How Long Does It Take To Climb Everest

Who was the first man to reach the peak of Everest? How possibly had he reached over there? What sort of help & setup did he take it with him? And … how long does it take to climb Everest

They are not merely questions that we need for our general knowledge, the entire mystery and the unbelievable process is hidden behind the success of the man who was the first humankind to reach there.

It was Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay who first took their feet on the Everest in.

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It is situated in Nepal, and its summit is opened in May.

It’s always a wonder for us to believe that a man can climb to the 8,848 meters.

But still many think it as a standard adventure, in actual reaching to Mount Everest can be named as one of the most robust plus most significant achievements for the humankind.

We cannot say that:

Not everyone can climb to Everest

But still, we report that:

It is not even a piece of cake to succeed this great adventure.

The main thing that we want to tell you that:

“It takes an unexpected effort and the smart technical planning to make this dream possible.”

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So how long does it take to climb Everest?

The answer is not simple and can’t be explained in simple words, our complete article step by step describes the requirements and the efforts needed to climb the Everest.

If you ever wondered how long does it take to climb Everest, then you should consider reading this article from the beginning to the end.

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So what includes in our article?:

The entire post consists of the information like:

  • Who can & who can’t climb to Everest
  • What sort of things we need to take there
  • What kind of trouble man can face at Everest
  • How people successfully reached its peak


More of the exciting information and facts are included in the entire article that can me increment to your knowledge and can make your mind prepare for exploring the magnificent mount, Everest.

Out of 7 billion of people in the world, there have been only 4,000 successful climbing on the high Mount Everest.

One of the reasons for low the quantity can be the fear of humankind and the lack of knowledge regarding the expedition to the Everest. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So in this entire article, we will share you the interesting facts, knowledge and the possible ways through which you can make yourself prepared for exploring the beauty of the highest mountain in the world.[/alert]

First of all make yourself sure that you are not:

  • Visiting Everest to break the world record on the first attempt
  • Forcing yourself to climb the entire height of the Everest
  • Ready to conquer it
  • Getting yourself into the trouble

Yes, everything we mentioned above is the points that you have to fix in your mind. There can be several health issues and other reasons that you can’t explore it entirely.

You can still enjoy its beauty in its lower height without taking yourself into the risk by reaching its peak. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So you should read our entire article that also includes the reasons through which some people can’t do the exploration to the Everest.[/alert]

Beat your fear, getup for the height:

The inspirational quote by Edmund Hillary clears his faith.

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The very first thing we believe that one should prepare in him/herself is the fear of the height. None of any can succeed in exploring not only Everest but even the typical heights when he/she has a phobia of height.

Whether you make everything ready for this expedition, but if you aren’t comfortable with the height, that means you are going the wrong way as well as towards the severe risk.

How one can reduce the fear?

The following instructions and the training can somehow make you ready for facing the height.

Look down from the high places:


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For being ready for the unexpected height, start reaching the more elevated areas likes the terrace, upper floors of the building and other comfortable high places.

Keep yourself calm while getting to the up.

Look down to the lower areas from the height and make mind to feel it as usual. [alert type=”success” icon-size=”normal”]If you successfully train yourself of getting habitual of the heights you were afraid of, then you should keep going up to more high.[/alert]

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Breath high:

When someone with height phobia reaches the top places, they get so confused that they forget to breathe.

So when you are in any top place, so keep breathing deep as it will reduce your fear.

You should have the steady blood pressure:

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People with the unbalanced blood pressure are restricted from such activities. Mainly the temperature at the Everest is too cold while the one with hypertensive issues can’t make him/herself possible to reach towards that much height.

You are required to make your blood pressure maintained, but if your condition is severe, you are not capable of doing such exploration.

So make yourself free from hypertension if possible to make yourself ready to reach the Everest.

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Beware asthma patients:

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As we discussed above the temperature of the Everest above, this means that there is a lot of low oxygen available at the higher places.

Especially at the Everest where the temperature is low, and the height is extraordinary high.

So the people with the breathing issues especially those who are the victims of asthma need to keep away from such activity.

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The people with muscular issues:

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It takes tens of days and hundreds of hours for successfully doing what not everyone has done.

If the person who has to complain regarding his muscular weakness, then he/she will risk themselves at there.

Those who get tired while working for some hours, they should understand that they will get themselves in serious trouble while planning to reach to the Everest.

The hours of daily climbing, the unexpected work, and the able unrest journey is not for the peoples who have the problem with their bones.

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People with the weak immune system:

The unbelievable height, the weeks of the journey and the changing environment at the Everest are not suitable for the people with an unhealthy immune system.

The temperature over there is usually low, but it can get more depressed that you can’t bear.

The changing breeze and the environment cause several common issues to the body those makes peoples step away from moving to the up.

So the person with an unstable immune system will affect the weather condition of the Mount Everest.

We hope you have understood you need to get both mentally and physically prepared to climb the Everest.

It costs thousands of dollars:


You shouldn’t think that one can make this dream real by just reaching there, as you the climbing to the Everest require a tremendous amount of money.

Let us make you clear that why we are needed to spend our savings on getting over there.

