What Causes Some People To Get Goosebumps after Sneezing?

Usually, goosebumps are formed at the moment of excitement, fear, or other sudden circumstances. You probably have felt goosebumps after watching a scary movie or something that makes you amazed.

However, having goosebumps when you sneeze is a kind of different situation. For this, you are probably wondering what causes goosebumps to form after a person sneezes.

For the brief question, you need to get into in-depth information to know how goosebumps are formed with and without the sneeze.

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What causes Goosebumps to form normally? (Without sneeze)

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]In a result of the sudden cold or exciting moments, our skin produces elevated bumps that make the arrector pili muscles contracted; causing the hairs to stand.  [/alert]

Furthermore, shrinkage of these muscles can cause the hairs to elevate, which in other words are called Goosebumps.

For instance, applying cold water or ice over the skin causes the goosebumps to form. Just like this, the nerve cells in the sensory nerves also feel irritation through the cold and gives the impulses to the brain about the temperature.

The nervous system, in a result, provides a person with a feeling of anxiousness and causes the goosebumps to form.

That’s how, with a simple process, the body causes goosebumps to form. And similar to this, the sneezing has almost the same concept; & here’s how:

What Causes Some People To Get Goosebumps after Sneezing?

When you sneeze, your body first inhales a vast amount of air inside it. After then, the body throws out that bulk of air through the nose and the mouth. In a result of this powerful reaction of the sneeze, the body shakes uncontrollably and makes the nervous system tensed.

Furthermore, there are the sensory nerves in our body that senses the touch and feel. These nerves pass throughout the several parts of the body, including the part where the goosebump is formed. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So whenever you sneeze, these sensory nerves get irritated due to the massive pressure and form the goosebumps throughout the skins.[/alert]

With this same process, the goosebumps are also formed after feeling cold, being scared, or by getting through in a sudden and unexpected circumstance.

Everything in simple words, the massive pressure of the sneeze gives a trigger to the sensory nerves, which then sends a message to the nervous system. After all this, the skin responds to that sense and elevates the bumps and makes the hair to rise for some moments.

So with this long & exciting process, a skin causes goosebumps with the sneeze!

Is it safe to have Goosebumps after a sneeze?

According to experts, goosebumps are the psychological phenomenon from our ancestors.  And the best thing is that they have no adverse effects on us!

Even, they help to keep the body warm in the cold!

As mentioned above, goosebumps occur at the time of any sudden or trembling situation to the body. So, the sneeze, in other words, also causes a similar effect like other circumstances.

So in simple words, there is no harm in having goosebumps after a sneeze.

Therefore, whenever you have goosebumps after a sneeze, you should not worry or create any hype as it is just an ordinary action in your body which has no side effect or hidden fact in it.

Does everyone get Goosebumps after a sneeze?

The question sounds confusing when you hear from someone saying he/she does not get goosebumps after a sneeze.

So, is it only you or do every human have goosebumps after they sneeze?

According to a few sources, not everyone gets goosebumps after they sneeze. It is not necessary that everyone sneezing must experience this. It totally depends on the sensitivity of the person, that either he/she is less or highly reactive to the pressure caused by the sneeze.

Furthermore, it is possible that you are more reactive to the force of the sneeze, so you get goosebumps after that. Whereas, if this does not happen to any person, it perhaps means that he/she is less sensitive & reactive to the sudden pressure of sneeze.

To this end, it is not necessary that the person of your family have the same effects after a sneeze; it totally depends on how much the reaction of the sneeze is effective to the person.

Can you prevent Goosebumps to form after a sneeze?

Goosebumps are pretty normal for the humans; similar to this, sneezing too has no harm to us. They both are natural and will be with us until death.

In simple words, goosebumps have no adverse effect on our body, nor they need to be prevented forcefully with inappropriate methods.

Therefore, there is no such way or the technique through which you can get rid of it. All it occurs at an unpredictable time and leaves the skin to its original state after some seconds.


The entire information in straightforward words summarizes that:

  • Goosebumps can pop up whenever we suffer from any strong emotion like a cold, tremble, fear, shock, amazement, etc.
  • Generally, goosebumps occur when the skin produces elevated bumps that make the arrector pili muscles contracted and causing the hairs to stand.
  • The sensory nerves in the skin send message to the nervous system and form goosebumps when we sneeze.
  • The massive pressure caused by the sneeze shakes the body which causes goosebumps.
  • There is no harm in having goosebumps after a sneeze, so you shouldn’t worry about it.
  • You cannot prevent goosebumps caused by a sneeze or any other reactions.
  • Not everybody gets goosebumps in the response of the sneeze.


The formation of goosebumps from sneeze happens with a quite simple process, i.e. the intense pressure released by the sneeze makes the goosebumps to form.

Therefore, we hope that you are now cleared about the entire process that forms the goosebumps after the sneeze.

If you have got any other question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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