How Long Does It Take For Braces To Straighten Teeth: Find Out!

Straightened teeth are an absolute necessity for every man and woman.

And if they don’t have, they need to get proper orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth.

But since there are many teeth-straightening techniques, it is pretty challenging to know which takes less time or which is more effective.

The duration of dental treatment depends on the type of treatment and the condition of your teeth.

So, in this post, you’re going to learn:

  • How long does it take for braces to straighten teeth?
  • Teeth straightening options and how long they take to fix your teeth.
  • What makes our teeth misaligned?

So, let’s begin with the first one first.

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How Long Does It Take For Braces To Straighten Teeth?

How Long Does It Take For Braces To Straighten Teeth: Find Out! -

According to most cases, it takes about 24 months (2 Years) for braces to straighten teeth.

But some patients can require less than 12 months, and in some cases, patients might need to keep the braces for over 3 years.

All in all, the duration of orthodontic treatment depends on multiple factors, usually the condition of your teeth and overall oral health.

Here are some of the critical factors that affect the duration of your orthodontic treatment:

Type of Treatment

Patients have several options from which they can choose one to straighten their teeth.

There are the conventional metal braces, clear braces, and ceramic braces.

Metal braces are powerful and robust as they are made of stainless steel.

Clear and ceramic aligners, on the other hand, have a better appearance than metal braces.

Age of the Patients

Age is one of the critical factors in oral treatment. Young patients are likely to get results faster than adults because their jaws are still growing, making the teeth easier to reshape.

But this doesn’t mean that all young patients need to wear braces for two years or more.

There are still other factors that increase the duration of treatment.

The severity

Another critical factor is the severity of your orthodontic issue.

Issues like mild spacing or crowding can be fixed in 1 year or less, while other severe cases can take much longer.

Deep bite patients may have to go through several phases of treatment which may take more than 2 years.

Patient Responsibility

An orthodontic patient must follow all instructions provided by their dentist to ensure successful treatment.

These instructions include maintaining proper oral hygiene, visiting the dentist when needed, and using your orthodontic appliance as directed.

Do’s and don’ts

There are many essential points that you must follow to get proper orthodontic treatment.

You must follow the instructions given by your dentist and avoid the things that may affect your treatment negatively.

In simple terms, irresponsibility and lack of oral care can affect your braces and end up increasing the treatment duration.

Can we Reduce the Amount of Time Needed to Wear Braces?

Can we Reduce the Amount of Time We Need to Wear Braces?

Braces are not made for immediate results. If someone wants to fix their teeth, they have to be patient and let their teeth shift and get re-shaped over time.

With traditional braces, you’ll have to visit your dentist regularly so they can tighten the dental wire threaded with the brackets attached to your teeth.

This ensures that the teeth are being straightened into the proper positions.

As mentioned above, your specific dental condition will also affect how long it’ll take your braces to fix your smile.

If you suffer from complex crowding, spacing issues, or a deep bite, you can expect braces to take a pretty long time to straighten your teeth.

All in all, be patient, follow your orthodontist’s instructions, and hope the best from your orthodontic treatment.

Teeth straightening options and their duration

Here are some of the effective orthodontic procedures and the time they take to straighten your teeth.

Metal braces

It is a traditional teeth straightening technique made of ligatures elastic, brackets, archwire, and bonding material.

Once the metal is attached to your teeth, it can take between 5 months to even a few years to achieve desired results.

The best thing about this treatment is that it usually costs less than other teeth-straightening procedures.


This is one of the more advanced treatment options chosen by adults today, and with valid reason too!

People who chose Invisalign mainly like its easy-to-use instructions and transparent appearance that lets no one notice your dental treatment.

Coming to the main point, Invisalign treatment typically takes 12 months, although the precise time varies from person to person.

However, keep in mind that it is also one of the most expensive teeth-straightening techniques on the market today.

Accelerated Orthodontics

This treatment is becoming more popular with adults as it allows teeth to be straightened in months, as compared to techniques that take years.

It works by modifying the bone temporarily so that the teeth can shift faster in the jaws, and the treatment can be finished in a matter of months.


This is a FDA-approved medical device that can be used anywhere to stimulate the bone regeneration needed to adjust your teeth properly.

AcceleDent uses SoftPulse technology that puts steady, moderate pressure on your teeth.

This pressure allows for the repositioning of teeth to occur more quickly.

The best thing is that you can decrease your treatment duration by nearly half the time by using this device for just 20 minutes a day.

What makes our teeth miss-aligned? 

Here are some of the factors that can make your teeth misaligned.

Teeth grinding and clenching

Grinding on your teeth while asleep can put stress on your upper and lower teeth. The act of grinding and clenching can also recede the gums. With fewer gum tissues, your teeth are not as secure as they were before.

Tooth loss

When you lose one or more of your teeth, the teeth around them will start moving towards the opening to cover the gap. The only possible way to prevent this action is by consulting with your dentist and asking them to make a partial denture or put in a dental implant.

Wisdom Teeth

Most people have their wisdom teeth extracted during their teenage years because the new teeth can push against and harm the other teeth.

If you have braces before wisdom teeth, then you’ll need to have them removed as soon as you can as they cause a problem to the other teeth and could hamper with their treatment.

Gum disease

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. It can affect the gums, teeth, and jawbones. Over time, teeth lose their base in the gums. This can cause an increase in the duration of the teeth straightening technique you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions asked often regarding orthodontic treatment.

When do teeth start to straighten with braces?

You’ll start observing changes within four to six weeks.

And within a few months, you will begin to notice that your braces are starting to take effect.

If you’re feeling some pain in your teeth, that means the braces have started working.

What is the shortest period for braces?

As mentioned above, the period of braces varies according to the patient’s mouth, teeth, and gums condition.

But if your condition is minor, it should take about 12 – 18 months for a teeth alignment. 

How long do braces take for crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth are a complex dental condition that may take a couple of years to treat.

With Invisalign, it can take up to 12 months to straighten your teeth, whereas the traditional braces may take more time, perhaps 2 years or more.

Do braces permanently straighten teeth?

Although braces are used to straighten your teeth permanently, there can be some situations that can affect your teeth alignment even after removing braces.

How long do braces take to fill a gap?

Closing a gap is not a difficult job for braces. It only takes around 6 – 8 months for braces or Invisalign to close a teeth gap.

How long does it take for braces to fix crooked teeth?

Well, for a single tooth, it can take around six months. But with multiple teeth, the treatment may go on for 2 years.

How long does it take for braces to fix buck teeth?

Buck teeth are also known as an overbite or misalignment of the upper or lower teeth.

Treatment of buck teeth or overbite using braces can take anywhere from six months to two years.

Invisalign works effectively with this type of dental issue, but you can go with the traditional braces as well.

How long does it take to straighten teeth with a retainer?

Retainers are not the complete solution for teeth straightening, as they only stabilize the position of your teeth.

However, there’s not any specific duration for the retainer to fix your teeth.

In some cases, people even use it for a couple of years to align their upper and lower teeth.

The Bottom Line

Braces are essential for the straightening of your teeth. And straight teeth are healthy and strong teeth.

Thus, it is essential to have orthodontic treatment as soon as possible to avoid issues like bite problems, jaw issues, and other dental problems.

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