When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pizza is a pretty popular meal which millions of people enjoy every single day.

There’s no particular time to enjoy it; people tend to have this while celebrating something, while they’re in an event, or simply when they’re just watching their favorite TV shows.

If you’re also a huge fan of Pizza who consume this meal pretty often and you’ve recently undergone a teeth removal surgery, you may be asking yourself:

  • Can you eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?
  • If not then, when can I eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?

These are essential questions because:

And these questions make sense because Pizza is a form of solid food, and such foods are not ideal to consume after any dental surgery.

So let’s clear all our confusions about this!

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When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you’ve had an upper wisdom teeth surgery, avoid crunchy food such as Pizza for at least 14 days and avoid at least 8 weeks if you’ve had a lower wisdom teeth extraction.

Also, don’t consume any solid and carbonated foods served with Pizza, i.e., garlic bread, sandwiches, french fries, soda, etc., as they are also not suitable for your oral health.

Stick to a soft diet for some days so that your wounds heal faster and you can recover soon!

Why can’t you eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?

Pizza is solid and crunchy food that can easily stick in your extraction site and open up wounds.

Most commonly, the crunchy bread, chicken pieces, and vegetables in Pizza can easily trap in your extraction site.

What’s more, it can also lead to a dry socket, which can cause severe pain, bad taste, and foul smell in your extraction site.

What will happen if you eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?

You may face the following complications if you eat pizza following the surgery:


While swelling is pretty normal after oral surgery, eating solid and crunchy foods after the surgery can lead to more severe swelling than usual.

The best way to reduce swelling is by applying an ice pack over your cheeks for 5 minutes.


You may feel some discomfort in your surgery site after eating pizza, and that shouldn’t come out as a surprise for you because hard and crunchy foods can easily cause pain and discomfort in your gums.


You can cause bleeding inside your mouth if you eat a pizza after your teeth surgery!

Gum bleeding occurs when pizza is touched with the sensitive part of your gums, and in that case, it is highly recommended to visit a dentist to get the problem under control.

Is pizza beneficial for your teeth?

Pizza has a significant amount of calcium, which, when you consume, strengthens your teeth.

The cheese

Pizza cheese contains calcium and other necessary nutrients that are good for the maintenance and formation of your teeth.

Apart from your teeth health, these nutrients also promote blood pressure regulation and water balance by working with sodium, potassium, and magnesium in your body.

In simple words, pizza is usually harmful to your teeth for only the first week after wisdom teeth removal; once you cross this period, you can enjoy pizza anytime and any day!

The meat

Your mouth and teeth require protein to maintain their strength.

No doubt, cheese is enriched with protein, but adding meat to your pizza will significantly boost protein power.

Protein is also beneficial for the immune system and the development of muscle and connective tissue.

The tomato sauce

Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which is useful in fighting infection and prevents periodontal disease, toothaches, tooth decay, and other dental issues.

Studies unveil that insignificant levels of vitamin C in the body results in less bleeding in the gums. Further, the calcium and lycopene in tomato sauce are effective in preventing oral cancer.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B deficiency can cause a burning sensation in your mouth, swollen tongue, and difficulty in swallowing food.

Vitamin B is found in several ingredients of pizza.

Meat and cheese are two of the most common toppings that are excellent sources of vitamin B.

Vitamin B, which helps maintain your mouth and tissues, is also essential to your overall health.

Can I eat pizza six days after wisdom teeth removal?

There’s no harm in eating pizza six days after wisdom teeth removal but try not to eat refrigerated foods as they are even harder in many cases and can affect your surgery site.

It is always good to eat fresh and recently cooked pizza as it is soft and comfortable to chew for your teeth.

What to do if pizza is stuck in my surgery wounds?

Some people mistakenly eat pizza following the teeth extraction, and that causes the particles to stuck in the extraction site.

In that case, try to remove it by rinsing your mouth with a slight force but if that doesn’t work, consult with your dentist; they’ll remove stuck particles using their professional techniques.

Note: Never use a toothpick or any other instruments on the surgery site. Doing so can worsen your wounds, and you may suffer from a more severe dental condition.

What is the best alternative to pizza after wisdom teeth extraction?

If you can’t live without fast foods like pizza, you can try other light and tasty homemade foods such as mashed potatoes, blended soup, broths, pudding, etc.

Since these foods are light, you can have them on the first day of wisdom teeth removal.

Can I eat French fries after extraction?

Although potato fries are soft, you should avoid them after the teeth extraction because there are higher chances for French fries to stuck in your surgery site. If that happens, you may suffer from several dental complications, including a dry socket.

Thus, it is good to avoid French fries for 2 – 3 days after wisdom teeth extraction.

How long after extraction can I eat a sandwich?

The sandwich looks light, but it is also a risk for your extraction site.

You should not eat sandwiches for three days after surgery.

The Bottom Line

Pizza is OK for your health, but you should avoid it for the first few days after your wisdom teeth removal.

The only reason why pizza is not suitable for your extraction site is that it is solid food, and solid and crunchy foods are a significant risk for your teeth extraction site.

Thus, it is good to pause pizza and other prohibited foods for a few days to avoid any possible complications after wisdom teeth surgery.

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