How to Deal With Mental Stress: 3 “Really Simple” Tips

Stress causes countless barriers in life and affects our daily life goals.

That is, it puts great pressure on our mind due to which we fail to do any task effectively.

What’s more, stress steals our interest from life which directly leads to failures and difficulties.

However stress is considered to be a part of our life, but leaving it untreated may affect the physical, mental, and emotional behavior of the person.

In this blog post, we’re going to learn how to deal with mental stress using the 3 “super simple” but effective tips!

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How to Deal With Mental Stress?

How to Deal With Mental Stress: 3 "Really Simple" Tips -

Stress is normal for every human being and we experience this at least once in our life at some point. It usually occurs when we are in trouble or in a serious situation.

Mortgages, the birth of a child, exams, and other situations may cause stress.

Dealing with mental stress is however possible!

You can follow some correct advice to handle it on your own, here’s some:

  1. Find the Source of Stress
  2. Avoid Bad Drinks
  3. Follow the 4 A’s of Stress Management

Find the Source of Stress:

The very first thing you need to do to handle your stress is to identify the situations which are increasing your stress levels. 

There could one or more than one reason which is causing you to stress and only you can find what are they. Finding YOUR reason for stress is the first step of handling the stress.

(Check out this recent blog post to find out how to identify things which are affecting your life)

The typical causes of stress in today’s generation include:

  • Study pressure
  • Negative thoughts
  • Taking everything serious
  • Work pressure
  • Environment disturbance
  • Separation from partner
  • Psychologies problems
  • Chronic illness

And so forth!

Avoid Bad Drinks:

Avoid Bad Drinks

Drinks containing nicotine and caffeine can lead to stress and anxiety.

Both of these are stimulants, which instead of reducing stress can increase it.

Alcohol works as a depressant when consumed in large quantities.

It can even act as a stimulant when taken in smaller quantities.

Hence, considering alcohol to be a stress-relieving drink is not the right assumption.

Follow the 4 A’s of Stress Management:

Follow the 4 A's of Stress Management

It is possible to manage your stress by using some smart tips. One of the easiest and practical techniques of managing your stress is to follow the 4 A’s of stress management: avoid, alter, adapt, and accept.

1 – Avoid:


Plan for future goals, rearrange your surroundings and move forward for the betterment of your life. That is, you can achieve a lot by just trying to avoid stressful things.

Take control of behavior:

Can’t wait long in the traffic? Leave your home half-hour earlier to bypass the crowded streets. 

Don’t like standing in lines for food? Take lunch from home and enjoy it peacefully at your desk.

All in simple words avoid every annoying thing and handle them smartly.

Ignore the bad people:

If anyone in your college or office teasing you a lot, keep a distance from them and try dealing them intelligently. Do not react over them and avoid losing your temper from their negative actions.

Be able to say “NO”:

Spend your life the way you like. Avoid pressuring your mind in additional works.

Holding responsibilities more than your ability can suffer you into the stress.

So be strong to say NO to the things which you don’t want to do. And instead of holding the burden of additional works, manage time for yourself and enjoy it with the way you want.

Don’t blame others:

Do you blame others for your stress? If yes then you are actually doing this wrong. 

That is, no one in your life is responsible for your problems. 

It’s only you who can create or handle the stress with your own efforts.

Create a To-Do list:

List your daily life tasks in a proper manner. Organize your tasks in priorities i.e. High, Medium, and Low. 

Always first focus on the high prioritized tasks and finish them at first.

You can delay the low prioritized tasks when you are stressed and busy with high prioritized tasks.

2 – Alter:


Bringing a positive change in your life may reduce your mental stress. 

Try replacing any bad habit you have with a good and productive one!

Express all your concerns:

Don’t die inside by hiding your pain. 

Express it openly to whoever is bothering you. Be it your colleague, office staff, or any other person, tell them about their bad behavior which is being the reason for your stress. 

This will help you to reduce your stress even if they ignore your words or make fun of you, just let it all out! 

Simply, dare to reply, and don’t let yourself die inside.

Compromise yourself too:

If someone asks you to change your particular behavior in return, you should never ignore their request. It will act as a Win-Win deal as you and other people are together going to express things which you both dislike in each other.

This will help in solving the understanding issues with each other!

This will help in solving the understanding issues with each other and will result as an effective stress-relieving technique.

Balance your life:

Give proper time to the important things in your life. Keep a balance with your friends, family, health, and social life. Give appropriate time to every single part of your life and avoid spending all your time doing “ONE THING.”

3 – Adapt:


Thinking that you can’t fight is one of the biggest causes of stress. 

That’s why you need to adopt some changes to your standards and expectations.

Re-frame your problems:

Don’t panic if you are in trouble. Try to convert your bad situations into a good one. 

Instead of getting tensed and hyper in difficult situations, calm down, relax your mind, and try to shift yourself into positive thoughts.

Adjust your standards:

“Everybody is perfect in their own domain”

Dreaming of a perfect life can put you in chronic stress. Avoid putting yourself into a failure for the sack of perfectionism. Do not think of becoming a perfectionist in every corner of your life. Simply keep doing things according to your passion and love.

Learn to be happy with little perfectionism that you have in a particular domain.

Imagine your best:

When you are in chronic stress, think about the happiest moments of your life. Make yourself calm through positive thinking, and practice gratitude with all the good things you have.

4 – Accept:


Sometimes the causes of stress cannot be avoided. It is hard to modify the stressors in a condition like; a loss of a loved one, serious illness, or a financial loss.

In such cases, the ideal way to fight with stress is to accept the thing as they are.

Don’t force yourself:

Many things in our life are out of our control, mainly the negative behavior of other people. 

Instead of stressing your mind on the least possible things, concentrate on the things which are easier and possible to control.

Don’t get weaker:

Try to look at your challenges as an opportunity for personal growth!

That is, fighting with the difficulties, in other words, is making yourself stronger inside.

Learn to forgive:

It might be difficult to forgive those who bothered you. However, forgiving is said to be the biggest reply to bad people. All because patience is more powerful than the louder words. 

So, instead of fighting the bad people in a bad way, use your positive behavior, forgive them, and start your life with the new perceptions.

Express your feelings:

Friends and family members are those whom you can share your feelings.

Talk to them about the problems you are facing and exchange ideas with them to get rid of any difficulty you might be facing today!

The Bottom Line:

Stress can become a barrier to the success of your life if left untreated. However, dealing it with positive intentions and the right steps, you can handle it smartly and get rid of it soon. The most important thing; fighting with stress will make you stronger inside so you may easily handle every unexpected situation happening at any part of your life in the future.

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