How To Get Rid Of Chest Pain When Breathing

When you are feeling pain in your chest right while you are breathing, you nothing but asks yourself why I am feeling it and how to get rid of chest pain when breathing.

Let’s step up to know more about it.

The ache sensation in your chest when breathing can be either irrelevant issue or one that has a severe effect on you in the coming time.

If you aren’t feeling well in your chest while exercising, sitting in the office, walking to some near place or only just while breathing,

So at the end of all, you are needed to know the real cause & the most elegant solution to get rid of the chest when breathing.

So, the chief aim of this article is to clarify the reasons and obtain a possible solution for your chest pain when breathing.

You are going to know the information like How, why & when regarding the chest pain that you feel while breathing.

So stick your eyes towards the guidance of this article, we believe that you will surely find a better solution to the problem & will know either the pain you feel in the chest while breathing is;

Either mild or the worst.

How To Get Rid Of Chest Pain When Breathing -
How To Get Rid Of Chest Pain When Breathing –

First things first, let’s understand some of the possible causes of chest pain that you get while breathing.

Possible causes of chest pain when breathing:

Here are several possible causes of chest pain that could happen while breathing:

The pain may be Pleuritic:

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Pleuritis is the inflammation or an unusual feeling of the lining of the lungs chest.

The pain you observe while breathing, coughing or sneezing in the chest has chances to relate with the Pleuritic chest pain.

This issue is caused by the viral or bacterial problem & also has chances to be a pulmonary embolism.

To this end, our recommendation for you is to make yourself sure if the pain in the chest that occurs while breathing is Pleuritic because this infection can lead to other of the severe lungs issues in future if it’s not treated correctly.

Be attentive if the pain is on the left side:

Since our heart is situated on the left side of our body, so feeling pain to the left of the chest is a sign of the muscular chest pain as well as the severe heart problem

Many of us consider the above statement false just because we think that it is just the chest that is aching, but in the result, there are found several hidden heart issues behind this chest pain.

So if you are observing even little bit pain to the left of your chest, don’t take it usually and have yourself checked to a doctor as soon as possible.

To this end, the chest pain when breathing can’t only be either of the chest or lungs, but of a heart. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]To know more about causes and solutions of muscular chest pain, visit our article which is specially written for the lifesaving information regarding muscular chest pain here.[/alert]

Coronary artery disease (CAD):


By reading the heading, you may have aware of what this disease relates. Well, it has a link to your heart.

Well, it is a blockage in the vessels of heart’s blood vessels.

What it does is reduces the blood circulation over the vessels.

The reduction of blood in the vessels can result in the terrible pain known as Angina.

It’s merely a heart disease, and the pain that is produced by it is notifying you to keep care of yourself.

So the pain you feel when breathing can be an Angina pain,

If your pain is spreading towards your:

  • Arms
  • Shoulder
  • Jaw
  • Or at the back

[alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]We recommend taking it as a serious issue, as it has a possible relation towards the heart attack.[/alert]

So have consulted with a cardiologist when the symptoms meet same as we mentioned above.

Or it’s all the pain from your lungs:

Image result for lungs pain
Picture Credit:

Though your pain can either be of the heart or lungs, however, feeling pain in the chest while breathing has more possibly chances of the lungs issues. It can either be standard or the severe. All you are needed is to recognize the stage and the result of the pain.

So, you still have to worry about whether the pain is related to the lungs, as there can be several lungs infection and diseases responsible for the pain.

So after acknowledging about some causes, let’s put the steps further to know how to get rid of chest pain when breathing.

How To Get Rid Of Chest Pain When Breathing:

Here’s how to get rid of chest pain when breathing:

Slow down the breathing:

alone, calm, faith

The accessible and straightforward way that we are sharing with you to do while feeling pain when breathing is to sit down on chair or bed and try to slow down your breathing action.

Try to keep yourself calm and take short and slow breaths.

Avoid yourself from inhaling and exhaling forcefully, as it will result in you in more chest pain.

Try to reach yourself to the slowest breathing stage by preventing to take the deep and robust breath.

Keep your breathing process calm just like that until you don’t observe a reduction in the pain.

Doing this will help your pain to get calm & let the lung to have some rest from the burdened breathing – (if the pain is related to the lungs)

The result of this tip:

Well, this simple tip will hopefully provide you some decrement in pain.

It is especially best when your pain is temporary and occurs once in a blue moon.

Your chest needs a warm sensation:

Man Wearing Black Cap With Eyes Closed Under Cloudy Sky

With the different ways below, you can warm your chest which will result in the reduction of pain.

Warm using a towel:


Items required:

  • A towel
  • A pot with hot water

The way to use this tip:

Take a piece or the complete towel; boil the water in the bowl with enough temperature that can be used on the body.

Soak the towel into that water, rinse it until the last dripping water drops.

Now merely put that warm towel to your chest especially on the painful areas.

Turn the side of towel & add the second one to your chest.

Just re-soak the towel into the water and re-apply it to the ached areas on your chest.

The tip will marvelously help you to provide the relief sensation from the chest pain.

Or, you can soak the complete towel in hot water, and cover it to your painful areas of the chest. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]It will let the chest to get relief from the pressure and stressed feeling, and will effectively assist your lungs in getting somehow free from the pain if it’s a pain is from the lungs.[/alert]

How many repeats required:

Well, the tip is not only for killing the pain but also has other benefits like the relaxation to the chest.

We suggest you keep using it until you don’t feel betterment on the chest and especially when you are breathing.

So in simple words, there is no day or the time to use it, as we consider it as any time useable tip for your chest pain.

Apply Vicks to fix the pain:

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You may already aware of the balm is known as the Vicks that we have been using since our childhood days.

