How To Unstuff Your Nose FAST And Breathe Easy – (11 Natural Tips)

How do you clean up your nose is more important as how many times you clean your nose in a day. It can also be possible that you don’t even take care of your nose by removing dirt from it. So, If you don’t Unstuff your nose, it can trap the bunch of tiny particles inside it that can create issues for your nasal system. Don’t worry though, here’s how to unstuff your nose FAST and breathe easy.

Some of the everyday things that need to unstuff are:

  • Dust Particles
  • Inflamed blood vessels
  • Dry mucus

So it is essential to clean up the nose every day to make it work as it should be like a perfect nose.

However, without the right method and techniques, you cannot completely clear of the dirt trapped inside your nasal hairs.

To this end, you are required to follow the recommended technique and methods to unstuff your nose perfectly!

So we have spent this entire article for this purpose, all you need is to read each of the headings and their description so that you can easily understand and work with them.

If you try them as we suggest, we believe that you are going to know why & how to unstuff your nose fast thoroughly.

How To Unstuff Your Nose FAST And Breathe Easy -
How To Unstuff Your Nose FAST And Breathe Easy –

Why is it necessary to unstuff your nose?

First things first, let’s get to know why it’s necessary to unstuff your noise?! Like some of the reasons we described above, there are severe and other reasons that guide merely us to clean up our nose daily:

For peaceful breathing:

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The stuck particles in our nose become a wall for the air to get inside it.

The nasal system faces difficulties when something is trapped in the nasal hairs or at any part of the nose.

If you keep your nose remain filled with the dirt that means you are creating lots of issue for your breathing system.

So, this is one of the causes that clarify why you guys should unstuff your nose.

For preventing viral infections:

Red Stop Sign

The nasal system is one of how the viral infections enter our body.

Just like that, when the polluted air enters through our nose, that brings the bunch of the harmful particles with them that affect a lot to our body.

The typical virus we can tell you is influenza.

So if you keep your nose unstuffed, then you can save yourself away from such unwanted entrance of the harmful particles.

You can protect yourself from allergies:

Short Red Hair Woman Blowing Her Nose

Many times the tiny particles with the air that enters in our nose become responsible for the allergy.

Uncontrollable sneezing is a typical example of it.

Although it is a beneficial moment of our body, however, allergies can result in too much sneezing.

So if you don’ want to sneeze again & again while you are at work, you need to adopt the healthy habit of cleaning up your nose routinely.

So cleaning our nose daily with the right method can help you to prevent yourself from allergic particles that trap in your nose.

You can protect your sinuses:

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Sinuses are the vital part of our nose, what they do is they moisturize our nose by producing mucus inside.

The layer of the mucus is helpful for protecting our nose from dust & polluted particles.

Without any doubt, this was a very informative point to note about the article.

So if you don’t keep your sinuses as well as nose from dirt, that means you are malfunctioning the sinuses.

Cleaning the nose is as cleaning the sinuses.

So, now you may have known that how high the priority of keeping our nose is cleaned.

Prevent from serious issues:

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The dust and other particles that intrude your nose shouldn’t be taken seriously, as they can birth a severe issue in the future for your nasal system.

When we ignore cleaning it for a period, the sticky mucus, blood vessels, and other particles can stick to those of your nasal organs to which you can’t reach for cleaning.

Furthermore, they can become extremely stubborn that cleaning them will cause enormous pain and sometimes can release blood from the nose.

Other issues like difficulty in breathing, the smell can become a permanent issue for you if it is not treated.

So without diving yourself to such issues and pain, we recommend becoming habitual of cleaning your nose just from now for avoiding problems that can step to your nose in future.

How to unstuff your nose fast and efficiently:

Let’s get to the actual point right now. Here’s how you can unstuff your nose FAST and easy!

Clean with water:

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Not usually like the way you were cleaning your nose, but by applying the right technique, you can unstuff the nose finely with the water.

For this tip, you have to take water in your hand and take it with your fingers in the nose.

When you successfully reach water in the nose, slightly rub the nose from inside using the water.

Keep doing this tip four to five times at once.

For the more effective result, you can buy a Nasal washer that helps to reach the water deeply for unblocking and cleaning the stuffy nose.

Cleaning the nose with the water will help your nose to remove the dirt and other particles out from your nose. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]We recommend you to adopt this tip for your daily routine; if make yourself habitual of it, you can surely get rid of the stubborn particles from your nose after a short while.[/alert]

Push out the stuff

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The people of the old times were usually fond of using this technique for unstuffing their nose.

What this technique wants is to:

  • Press both nostrils from your finger and use enormous pressure from your nose by exhaling the air out.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Keep pushing off air out of the nose and leave off the fingers from the nostrils, so that the air can leave off from your nose.[/alert]

After you find successfully removing the sticky stuff, then take water and wash out your nose (like the previous tip) from inside for cleaning off the remained stuff.

Pressuring our nose to unstuff the dirty and sticky particles is a useful idea, as it will help stuff to leave of your nose forcefully.

This technique is also fantastic for removing the stubborn and sticky mucus inside your nose.

