Top Things You Should Consider Before Installing A Bike Shed

Are you an avid cycler, or do you belong to a bike club? Do you spend hours riding it, cleaning it, and ensuring it remains in top condition? It is vital to store your bike safely to minimize the chances of damage or theft.

Keeping your bike inside a storage unit is much better than leaving it outside. It is a small and sturdy structure that provides plenty of benefits without taking up much space, like increasing the value of your property.

The best thing about such sheds is that they accommodate bikes of all types and sizes. Some suppliers also provide bicycle racks along with the outhouses, letting you store them off the floor without the tyres touching the ground all day.

But which types of sheds are best for your bicycles, and what are some things you should consider before buying one for your garage or club? Continue reading to find out.

Features to look for in a bike shed

Here are some features high quality bike sheds should have for maximum efficiency and functionality.

Top Things You Should Consider Before Installing A Bike Shed -

Highly durable

You should order your sheds from a supplier who can assure their durability. The materials should be of the best quality, along with the design and manufacturing process.

The storage solutions should incorporate the Basesmart technology, which prevents debris from forming on the shed walls and the build-up of corrosion. The storage spaces should meet the N4 wind rating, signifying the ability of a structure to withstand wind speeds up to 180 kilometres per hour.

Fully customizable

You should have the option to customize the shed according to your requirements and choose from a range of standard shapes and sizes.

For instance, choosing a shed with a hinged door makes sense if your shed has plenty of free space. However, a sliding door works better with limited space since they open and close sideways without taking up extra space.

A roller door might also be a good option, particularly for extra strength and security. Roller doors come with a fully welded internal RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) frame of 25 x 25-millimetre.

If easy accessibility is what you are after, choose gas strut hatch roofed sheds, where the entire roof opens up. It works especially well for smaller structures.

Available add-ons

Add-ons such as hanging racks, hooks, windows and skylights are helpful because they increase the functionality of the storing unit. You can ask for more accessories if the company includes them in the delivery package.


It refers to a shed where you specify the dimensions, measurements and features. For instance, if you have extremely limited space, you can choose from slimline, trapezoid, or corner sheds with additional wall height.

In other cases, you might require a large-sized outhouse for a bicycle club, school or bike organisation. Explaining your requirements to the supplier beforehand will help them deliver the type of unit you need.

Easy to install

You should not face difficulty while installing the shed or have to hire tradespersons to do the job for you. The supplier must deliver premade walls and other parts, which you can assemble by screwing the panels together correctly and fixing the structure to the ground.

The company could also provide tutorial videos to guide you through the process.

You should have a strong, functional, aesthetically pleasing shed for storing your bike. It ensures maximum safety and is highly convenient, especially those made of high-quality steel.

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