How To Make Yourself Sneeze (FINALLY): 12 Killer Ways

Sneezing can also be named as relaxation; it makes the body peaceful when it occurs. The time at which it happens is the moment of the peace for our body system. However, making it happen doesn’t seem to be possible for many people out there, hence in this article, we will show you how to make yourself sneeze using some proven, tried and tested, practices exist today!

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How To Make Yourself Sneeze

The occurrence of sneezing that lasts for just the moments usually happens once or twice during the day, or it can be absent for days.

The one who receives it tens of time in a day is the lucky person who makes himself relaxed many times in a single day. [alert type=”danger” icon-size=”normal”]However, peoples who sneeze many times are mostly the victims of the allergy-like dust or fumes allergy, so they are half lucky while half not.[/alert]

How To Make Yourself Sneeze
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We can also call it as the great creation of the GOD for the human’s body system

it usually occurs when:

  • We have a specific allergy
  • Irritants travel in the nose
  • Having cold
  • We have some irritating feeling in the nose

Moreover, several common reasons make us sneeze at any time. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]However, how many of you readily have sneeze whenever you want? How many of you know how to make yourself sneeze whenever you want to? Perhaps no one and hence you are here to learn, right?[/alert]

Anyhow, as we mentioned above, that sneeze commonly occurs one to two times a day. Many of us want it, but it does not happen at the time we want by ourselves.

So we are deprived of its benefits as we cannot have it by the conventional ways. Whether we have it or not, we should sneeze at least once a day to refresh our body.

Peoples with some allergy that causes them to sneeze are also one of the luckiest ones, as they do not need to perform an alternate method to have it. They can just smell the allergic things, and that is all, they will not require waiting for the specific day or the time.

Does sneezing plays an important role?:

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Oh, yes, you cannot believe that it does not only relaxes us but even leaves many of its kind things inside our body. It benefits our body system a lot.

One of the main points of our article is to make you people aware of the importance of sneezing in our life as well as teaching you guys how to make yourself sneeze. After knowing its some of the incredible benefits, you will agree that why should you sneeze by yourself.

So at first, we have added the fantastic effects that happen to one’s health when he/she sneezes.

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It flushes out our nose:

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Just like we flush our toilet with the pressured water to make it free of the waste, sneezing also performs such type of duty for our nose. Whenever it occurs, it cleans the dust particles which are staying inside our nasal hairs for a long time.

Its enormous pressure throws out such type of dirt from our nose which is also behind the creation of germs in our body. The dust gets stuck in the nasal hairs by time, so it requires a massive force to get it removed. Hence the enormous pressure makes us easy to remove them.

So it merely expels out the unwanted and harmful particles that become bacteria when they reach inside the body from our nose.

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Refreshes the brain:

Whenever you sneeze, you have noticed that the nerves of your brain become relaxed like they have been revived. The amount of pressure that creates while we sneeze isn’t only passed out from the nose, it even releases a significant amount of force coming out from the near path of the brain through the nostrils, so in aftereffect, it makes the mind like it has been re-waked.

Thus it helps in refreshing the brain by waking it with its enormous pressure.

Repairs the nasal system:

When we don’t sneeze for a longer time, the dust particles and another kind of tiny substances get trapped inside the nasal system. It creates difficulty for us to breath peacefully. Sometimes we also have complained regarding the smell of the surrounding, as we fail in smelling some smells.

By the time, our nose also gets blocked when we don’t clean it internally, while we can’t reach to the inner nasal system to make it rid of the particles, those are preventing it.

Such type of repairing of the nasal system can be done with the help of sneeze, as it can unblock our nose and fix the smell issues by throwing out the tiny particles trapped unblocking our nasal system through its marvelous power.

So now you have recognized that a simple act of our body that last for just seconds plays a unique role in our system . Yes, it wonders one who knows about its duty for our body.

The answer is not complicated as there aren’t some magic spells that make us sneeze whenever we want it. It requires some of the alternate ways to have access to such great relaxation.  How wonderfully it repairs, cleans and refreshes our nasal system within its short time.

Yes, you will not believe that there are many of the natural and handy methods available that can make yourself sneeze. You can easily have them do and can make yourself able to sneeze after a long time.

At above you have cleared yourself that why should you sneeze by yourself, now it’s time to explore the surprising ways that will make yourself to sneeze by just yourself!

The method below will teach how to make yourself sneeze whenever you want, and you will not have to wait for the unexpected time when it occurs.

So have an easy read to our entire article that contains the handy and straightforward techniques, if you start following them, we believe that you can easily be accessed to one of the best feelings that a man can have.

Let’s begin with more straightforward methods:

1 – Act like you are going to sneeze:

It seems funny but:

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Our mind works with the way we want to make it work. The best example is when we see someone vomiting then we also feel like when are going to do that. In conclusion, many of us start vomiting.

So by tricking our mind, we can somehow try to sneeze.

All you have to do is to make your face precisely like it becomes when we sneeze, this will help to trick the brain, and you can hopefully get sneeze in a short time.

2 – Tickle your nose:

You can manually make yourself to sneeze by giving your nose some feelings.

The typical example is tickling our nose with a feather. We have seen many of such funny clips especially in the animated series where someone tickles somebody’s nose through a soft thing, in the behalf it makes them sneeze.

