How to Make Yourself Puke Easily – (TRIED & TESTED Methods)

There can be different cases when you need to know how to make yourself puke. It seems weird but you can in future or might be required now to get puked. The most common reason why we need to do it is to remove the food out from the stomach due to different reasons.

In simple words, a person needs to puke manually by applying different right techniques.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the relevant tips, techniques, and methods to make the work accomplished at your home.

The ways of puking mentioned in this article will be informative, easy to access and hopefully exceptional practices for you.

So, here you will obtain detailed knowledge with HOW’s and WHY’s so that we can expect a better result for you. Moreover, with the instruction, this guide isn’t only to teach you to puke; other needy information is also included with it.


So let’s dive straight into it.

How to Make Yourself Puke Easily - (TRIED & TESTED Methods)
How to Make Yourself Puke Easily – (TRIED & TESTED Methods)

Why do we need to puke?

Why do we need to puke

Like we discussed before, we need to puke when we don’t want to hold the specific food in our body. Items which are not well to your stomach, like which cannot be digested need to be thrown up from your stomach to make you relieved.

Here are some of the reasons why do we need to puke:

Food poisoning:

Poisonous or the bacterial foods which are responsible for resulting in un-well state to our stomach is known as food poisoning. In such scenarios, a person is needed to remove such harmful substances as soon as possible.

So, it is crucial to puke so that whatever wrong you have taken in can leave your body.

Wrong chemical products:

White Oval Medication Tablets in Hand

Chemical and pharmaceutical products like tablets that you use for several purposes can too make you sick. Moreover can possibly result in side effects. Taking unwanted expired or the exceeded amount of chemical items is possibly able to suffer you in unwell stomach condition.

For preventing your body from their side effects, it is imperative to remove them anyhow even if it’s been long. So, other than puking, there is not a better, productive and must to do the action to be safe from the reaction.

To this end, you can possibly be required to throw up the wrongly taken reactive chemical to be safe and secure from their harm.

It can free from toxins:


Toxins are known as such items which can result in unexpected and adverse effects to your stomach. They can enter your body via food/drinks, air pollution, and possibly artificial foods which are common in nowadays life.

As you have known how common are toxins in the world. So whenever they get into your body, you need other treatments and medications. But except such solutions, you also need to puke as it is a powerful feature in our body that can help us to free toxin from our stomach.

To this end:

We hope that now you have acknowledged a lot in these paragraphs about the importance of puke for our body. So, if you want to have it now, or in the future, so understand the right techniques of how to make yourself puke!

How to make yourself puke:

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to make yourself puke, but some of the actionable and tested ways are listed below:

Trick your brain – a smart tip:

White Bubble Illustration

Our brain is an organ that is responsible for commanding several actions to our body. One example is when you see somebody vomiting; you might also feel nausea and possibly throw up after a short while.

By using the same technique, you can trick your brain by making it a prank that you need to puke. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]An easy way for this is that, imagine if somebody is vomiting in front of you, make yourself think that you are feeling nausea or have eaten a weird item. Keep producing the image of such scenarios in your mind to fool your brain and accomplishing the task.[/alert]

After that, make yourself feel like you are going to vomit, make some retch manually by keep imagining the things that can make you puke. More specifically, you have to trick your brain with suggested or any of the way you can.

So to the conclusion of this, it is somehow possible for many people to puke with some tricks and pranks and we hope that you can too do this by making some clever attempts.

Puke using index finger:

Image result for finger inside mouth man

Throwing up with this method is considered as the quickest way to do this job. Here the requirement is just your index finger, which in simple words is the neighbor of your thumb.

Let’s know how to do it!

abstract, ai, art

Things to do before applying this method:

Firstly, make sure that your hands are appropriately washed and free from the pointed nails. All because you are going to take it in your mouth and the sharp or long nails can result in scratches there.

Person Washing His Hand

Secondly, make your hairs set with a ribbon or the clip so that it will not disturb the process of puking. It’s mainly for the females or the one who keeps long hairs. Otherwise, you know what’s going to happen, all the vomits will touch your hair and your hair will become a mess.

Thirdly, get a place that you find a better to throw up. Options are the toilet, basin, a tub or any large plastic bag. It is necessary to choose any of the places where you are going to puke, that is to say, you can make this process complete with a correct way by keeping the arrangement before going to puke.

Image result for puke on basin

Important point: Get a tight grip or hold to anything when you puke, it’s suggested because during the time of vomiting a person mostly loses control for a while. So by gripping the corners of the toilet or any better item, you can protect clothes and the surface from getting dirtied and can puke better.

The way to puke via finger:

Brown Wooden Arrow Signed

So first of all, get down towards the toilet or any selected container, sit a position where you are not pressuring your abdominal, all because there is no need to overpressure from your stomach to puke.

Now take your index finger in your mouth, and reach it towards the back of the throat. After that, merely trigger the finger at the end of the throat as well as to the gag flex.

After doing this, you will hopefully feel nausea, which is a notification that you are going to puke in seconds. So at that time, you have to remove your finger out from the mouth so that you can puke out easily.

But if still, you are not feeling enough nausea, you will probably need to make more attempts with the same manner.


You can also use the tale of toothbrush that has no pointed ends as a replacement to your finger. It can be used smartly when you have long nails and need to puke sooner. Moreover, since toothbrushes are usually longer in sizes, so they can be replaced when your index finger is small enough to be used for this tip.