The Vicks is more than reliving your pain, as it does more to your chest than killing the pain. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, get nothing but a Vicks balm or the tiger balm, grab it, roll out its cap & take out some of the Vicks from your two fingers. Now, apply it to your painful areas of the chest just like massaging.[/alert]

That’s it!

Take a deep breath after applying the balm, doing this will help the bronchioles to work with the ointment to make the breathing painless.

The sensation of this magical balm will reach to your bronchioles from the chest, which in result will unblock and fix the parts which are affected.

How does Vicks help:

The Vicks is manufactured with marvelous substances like camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil, which made it able to treat the pain that we feel while breathing.

The tiger balm is too active for relieving from the chest pain; we suggested Vicks because of our own working experience.

Massage your chest:

Related image

The feeling of pain in several hard parts of our body can be relieved by massaging them with the right technique.

So, for this tip you are needed:

  • The little amount of warm oil.

The way to massage your chest:

First, of everything, are required to make the oil warm before using it on your body.

The simple way we can suggest you warm the oil is too, put a little amount of oil in any small cup and leave it on the boiled water until it doesn’t get hot enough to use it for massage.

So after that, take some warm oil on your fingers, and slowly rub it on your chest.

Make round, up and down movement with your hands for getting perfect massage result.

Keep rubbing your chest with warm oil for five to seven minutes. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]To this end, massaging will too result as an effective, affordable and easy to apply tip for getting rid of chest pain when breathing.[/alert]

The benefit of this tip:

Massaging your painful chest with the hot oil will effectively let the sensation of your rubbing hands burns the pain.

The warmness and the rubbing of your fingers to the chest will let you fix the pulmonary circulation and especially the blocked bronchioles and air sacs.

Inhale the steam – one of the most exceptional solution:

chef, cooker, cooking

The feeling of discomfort when breathing has also link to the blocked or inflamed air sacs of your lungs.

So all you are required is to give your lungs burst of steam.

For this, you will have to manage:

  • A pot with boiled water
  • A towel/ any towel sized cloth

The right way to receive the steam:

First of all boil the water in the bowl, when you successfully produce the steam from the boiled water, put the towel into your head and sit in front of the bursting steam.

Make sure the steam is coming directly towards your face, & also prevent yourself from touching the hot water.

Inhale & exhale the steam deeply as you have to reach it successfully to the air sacs of your lungs.

Continue breathing in the steam for at least 10 minutes.

However, if you are an asthma patient, you can use for some minutes until you can easily bear the steam.

So, enjoy the steam as it will provide you with multiple functions for the solution of your breathing problems especially the pain when breathing.

The effectiveness of steam:

The steam that you inhale inside your lungs will efficaciously repair the parts of the respiratory system which are blocked by environmental dirt and other chemicals intake.

Get plenty of rest:

Woman Sleeping

Your lungs need lots of rest to make the respiratory organs works perfectly. Managing time for the rest is essential for you than working for consecutive hours every day.

Sleeping more and relaxing up your body will help your lungs to get relaxation which allows them to perform the respiratory action without causing pain.

Resting for long reduces the burden of inhaling and exhaling pressure in your lungs, to this end it will get calmed of the burden of respiration.

Your heart also requires a time of your day where it needs to perform circulation; the time is not another but a part of your day when you sleep.

Sleeping more will too let your immune system function efficiently, which in the result, will help you to fight from the viral infections.

Things to note regarding sleeping:

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  • Do not rest by your chest, as it will increase your pain.
  • Sleep continuously for 8 – 9 hours
  • Do not rush off after waking; sit at least 5 minutes before leaving the bed
  • So, you should keep the time of your day for making yourself relaxed to get rid of the chest pain when breathing.

Visit a doctor – A necessary point:

Blue and Silver Stetoscope

If your pain is getting worst day by day, you are not able to inhale peacefully; that means you have to move towards the best specialist directly!

“The problems that are not solved by the tips or other medicines directly point the patient to consult with the specialist.” [alert type=”danger” icon-size=”normal”]So don’t be enemy of yours, and have yourself checked with the better doctor.[/alert]

Other things to secure in mind:

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Beside of using the several tips we mentioned above, you are also needed to embrace healthy habits as well. The healthy lifestyle by preventing and adopting lots of things like:

  • Avoid cigarette
  • Exercise punctually
  • Keep a dust/pollution mask with you

Avoid cigarette:

Close-up Photo of Cigarette

Smoking kills, causes cancer, destroys the respiratory system,

However, if still, you are comfortable with these statements, you can have more severe pain while breathing in coming time.

The chemicals of the cigarettes that enters your lungs effects wrongly to your respiratory organs. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, we recommend to at least reducing the cigarettes from your life to have a healthy breathing system.[/alert]

Exercise punctually:

exercise, female, fitness

Not moving for some minutes and just resting all the day in the air conditioners resulting harm to your lungs.

The fresh oxygen is the food of your lungs which you are depriving your body. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So all we recommend you guys is to wake up early, and have some exercise in the fresh and peaceful morning.[/alert]

Keep a dust/pollution mask with you:

Person Wearing Black Hoodie

The increasing of vehicles and traffic has covered lots of peoples into the lungs issues.

So keep a mask with you when you go to the traffic especially in the evening when you return to your home from work.


To this end, the practical tips we described in our articles will hopefully help you to get relief from the chest pain. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Adopting the healthy lifestyle and using our simple tips for killing the pain will according to us surely let you get rid of the chest pain when breathing![/alert]

So yeah, we hope you have understood how to get rid of chest pain when breathing.

Don’t be a miser to share our post with other of the affected peoples, give us straight feedback & let us know how effectively you have got rid of your chest pain while breathing.

Moreover, if you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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