What Are The First Signs Of Breast Problems?

To detect any changes early, you should be extremely diligent about inspecting your breasts each month if you have a family history of breast issues. This will help prevent severe problems from developing like cancer. 

You should check for any changes in your breast between exams by feeling both breasts, even though most lumps are found near or under the nipple or in the armpit area. 

If you live in Bangalore, you can visit any cancer hospital in Bangalore to examine your breasts. Before that, knowing the first signs of breast problems will help you know if there are any problems in your breasts early. 

What Are The First Signs Of Breast Problems - Redstonelife.com

Underarm, breast, or anywhere there is a lump or thickening

A lump or thickening near the breast can be caused by benign conditions such as fibroadenoma (a noncancerous growth) or cysts. If you notice a lump, you should see your doctor for evaluation. Most lumps are not cancerous, but it is always important to get checked out.

Lumps can be hard or soft, moveable or fixed, and round or irregular. They may feel smooth like an eggshell, but more often, they feel rubbery and movable with some elasticity to them, like a water balloon filled with water that has been squeezed out of a sponge (sometimes lumps are described as having “a marble inside”). 

Lumps can also have unevenly shaped borders with different shades within them due to fibrous tissue growing around blood vessels that feed into the mass; this appearance is called heterogeneous (looks different from different angles).

Swelling of breast parts

Breast swelling can be red, warm, or painful. An infection or inflammation can also cause it. Swelling may come and go over time as you recover from an injury or illness, such as an upper respiratory tract infection (sinus infection) or bronchitis that causes congestion in the chest area. A red lump on your breast could be:

  • An abscess (collection of pus), which is caused by an infected hair follicle
  • A cyst (a sac filled with fluid)
  • A tumor that’s benign (meaning it isn’t cancerous)

Skin irritation or dimpling

Skin irritation, such as redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple. Skin irritation can be a sign of an underlying breast problem. It may also be a sign of an infection.

Breast pain

Breast pain is a common symptom of breast cancer but can also be a sign of other conditions. Nipple discharge and lumpy breasts are often the first signs of breast problems. 

If you’re experiencing any discomfort in your breasts, visit the best cancer hospital in Bangalore immediately because identifying problems early improves the chance for successful treatment and lowers the risk for more serious conditions like cancer developing later on down the line!

Nipple retraction (turning inward)

When a nipple retracts, it turns inward toward the breast. This can be a sign of cancer and should be checked by a doctor. However, not all nipple retraction is due to cancer; in some cases, the skin may become dry and cause the nipple to retract. 

This is called Paget’s disease of the breast, which usually only affects one side of your body but can affect both sides if left untreated. If you find any changes in your breasts or nipples that do not go away after using over-the-counter creams or lotions for several weeks, contact your doctor immediately!

Redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple 

A change in the color of your nipple or breast skin could indicate an underlying problem. If you notice that your nipples are red, rough, and scaly, this could mean that you have eczema. Other signs include:

  • Thickened skin on the nipple or darkening of the area around it
  • Painful tenderness or soreness in one area of your breast tissue

If you see signs like these, get an appointment with a cancer hospital in Bangalore immediately.


You should check for any changes in your breast between exams. If you notice a change in your breast that lasts longer than a month, see your doctor right away. It could be normal, or it could be a warning sign of breast cancer. 


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