Can A Rotten Tooth Cause Headaches?

The dentist cannot reverse a rotten tooth naturally. Even artificial restoration treatments are expensive and do not provide a permanent solution.

Further, a rotten tooth causes several complications such as tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, bad breath, etc.

Apart from such problems, people also experience headache, which makes them think Can a rotten tooth causes headaches, or is it just a perception?

So if your one or more tooth is rotten and you are experiencing a severe headache, then it is good to know why that is happening and how to get rid of it!

Let’s begin to know!

Can A Rotten Tooth Cause Headaches?

Can A Rotten Tooth Cause Headaches -

The severely rotten tooth contains bacteria and plaque, which can cause the nerve endings to release pain from the tooth that spreads to the head.

The infection may spread to other body parts through the bloodstream if left untreated.

Therefore, consult with the dental expert before the pain and infection worsen.

Can a tooth infection cause dizziness?

Girl feeling dizzy

If you ever had a tooth infection, you realize how painful it can be. But tooth infection also affects the overall health and body in different ways.

Gum, tooth, and mouth infections can cause lightheadedness if not treated at the right time.

Can toothache cause migraine?

Man in feeling headache

There are several causes of toothache, such as impacted wisdom teeth, cracked teeth, and cavities. Such conditions may produce migraine, which leads you to feel nauseous.

Can toothache cause ear pain?

Ear pain can sometimes relate to dental problems.

Your teeth, jaw, and gums are connected to your ears. Therefore ear pain can be a sign of your current dental problems.

Can grinding and clenching cause headaches?

Many people who excessively grind or clench their teeth usually experience headaches upon waking.

That happens because of an enormous force that puts pressure on your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and supporting muscles—the TMJ muscles are associated with your jaw, cheeks, and the side of your head.

This cause muscles to cause severe headache and sometimes migraines.

Tip: Get a mouth guard, which will help to reduce upper and lower teeth pressurizing each other.

Can you get sepsis from tooth decay?

The more you get late for a dental checkup, the more you allow the infection to become even more robust and rapidly spread to your body which could result in a severely painful condition for a person if they are not taking a tooth infection seriously.

A long-term untreated oral infection may cause sepsis, a life-threatening medical condition.

Severe body pain, high fever, shivering, or feeling cold are typical symptoms of sepsis from a decayed tooth.

How do I know if I have an infection in my tooth?

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Many people are not even aware of how badly their tooth is infected. And for that reason, a person silently becomes the victim of tooth infection, which in the future becomes an enormous burden to their health.

Here is one of the typical signs through which you may easily find a tooth infection.

Extreme sensitivity

Teeth pain with hot, cold, and sugary meals is a sign of tooth infection.

However, if the pain is temporary, this is not something you should worry about.

Change in color

The black lines in the lines of teeth and molars indicate a tooth infection.

You can check for those by capturing a picture using your smartphone.

Face swelling

Infection can cause swelling in the face, gums, and jaw.

If you are experiencing tooth pain and swelling over your face simultaneously, you need to seek dental help urgently.

Bad breath

Bad breath is one of the signs of an infected tooth.

You may also experience unpleasant taste most of the time in this condition.


The infection spreads throughout the body and may lead to severe fever.

However, it is difficult to know if fever is due to an infection. If you are experiencing throbbing body pain with a headache, there is a high chance of a severe tooth infection.

Feeling sick

You may experience minor nausea, dizziness, and flu-like symptoms.

How to prevent tooth infection?

Women having toothache

Some precautions and tips can help prevent tooth infections from building and spreading. Here’s some of them!

Brush regularly

Brushing with anti-bacterial toothpaste is essential to avoid bacteria in your mouth.

Brush your teeth to each corner of your mouth, especially the back molars. Most people ignore that area which leads to plaque, cavity, and bacteria buildup.

Use mouthwash

Anti-bacterial mouthwash effectively helps to limit bacteria.

Use mouthwash 4 – 5 times a week to get a better result.

Salt water rinse

Saltwater is an affordable and powerful anti-bacterial remedy that helps reduce bad breath and bleeding from your mouth.

Try warm salt water and rinse for 2 – 3 days to get the best results.

Limit sweet intake

Sweet foods and drinks are the root cause of tooth decay and infections.

Usually, kids are the victim of teeth-related problems from sweets.

Not only do you need to limit sweets, but also brush your teeth properly after any sweet meal.

Visit dentist

Every six-month dental checkup will save you from tooth infection buildup.

The dentist can more precisely detect which of your teeth is affected, and they may treat them with fillings or a root canal.

Whether you are not experiencing any dental complaints, it is still a good idea to consult with a professional dentist every six months.

The Bottom Line

It has become common for people to have rotten or infected teeth. But if that tooth starts creating headaches, that may be a worry for you.

You can save yourself from any harm from a rotten tooth by maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Therefore, monitor your teeth condition and visit the dentist instead of waiting for any plaque, cavity, bacteria or infection to appear first.

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