The example above is also an active technique if we do them in the right way.

We can either use a feather or a tissue paper. When using a tissue, roll it and make it pointed.

All we need is to create a movement and make them touch to the nasal hairs. Doing this will create a sensation by giving it the sense that something is irritating the nose.

In simple words it will send the message to the brain and on behalf will cause you to sneeze.

Note: The real feather is not required for this purpose, you can even use the artificial ones.

3 – The bright light, the bright hope:

Like other of the alternate ways of sneezing, the bright light is also the hope that can make us do this manually.

So stare directly at the bright light for some seconds as it can make your senses to make you sneeze. Many people have heredity from their family that makes them sneeze quickly by looking at the light.

You probably have now noticed that whenever you wake and look at the bright sun, that suddenly causes you to sneeze.

So now you can use this way whenever you want, but make sure not to look directly at the extremely bright light for long like the sunlight.

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4 – Try some smelling:

Strong perfumes are one of the best working methods for sneezing by ourselves. You can smell them and can do your work with them.

Just spray them to the close room so it can stay there and merely smell them with the hope.

Do not spray them to your nose nor inhale their particles.

Spray them to the surrounding of your room and smell them with the air at there.

5 – Pick out nostril hairs:

The hairs inside our nostrils are one of the responsibilities for creating an allergic feeling that in behalf makes us sneeze. Our first technique using a feather simplifies that whatever unnormal or disturbing particle enters or feel to them or disturbs them, they directly make us sneeze.

The little bit pain that is felt by plucking some hairs in our nose makes our brain to perceive some disturbance in the nose, so as a result, our mind guides our nose to sneeze.

Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, it is, our brain is the organ that guides to nose to whether sneeze or not.

So try plucking some hairs with fingers or any other hair plucking tool for making yourself sneeze.

6 – Drink soft drinks:

The fizzy drinks that we take usually many times in a week can create the tickle feeling in our nose. Such activity can make the nose to release a sneeze.

You probably have noticed while drinking the fizzy drinks that they also get into our nose and since they have small bubble-like fizziness, so that causes us to sneeze.

 7 – Or Try some chocolates:

Chocolates, the dark chocolates are made from the vast amount of cocoa which can be responsible for making us sneeze. Why dark chocolates help us in this isn’t clarified yet, but you should try them to do your work.

While this method doesn’t work for every of those who want to sneeze manually, but you will be lucky if it ran for you.

8 – Use some spices / best for allergic peoples:

Whether spices suit us or not, but they can be one of the best ways to have us sneeze.

Take some coriander, black, white pepper and crushed red pepper and put them all in a single closed container, e.g., the box with the cap where we store the ground spices.

Now simply smell all of those spices just after opening their top cover.

This tip will work finely for the allergic peoples, as their nose is easily affected by those hot spices.

Make sure not to smell them too much and forcefully as they will give burning feeling to your nose.

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9 – Tweeze your eyebrows:

Tweeze eyebrows
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Just like plucking the nasal hairs, you can make yourself sneeze by taking some of your eyebrow hairs.

While picking out some of those hairs, the nerves of our face can get disturbed, so as a consequence, it can cause us to sneeze. You can either do your work through this method by just tweezing a single hair otherwise it can require more of them.

10 – Roll your tongue to the roof of your mouth:

Tongue on palate
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Whenever we move it around the palate, it produces some sensation which in the end can make us sneeze.

Try rolling your tongue especially over the two small holes at your palate.

The trigeminal nerve that produces sensation from our face to the brain is also located in that area of our palate, so using this technique can make your mind to force to sneeze.

11 – Breath in the breeze:

The breeze, as well as the cold air flowing out from the AC’s, can become a reason to sneeze. The refrigerator can also be used as the second choice for making this method done.

12 – The last method, my tip:

Bulb tip
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I am anxious to share about the trick that I use for making myself sneeze whenever I want.

All I do is take some water in my hands and inhale it until it does not reach towards the end of my nose.

The nose will try to throw out the little amount of water that remained in it, so in aftereffect, it will only have one option to remove that water, and that is merely the sneeze that we happily want.

You will not believe, but this tip is what that never dishearten me whenever I try it to make myself sneeze. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Make sure not to inhale lots of water in your nose, just take a little amount of water that can comfortably enter in there.[/alert]

This trick works fine for me as I use it daily for making myself sneeze and will hopefully work for you.

I would be glad if this method did your work for the first time and you use it always to make yourself sneeze.


So finally we conclude our article at here that taught you that:

  • What makes us sneeze
  • Why should we sneeze

And the most important part

  • How to make yourself sneeze!

With the impressive facts and the vital role of sneezing, we provided you essential information that we hope has blown your mind!

You have now recognized how vital a role does sneezing play in your life. Now you not only have to wait until your brain makes you do this, but you can also easily by using these simple steps to make yourself sneeze at any time you want. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Especially you guys have learned that we shouldn’t stop the sneeze whether it is coming in front of the public.  Try every one of these techniques so you can have a sneeze and make yourself benefited from its great specialties that it do to our body.[/alert]

The more you sneeze, the more you are going to make your body & mind fresh and relaxed. So with every one of the manual tips and tricks that we mentioned above will hopefully make yourself sneeze!

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