We need to contact the agencies that guide us to reach the Everest.

Every agency can have their different charges either low or high.

But why we are required to pass through these agencies?

Well, the agencies guide and train us everything that is required while reaching the summit of Everest. You can also say that you will be an authorized climber by clearing your training through them.

For the foreigners, the government of Nepal only allows when we pay $11,000 and more of the other charges.

But if you are finding the charge out of your budget, you can still climb there with the help of sherpas habitants of Himalayas.

They can cost you around $6,000. But make sure that guidance of sherpas will not be an official and successful as the registered trainers.

The paragraphs above were the discussion about the things that might stop you for moving towards the expedition of Everest, so now we are going to guide the things a person is required to climb to the Everest.

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Brief planning of hours and weeks:


Without the preparation, the mission has many chances to destroy, and without an excellent and smart plan, we believe that a person will be going to waste his time and journey to the Everest.

You’re not leaving your home to visit any entertaining side; you are going to climb one of the massive parts of the earth.

So take a pen and copy, think & research as much you can about what you are going to face and do at the body of Everest.  The grand planning can even make you stop till now if you are not entirely ready for that.

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A true dream:

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Without ambition, without any goal, it is not the right choice for doing such a great adventure. Many of us love doing this, but it is not just a little wish that will make us do what that is tough.

A real dream and desire will make one get towards the height of Everest. Without this, one can hardly perform this fantastic adventure.

A little experience:

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You will be climbing to Everest for the first time, but it shouldn’t be your first time with the mountains.

If you want to do this, you have to start climbing to the familiar mountains so that you will at least have an experience of how to deal with the harsh steps over mountains.

 Mountaineering training:

It is unique training that is available in the world in most of the countries.

We have recently discussed above the training cost; let’s know some of the features of this training.

  • The professional mountaineers will train it.
  • You will be taught how to handle tough mountain situations.
  • They will guide you the right way to climb every step.
  • The training will make you climb efficiently

And other technical knowledge can be obtained through this training.

 Boost your ability of focusing:

Being at the height of the heights, facing numbers of unexpected troubles and passing through the numerous stones is the typical situation a climber can face.

It requires an active mind focusing on fighting the every of the difficulty faced at there. You can get with many of the issues at any time over there, if you failed yourself focusing on each step, it would not be the uncommon thing to get yourself in trouble.

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But if you power up your concentration, we believe that:

One with the keen ability of focusing and great desire to climb to the destination can make his journey successful without getting himself into trouble.

Forget what you left behind:

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Being on the highest mountain of the world needs entire of the attention of its climber.

Your ambition, your dream and what your future every one of the moments needs to dedicate to the Everest.

Forget who was with you and what is going anywhere you left behind you, your family, your friends, think like they are waiting for celebrating your success.

At the Everest:

“Your present is your struggle, and your future is its peak”

So you will have to keep your brain at only to the steps towards the height.

The belief in yourself:

 Your every step, your every struggle should speak themselves that you can do it!

Without believing in ourselves, we can hardly do anything in life and as climbing to Everest is one of the most significant achievements of everyone’s life, so it requires lots of ambition and self-belief.

You have spoken to you that if you can think to start this marvelous journey, so why can’t you do this?

As the henry ford said that:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Pack your stuff, Time to leave

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The required packing items:

Leaving your home towards the journey of the journeys requires the bunch of things that you have to take with your bag. Since we have to stay weeks at the Everest, there will not be facilities available out there. Nobody or no one will be there to provide you your needed items. So make a complete list of the things that you will surely need out there.

We have mentioned the common and the must-have items with you while moving to the summit of Everest.

At Everest, you will be required:

  1. Cloths:
  •  Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Handkerchief
  • Thermal underwear
  • Thermal layer hat
  • Pair of boots
  • Rainproof jacket
  1. Sleeping items:
  • The complete tent setup
  • Pillow or you can use your bag instead
  • Long pad
  • Portable notifying clock

Never compromise on health:

  1. Tablets and body care:
  • Allergic curer eye drops
  • Diarrhea tablets
  • Constipation tablets
  • Tablets for Fever, flue, and cold
  • Tiger Balm
  • Chapstick
  • Painkiller
  • Pills for curing nausea

And if you are suffering from other diseases, so kindly make sure to take them anyhow with you.

  1. The washroom stuff:
  • Toilet papers
  • Extra Hand sanitizers
  • Soap, shampoo
  • Microfiber towel

And also take other of the essential things with you like Map, digital camera, torch, etc.

Note: The above-listed accessories are standard that a person should take there to survive there on the specific requirements,

There can be lots of other required items which you are badly needed for your particular medicine and dry food item.

So think about you’re all of the optional and required items you will be needed except those we mentioned above.

From summit to the conclusion:

The information, details and the steps we mentioned in our article were to guide and acknowledged you that how great effort and long planning it takes to make your foot towards the summit of the high Mount Everest.

Yes, it would also have taken such an even more struggle for the first persons who successfully reached there.

We hope that our article on the topic how long does it take to climb everlast has incremented your knowledge and helped you to convert your dream into the reality.


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