Can You Drink Sparkling Water With Invisalign

Sparkling water is typically used to rehydrate your body.

But since it is a form of fizzy drink that contains bubbles, people often question, “Can you drink sparkling water with invisalign?”

People are usually confused about the difference between soda and sparkling water; that creates several confusions in mind, especially if they are wearing retainers, Invisalign, or braces.

What’s more, various sparkling water brands are available on the market that has different ingredients, which some are not good for your Invisalign.

Let’s clear some common confusion on this topic!

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Can You Drink Sparkling Water With Invisalign

Can You Drink Sparkling Water With Invisalign - Let's Find! -

Although Sparkling water is a sugar-free drink, the carbonation makes it very acidic. The acidity may damage the Invisalign, get trapped under the tray, and erode the teeth.

Even if you drink sparkling water without a retainer, you should rinse your mouth before wearing it again.

What’s more, Invisalign is a thin and plastic-made device that needs to be looked after properly to work properly.

Drinking carbonated beverages can result in holes in the tray, which may soon get damaged from one or more sides.

Even if sparkling water is healthful, you should still restrict it while wearing Invisalign.

Can I drink soda with Invisalign?

Soda is even more harmful to your Invisalign than sparkling water because soda is made of carbonated water and contains high fructose, caramel color, caffeine, citric acid, which all, when combined, harms both the Invisalign and your teeth.

What can you drink with Invisalign?

Water is the safest option and hence recommended as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or flavours, which is terrible for retainers.

Drinking water will wash off the sugar, acid, and plaque stuck in your teeth, braces or retainers. It also stimulates saliva, which is beneficial for neutralizing acids and maintaining the health of your teeth.

Can you drink milk with Invisalign?

Pure and flavourless milk has nothing to harm your retainer.

There is no problem in taking milk if it has no chemical ingredients or artificial substances.

However, you must wash your retainer and rinse your mouth before sleeping.

Can you drink coffee with retainers?

Hot items like tea, coffee, or any solid food, are not allowed with a retainer.

Such foods and drinks will affect the life of the retainer, and it may stop working correctly. Even cold coffee should only be taken when the retainer is off your teeth.

In simple words, retainers are transparent and can get discoloured from tea, coffee, dark juices, or anything that’s not a clear liquid.

Can overuse of Invisalign cause damage to it?

Invisalign usually stays inside your mouth for 20 – 22 hours a day, and even after such a long duration, it does not get affected much.

However, if you don’t remove it for 2 – 4 hours a day, it may start damaging soon.

Tips to protect your Invisalign from getting damaged

There are several do’s and don’ts that you can keep in mind to keep your Invisalign or any other retainer sage and damage-here, here’s some of them!

Store in a box

Invisalign usually comes with a plastic box to put them into after every use.

It helps protect them from unwanted touch presses, which may damage them.

Wherever you are, always keep that box with you and never put it anywhere except that box.

Note: Ensure that Invisalign is not left in an area with dogs or any other household pet. Pets can get attracted to it because of the smell of the saliva and ruin it.

Don’t press it too hard

Place Invisalign slowly on your teeth without creating massive pressure.

Don’t click it in and out with your tongue; doing that activity will loosen the Invisalign and may result in your teeth moving out of position.

And once you’re done with using your Invisalign, put it back into the box again.

Don’t wrap

Don’t wrap it in a napkin, tissue paper, or any other piece of cloth, or you may mistakenly throw it into the trashcan.

Don’t put it in your pocket as well, where it could be broken or bent.

Even if you want to dry it, put it in an open place, so you don’t forget to pick it back in its place again.

Avoid high temperature

Invisalign will possibly melt in high temperatures, so never leave it in the sunlight, in a glove box, car, or on a radiator.

Also, please don’t put them in a dishwasher or hot water for cleaning purposes.

Brush them

Cleaning Invisalign is very important to avoid stains or any defects.

Use a separate soft-bristled toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth) and brush it daily in tap or distilled water using baking soda or castile soap.

Don’t mistake using any toothpaste for cleaning Invisalign or any other transparent retainer.

Remove before eating

You should remove Invisalign from your teeth when you’re about to have a meal.

And once you’re done eating, brush your teeth before placing them back since the food fragments left in the teeth can cause decay, permanent tooth discolouration, or gum disease.

Consult with dentist

Since Invisalign covers the biting surface, it may eventually wear out.

Perhaps being a plastic item, it may start damaging with time.

Thus, it is necessary to check it with your dentist to examine it properly.
Your dentist may recommend you a new Invisalign if it has been damaged from any side.

The Bottom Line

Invisalign and other transparent retainers are very sensitive and can quickly wear out. For that reason, it is always recommended to protect them from possible damages.

We hope you are now aware of what you can or can’t drink while wearing Invisalign.

Keep your Invisalign protected so it can work effectively for you and give you a beautiful smile in return.

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