To this end, by applying this straightforward method, you can easily puke at your home whenever you are in need of it. So, must try this method with the requirements and principles we mentioned in the paragraphs.

A salt solution:

Related image

Salt is a commonly available item at our homes. Since you can use it to puke, it becomes easy for you to do the work without obtaining different things from the market. So let’s begin the salty solution.

Things you need to arrange:

  • Two or three tablespoons of salt
  • A glass with slightly warm water

After that, you have to:

Just mix the salt in the water and have a salty drink. Wait for 10 – 20 minutes so that solution can do whatever it can to make you puke.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]You can cut off the salt to less than three tablespoons if it results in an allergic reaction to you. More importantly, if you are a blood pressure patient, it can suffer you in high blood pressure. So we don’t want enough to turn you into any hurdle. In simple words, you can scroll down and can choose an alternative way if salt is prohibited or a non-suitable item for you.[/alert]

After such duration, we hope that your body will throw away by itself without needing your any further effort.

The specialists do not recommend salt water, but since it had worked for peoples who needed to vomit. So, we suggest giving salt water a try to your body and hoping for the best results.

Puke using mustard paste:

Related image

Like the remedy of salt, you can accomplish the job by using the mustard paste. It is as simple as the above method, so let’s continue by knowing its requirements and directions.

Here you need:

  • One tablespoon of mustard spread/paste
  • A glass of warm water

The direction of the tip:

To prepare a solution, you need to mix the suggested amount of mustard spread in warm water. After that, merely drink the solution and wait for 30 minutes to let it perform its action.

What it will do is it will trick your brain by its unwell taste so that your body can throw up by considering it as an unwanted item. So the result of it, you will hopefully be able to puke. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Well, this tip isn’t an official and a 100% working tip. All because it is dependent on your body either its taste affects it or not. If it feels as an un-normal food item to you, then we believe that it will be possible for you to puke with this tip.[/alert]

So, give it a try!

Things to DO and DON’T after puke:

Things to DO and DON'T after puke

It is essential to maintain hygienic principles before, and after you puke, so for the guidance, here we came up with an informative section that will provide you points to keep after throwing up:

Rinse your mouth:

Image result for mouth rinse with water

Since the vomit consists of harmful and unwanted substances, hence why we recommend rinsing your mouth thoroughly. Spit each, every and last substance of it remained in your mouth.

Don’t brush:

Brushing the teeth is said to be one of the not to do things after vomiting. It’s because the enamel can become sensitive after meeting with the harmful acid taken by the vomit. So, our recommendation is to not brush for at least half of the hour after puke.


Feed your stomach:

Stew With Meat and Vegetables Placed in White Ceramic Bowl

As you have abandoned your stomach a lot via puke, so it is time to re-feed it so that it can get a better and healthy food after releasing toxins and other harmful substances from it.

In such scenarios, we recommend taking bland foods like bananas, soups, yogurt or homemade puddings, etc. All because they are useful in relieving you from hunger.

Unlike others, these foods will not make the stomach upset even after vomiting.

Take herbal teas:

Person Pouring Liquid Into Brown Ceramic Cup

A cup of ginger tea will be an excellent choice, as it provides relief and protects from digestion tract. Since ginger is a common household item, and we believe that you can quickly prepare a cup of its tea after the vomit.

So, you should drink at least a cup of ginger tea to reduce the harm after the puke.

Have a rest:

Woman Sleeping

Vomiting isn’t a painful job, but indirectly it is. All because it almost lower downs the energy of the person. The condition of the body especially the stomach becomes tired as it just needs hours of rest in a silent room.

So all we recommend you to give yourself a peaceful rest with a sleep of some hours to make the body forget about sickness.

Reasons why you shouldn’t puke unnecessarily:

Reasons why you shouldn’t puke unnecessarily

Although throwing has lots of benefits like removing out the toxins and harmful chemical out from your body. But, you need to know about at least some of the side effects those can occur when you puke unnecessarily.

So, below we have mentioned some of the negative results of vomiting:

It can dehydrate you:

When you vomit, you think that you are only removing the harmful substances from the stomach, that is to say, your body removes a considerable amount of water via vomit. In the result of this, a person can suffer from severe dehydration which is not an ignore-able point.

To this end, you should hydrate yourself whenever you vomit either manually or generally through your body.

It affects enamel:

Woman Wearing Red Lipstick

The effect of a bad acid that comes via vomit can also possibly harm your teeth, like the liquid that comes after puking can soften and erode the tooth enamel. All you need is to avoid unnecessary pukes to keep your oral system healthy.

Can affect lungs:

Related image

Like we sometimes stuck liquid accidentally in our airways, just like that, it is possible that the vomit can get into your airways or in the lungs that can result in a problem known as “Aspiration.”

Simply, it’s an infection and swelling in your airways that can take place during puke.

So the recommendation is:

Never force or try to vomit when you are not in need of it. Doing so can possibly shift you into the issues mentioned above and can result in a severe health condition.


To the end of this article, you are now familiar about how and why you need to puke. So, whenever you are in a necessity of it, we believe that using the above techniques and tricks you can make the work smartly done.

So, after learning how to make yourself puke and other bonus information, our expectation from your side is to learn, apply and share this article and give us straight feedback in the comments.

If you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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