Can A Tooth Infection Cause Tinnitus?

A tooth infection can be problematic for many people since it can result in many ill feelings in teeth, gums, and sometimes the other part of the body.

Further, an infection may spread to other body parts if not treated on time.

Out of the numerous symptoms of tooth infection, some people also experience less common symptoms like buzzing, tingling, and irritating noises, which cause them to think about whether can a tooth infection cause tinnitus.

Let’s find out!

Can a tooth infection cause tinnitus?

Can A Tooth Infection Cause Tinnitus -

In short: Yes, a tooth infection can cause tinnitus.

It happens when an infection reaches deep inside a tooth. As a result, infection leads tiny, pus-filled sacs to develop in the infected area of the tooth.

For that reason, you may experience an irritating buzzing sound in your ear, usually in silence.

Can a throat infection cause tinnitus?

Your ear, nose, and throat system are all connected.

Infection in any of them could affect the other.

Can wisdom teeth cause tinnitus?

Wisdom teeth are one of the causes of tinnitus but that only happens when the teeth are impacted or infected.

After wisdom teeth removal, you will gradually feel decrement in weird sounds, and soon you will get better relief.

Can gum disease cause tinnitus?

Gum diseases such as periodontitis infection can lead to tooth loss.

But there’s no clear evidence that you may experience tinnitus from that.

Can a root canal cause tinnitus?

In a root canal procedure, a tooth is cleaned and disinfected by filling.

However, you may experience tooth pain during the procedure. But it has no direct link with causing weird noises in your ear.

Can a tooth infection cause Eustachian tube dysfunction?

Although tooth infection may lead to temporary tinnitus, there is no need to worry about spreading the disease to the inner ear.

Can you have a tooth infection without pain?

Yes, there are some cases where an infection causes no pain.

In this situation, knowing if your teeth are infected is difficult because you feel almost nothing unusual in your mouth.

Therefore it is always best to have a dental checkup at least every 4 – 6 months.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

An infected tooth may sustain for 12 months or more. But don’t take that as a motivation not to get to dental checkups early because the more you delay, the more there are chances of suffering from sepsis.

Will Listerine kill tooth infection?

Mouthwashes such as Listerine are best against toothache. Moreover, it can fight bacteria, but there’s still no chance for Listerine to reach the nerve and provide any pain relief.

Can untreated tinnitus make you deaf?

In otosclerosis tinnitus, the patient cannot hear a low-pitched sound or a whisper. Other symptoms include ringing, roaring, dizziness, balance problems, etc.

Ignoring such tinnitus for a more extended period may result in permanent hearing loss.

Can tooth infection cause clogged ears?

There’s no proof that a tooth infection can spread to the inner ear.

But you may experience some typical ear problems such as earache and tinnitus.

What are some other causes of tinnitus?

Tooth infection does not always lead to tinnitus. Several other reasons are directly involved in causing disturbing noises in your ear.

Some of them include the following

Teeth grinding

When you are nervous, you might start biting your teeth continuously. Or sometimes, it becomes your habit to grind your teeth most of the time.

The teeth grinding is, in return, causing ringing in your ear.

One of the best solutions against this habit is to get a night guard, a retainer-like device that helps protect your upper and lower teeth from touching each other. You usually need to wear that at night time.

Ear wax

Ear wax can block the ear canal, which contributes to tinnitus.

A small amount of earwax can also become a reason for tinnitus.

Try to remove that slowly with a cotton bud. If the ear wax is aged, you must visit an ENT specialist who will professionally remove all the stuck ear wax with dedicated tools and medications.

Ear infection

An ear infection may also lead to hearing loss and tinnitus.

However, with a proper ENT checkup, you will soon recover.

Loud voice

People exposed to extreme noise pollution tend to experience hearing loss and tinnitus.

When you go outside in traffic, put small cotton to avoid at least some loud noise.

Old age

Our organ starts malfunctioning as we grow. Similarly, we also experience hearing loss and tinnitus in old age.

Excessive earphone usage

Too much use of earphones or ear devices may result in buzzing noises in your ear.

Even medical experts recommend listening to audio at low/medium volume and trying to limit the use of earphones.

Also, keep changing your defective ear devices, as poor audio quality may cause ear problems.

Glue ear

It is when the empty middle part of the ear canal fills with fluid.

That can cause temporary hearing loss as well as tinnitus.

The Bottom Line

A tooth infection is familiar to most people, but hearing a buzzing noise could be strange.

But worry not; it all will go away if you get professional dental treatment against the infection.

In the end, always get on time for a dental checkup because it is a challenging job to identify teeth-related problems by ourselves.

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