom teeth removal.

Always rinse slowly and never spit or it may dislodge the blood clot and disturb the wounds.

Chewing solid foods

Chewing is also a kind of activity that may affect the extraction site. Although chewing is not prohibited, you should avoid chewing solid foods such as pizza, french fries, and burgers until complete relief.

How to recover from wisdom teeth surgery? – And start your workout sooner!

Here’s how you can slowly get back to normal life after a complex wisdom teeth surgery.

Take a rest

In the starting 24 hours after surgery, you are needed to stay on bed rest.

Pause your daily life works like cooking, cleaning, working and other activities to recover soon.

Take at least 8 – 10 hours of sleep on the first day after surgery.

Start small

After the first day, you can start with low-impact activities such as yoga and running. Stop it immediately if you feel any pressure or pain.

Note: Pain is a sign of telling yourself that you are not fully healed yet.

Get back into your routine

After about the third day, you can start to ease back into your light exercise routine. Don’t push yourself too hard. Any pain or bleeding means you should stop immediately.

After seven days, you can resume lifting heavier weights, but be cautious while clenching your teeth.

Take proper diet

Dental surgery leads to severe body weakness, and a healthy diet is the only way to counter it.

While you are healing, you should eat healthy, soft, and liquid foods.

Drink plenty of water and eat mashed potatoes, porridge, soup, and other less salty and light foods.

My mouth bleed after exercising – what to do?

If you haven’t followed the prescriptions and started to do strenuous activities after extraction, it is not rare to have bleeding in your mouth.

Since bleeding is a very typical complication after surgery, it may increase further if you don’t take proper rest.

If the bleeding is not stopping, try to apply a gauze pad or visit your surgeon if the condition is getting out of your control.

This post may help you counter bleeding after Wisdom Teeth Removal:

How To Stop Bleeding After Wisdom Tooth Extraction – 10 Working Methods!

When can I lift after wisdom teeth removal?

This question is the same as: “When can you workout after wisdom teeth removal?”

Since weight lifting is also a workout, you should avoid it for at least a week after extraction.

That is because lifting weights stretches the jaw muscles, which may pressurize the extraction site.

When can I run after my wisdom teeth removal procedure?

Running is also a form of physical activity, so it should also be avoided for a couple of days. However, though, a regular walk would be the best choice in replacement for running.

Can I exercise with a dry socket?

Dry socket is one of the most challenging complications that may take place in your surgery site if you do not take proper precautions. Thus, exercises are strictly prohibited if you are suffering from a dry socket.

Can I do pushups after wisdom teeth removal?

Pushups are similar to weight lifting in that they put pressure on your jaw, which is why they are not recommended after a wisdom teeth removal procedure. 

Say no to pushups for a week after wisdom teeth surgery!

Is Cardio workout okay after wisdom teeth removal?

No, Cardio and other strenuous activities are not allowed after wisdom teeth removal. Take a break from them for a couple of days to recover faster.

Warnings and precautions

After surgery, give rest to your body, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Follow your surgeon’s recommendations about rest and restricted physical activity.

If you wish to resume your exercise routine in the first week after the wisdom tooth extraction, keep it light.

Additionally, if you feel a fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the pain increases after three to four days, visit the surgeon. Also, consult with the specialist if you have red, hard swelling at the surgery site or bleeding that won’t stop.

Call your doctor if you feel weak or dizzy while exercising.

The Bottom Line

Workout can be a harmful factor after wisdom teeth surgery. It is always good to limit it for a couple of days after the extraction.

However, you can continue with light exercises that do not strain your muscles too much during that time.

All in all, you need to take proper care of your surgery site and protect it from any harm so that it can heal faster, and you can resume your normal lifestyle.

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