How long to use this technique:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]We recommend you to try this every day for at least once. You can use it more times when you feel the tremendous amount of presence of the dirt.[/alert]

Nose block method:

Image result for finger on one nostril finger
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This method is about blocking nostril while leaving another one opened.

In simple words, you have to block one nostril using your finger and keep breathing in and out of the opened ones.

Now repeat this method by blocking the opened ones and unblocking the nostril which you have blocked previously.

While you are doing this method, keep breathing with pressure for the better output.

Cotton swab for deep cleaning:

Usually, when the nose is not cleaned for a long time, the mucus freezes strongly side by the side of it.

So, it using the fingers for washing off the nose is not a technical idea, as it cannot reach to the narrow areas of the nose.

Image result for cotton swab nose
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So for cleaning the nose deeper, you need to have a cotton bud and slightly use it for removing the stubborn dirt.

Also, wet the cotton swab with the water for the better result.

Make sure not to rub the nose forcefully, as it will cause ache and other problems to the nasal systems.

Moreover, don’t try this technique with your swab prepared by the pointed and irrelevant object.

Try to reach the bud to the end of the nose slightly.

After applying this method, wash out your nose as usual with the water.

So, by trying this method, your nose can surely get rid of the dirt that is stuck for a long time.

Use steam to unstuff your nose:

Image result for steamer breath

The warmness of steam helps a lot in treating the stuffy nose, as it assists in moisturizing the nose that eases the inflammation and makes the breathing process easy and better.

You are required:

  • Just a steamer

The direction of this tip:

Just turn your steamer on and wait until it starts producing the steam. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]When the steamer reaches to that state, come close to it and inhale the warmness of it with pressure. Keep breathing in and out for long.[/alert]

The steam entering inside through the nose will help your nose to open the blocked nasal path and secondly it will work as an effective way of cleaning the nose.

You can even acquire the portable steamers from the market which are easy to use at any place.

Or if you don’t have a steamer:

chef, cooker, cooking

Then you can too use any container like a pot or a tub for accessing this method.

Just boil the water in any container, and sit beside it and have the steam enter and leave through your nose.

Have a steamy shower:

Black Shower Head Switched on

Just like a regular shower with some new changes, you can effectively unstuff and unblock your nose by steaming yourself.

So just set up the warm water and tightly close the door of the bathroom so that the steam won’t leave off from there.

Try increasing the temperature of the water as it will produce more steam.

When you find the bathroom covered by the steam, all you have to do is to take a deep breath in and out from that steam.

or save some money…

Image result for steam bath men
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… and then visit a spa shop where you will be able to enjoy the warm environment with the better steam technology.

Make sure to light up the bathroom and be able to see the steamy & blurred shower.

Warm up your nose:

bath, bathroom, towels

If you have eyed other of our articles, you may have seen that warming is solutions for the several issues of our body system.

So just like other of the problems, you can fix your unstuff nose by just warming it.

So the thing you have to do is:

  • Take a towel and soak its one end in boiling water.
  • Now apply the warm part of the towel throughout your nose.
  • Have this until the towel not cool down & again soak it and repeat that method.

This method will expertly help you in fixing up your unstuff nose.

Massage your nose:

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Like treating the nose from inside for making it unstuff, you can also fix your nose from the outer part of the nose.

You will have to massage your nose from its outer side with the slight fingertips.

Wet your finger with water for a better result.

Rub the finger from the bony areas to the lower ones of the nose with slow action.

Massaging will help you in unblocking the nose and refreshing the nasal system. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So do this twice thrice in a week and hope for the better results.[/alert]

Tough tap tip:

Image result for tongue on palate
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Roll your tongue to the roof of your mouth as well as to your palate.

Leave your tongue to the normal state and press your thumb on the center of your brows.

Now you have to repeat everything, as you have to leave off your thumb and have to roll the tongue to the palate.

Now let’s talk about what you are thinking, this sounds funny, but this is a suggested tip by a medical doctor.

It’s a rare way to unstuff the nose.

So use this weird tip, and let us know if it worked for you.

Breathe in the fresh air:

Man in White and Brown Canopy Swing Surrounded With Yellow Petal Flower

Make it sure to schedule to wake early from the bed towards the clean and greenery environment.

The best time where you can gain fresh and healthy oxygen is the time that rises after the dawn.

Inhaling the fresh oxygen through the nose will also help to fix your nasal system as well as will somehow assist you to unstuff your nose.

Don’t stop the sneeze:

Image result for sneeze

We are entirely saying it right that you shouldn’t block your nostrils with your hands when you feel you are going to sneeze.

All because sneezing helps nose to throw out the dirty stuff out of it by producing a massive pressure. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]If you like to know more about benefits and trick for sneezing, you should have a visit to our article that is specially written for the sneezing: How To Make Yourself Sneeze – The Ultimate Guide

To this end, you should never feel bad and don’t block your nostrils while sneezing occurs.


After going through our entire article, we believe that you have acknowledged why & how to unstuff your nose fast.

As we promised above, we have written the complete article without mentioning any of the pharmaceutical or other expensive medical products.

So from now, we hope that you are going keep your nose washed and unstuff by using these smart and efficient tips which only requires a little effort without consuming your bulk of time and expense.

Moreover, if you have got any other tip(s) or question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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