Feeling Sick After Tooth Extraction? – Here’s What To Do!

Wisdom tooth extraction can bring several illnesses to your body.

You may feel some unusual feelings in different parts of your body, such as pain, swelling, nausea, bleeding, and weakness.

These complications are not always severe, and you can quickly get rid of them with some of the tips outlined below! However, you may experience more severe problems if you don’t take proper care and leave your side effects untreated.

To understand why feeling sick after tooth extraction could be a thing and how you can get rid of it, let’s jump right into this blog post.

Feeling sick after tooth extraction: what’s the reason?

Feeling Sick After Tooth Extraction? - Here's What To Do! - Redstonelife.com

Wisdom teeth extraction is a complicated procedure where you are given anesthesia and your tooth is extracted from the root, sometimes requiring stitches. Following this procedure, you may experience severe bleeding for several hours.

What’s more, the wounds that occur in the surgery site can cause several complications if you don’t take proper care of it by avoiding solid foods, soda, smoking, etc.

These things lead to pain, swelling, nausea, and dizziness and leave you feeling generally unwell after wisdom tooth extraction.

How long does sickness last after wisdom tooth extraction?

You may experience side effects such as a mild temperature and muscle weakness for 1-2 days after surgery. In some cases, you may feel stomach sickness or experience vomiting due to the painkillers, the surgery itself, or the sedatives used during the extraction process.

However, all of these complications should subside over time.

Upset stomach days after wisdom teeth removal: what to do?

An upset stomach is pretty common after wisdom teeth removal. General anesthesia, pain medication, and blood swallowing lead to nausea.

Nausea, as well as stomach upset, does not last long. Try to stick with clear liquids first, then slowly move to easy-to-digest foods once you start feeling well.

If nausea becomes severe or lasts for more than 24 hours, consult with your surgeon to get the condition under control.

Fatigue days after tooth extraction: what to do?

Fatigue is a tired feeling that you may experience immediately following your wisdom tooth surgery.

You will have to take bed rest and give up on every complex activities for at least 1 – 2 days to counter the weakness in this condition. Eat nutrient-dense foods and juices to energize and fuel your body.

Fatigue that lasts for days after surgery may be alarming; you should visit a physician and discuss every sort of complication that lasts more than 1-2 days.

Is fever normal after wisdom tooth removal

Fever is normal after wisdom teeth removal! 

Fever after wisdom tooth removal can be due to the medicines used after surgery.

However, the temperature should not rise beyond the limit specified by your doctor. If this happens, talk to the dentist and follow the recommendations given after the surgery.

If you take proper care, the body temperature will return to normal a few days after surgery.

Body pain after tooth extraction: what to do?

It is not common for every patient to experience body pain after wisdom teeth removal.

Extraction does cause fever, dizziness, and pain in the extraction site; pain or aching in the entire body is rare.

Thus, it is better to visit a physician if you feel body pain after tooth extraction

Why do I feel lethargic after wisdom teeth removal?

Weakness and lethargy are common after surgery. The best solution against that is a couple of hours of rest after the surgery.

Feeling sick after tooth extraction: how do I overcome?

Post-operative care can help relieve sickness. Here are some instructions to follow after wisdom teeth extraction.

Use a gauze pad

A gauze pad helps reducing bleeding from the gums.

Bite on it with the surgery site for 20 to 30 minutes.

Replace with new gauze if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

Avoid vigorous mouth rinsing.

Forceful rinsing can disturb the blood clot and may interfere with the surgery site’s healing procedure.

If you want to rinse to remove the blood, rinse with slow movement and remove water without putting excessive pressure.

Avoid solid foods

Solid foods can easily stick into the surgery site and may cause complications in the area.

It is highly recommended to avoid solid foods till the surgery wounds are completely healed. Instead, consume softer foods like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, bananas etc.

Don’t touch the wounds

Never touch the surgery site with your finger, toothpick or any other item.

Even if food has gotten stuck on the site, do not use anything; try to rinse it out with water instead.

Provide proper protection to the surgery wounds during the initial days after the surgery.

Take pain medication

It is better to take pain-relief medication if you are experiencing any excessive pain after the extraction. Ask your surgeon to prescribe suitable medicine for the particular complications in your body.

Restrict activities

Forceful activities such as jumping, running and exercising may disturb the surgery site.

It is best to avoid all activities that may prove harmful to your teeth extraction site.

Take rest

Take at least a half-day rest after the extraction. Sleep for at least 8 hours after surgery.

It’s better to schedule your extraction surgery on the weekend so you may get time to relax at your home.

Use ice packs

A cold compress can help relieve pain present in the surgery site.

Place ice cubes on the side of your face around the area where the extraction was performed.

Use this technique twice a day for 1 -2 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Even though wisdom teeth surgery may cause pain or sickness to some patients, there is nothing to worry about as it is common to experience this.

Take proper care of yourself to avoid any and all possible complications after surgery.

In the end, we hope you are now clear about why you feel sick after wisdom tooth extraction and how you can overcome this sickness using the practices mentioned in this blog post.

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