How to Reach Your Subconscious Mind While Awake: 12 Ways!

According to psychology, the subconscious mind is a part of our mind which as compared to the conscious mind is more intelligent and active.

Its ability to store longer memories makes it the brightest area of our mind that can help us to bring unexpected changes in life.

The subconscious mind comes under the conscious mind which has more ability and efficiency by means of storing memories, skills, and daily life habits.

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Importance of Reaching your Subconscious Mind:

Before you learn how to reach your subconscious mind, you should know about its importance, benefits, and other mind-blowing facts. And here they are!

How to Reach Your Subconscious Mind While Awake_ 12 Ways! -

It has a powerful memory:

The subconscious mind has more unique and powerful memories, getting our reach to it can have many unexpected things stored there. 

From riding a bicycle to swimming and how you type frequently on a keyboard, such and other skills are stored in the subconscious mind.

You can think impossible:

Your conscious mind is your present and active state, whereas the subconscious mind is more than that.

For example: if a strange person asks you what unique places are near to your house? You will either get confused or start thinking about it. 

You will start to think about the places that are near to your house, this could be parks, shops, churches, etc.  [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]This ability to think unseen things is done by your subconscious mind. All of these rare, strange, and un-mapped pictures in your mind are produced with the help of this subconscious mind.[/alert]

Enhances creativity:

Practicing to reach subconsciousness can boost creativity, imagination, and thinking capability. What’s more, reaching this portion of the mind enhances the view of imagination that allows us to think and do more creative tasks.

How to reach your subconscious mind while awake?

There’s not a single way to reach your subconscious mind. You have to bring several changes to yourself and have to follow some rules in order to reach it.

The following information explains how to reach your subconscious mind while awake:

  1. Begin Meditation
  2. Believe
  3. Replace can’t with can
  4. Prepare a List
  5. Think positive
  6. Widen your Imagination
  7. Avoid needless things
  8. Pause social networking
  9. Find & Fix the Distractions
  10. Use Sleeping Power
  11. Understand Your Inner Self
  12. Do Physical Activities

Begin Meditation:

Meditation helps to observe and focus on the subconscious mind. It effectively helps in reaching your subconscious mind by surpassing so many barriers.

Search for the area where you can think peacefully. Sit at a peaceful and silent place, feel the silence of nature and surroundings. Assume there’s no one but alone you in the place.

Meditation in the morning and evening time is the best time when you can relax and think peacefully. 

Spend the specific time of your day in parks, focus on nature, and think without disturbing your mind.

Get a comfortable chair, relax, release the stress of your body, and begin breathing deeply. 

Whilst you breathe, close your eyes and focus on your thoughts and inhale and exhale.

When you start to feel relaxed, you will experience that thoughts are flowing from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. 

Don’t get confused with them, just let these thoughts pass away. 

When you realize your mind has strolled, take your attention back to your breathing. After a short time, your mind will stroll again.


When you want to accomplish something, you need to strongly believe in yourself.

Without keeping faith in your effort, you will fail to achieve your dreams.

For example, if you desire a brand-new Lamborghini to the next of your door, don’t think that this dream is impossible.

Imagine that you already have that in front of your door!

Don’t get confused by this; don’t even think that you are seeing a dream that is bigger than your capability!

Every blur image produced in mind becomes brighter if one keeps strong devotion in reaching towards it, thanks to the subconscious mind.

Don’t get trapped by the difficulties and curved paths towards your goals, stick to your belief, and be with it until it is not accomplished.

Replace can’t with can:

Can you climb the summit of Everest this year?

We assume that you said no or unsure if you can do this or not. 

All these things heavily matter when we want to make something possible.

Considering any particular happening as impossible is the reason why most of us can’t reach the destination we desire.

As Henry Ford stated:

“Whether you think you can do or not, you are right”

The quote expresses the relation of every possibility with the YES and NO of the person.

Saying YES even if there’re problems can one day lead you to the edge of your dream.

But a NO at the very beginning of your journey can lead you to failure.

Keep moving with the mentality that “I can do this” because it’s the key to reach the subconscious mind.

So, to begin a plan of any goal or dream, say YES to each and every hurdle you face during the process.

Prepare a List:

Make a list of the tasks that you want to accomplish.

Looking at a task list every day can help you stay focused.

What’s more, looking at the list of tasks will remind you what you need to do throughout the day! [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, grab a notebook, think, and list down the everyday tasks. Start your day by glancing over the list and start doing them one by one without losing focus.[/alert]

Think Positive:

A mind full of negative thoughts won’t allow you to reach the stage of subconsciousness. 

Having a negative mindset creates a barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Positive and right thinking is required to build a clear destination. 

Take time, sit somewhere, and think about the negative things stored in your mind and replace them with new positive thoughts and keep your faith in positivity.

If you still keep irrelevant thinking, that means you are simply confusing your mind and will surely fail at some point.

Widen your Imagination:

Imagination means assuming unreal events in your mind. It shows you how your dream would look after it is accomplished.

In other words, it’s a tool to design whatever you want to see true.

A clear imagination will definitely help you move towards the subconscious mind. Since imagination makes it possible to think even about things which are not happened in real, so this makes it a powerful tool that helps us to get into the deep layers of our mind. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Craft your imagination by producing clear images of things that you want to see come true in the future, think widely, make a large and clear blueprint of your dreams, and assume you are almost there to stay motivated.[/alert]

Avoid Needless Things:

Things like unwanted memories need to be flushed out if you want to use your mind to achieve anything powerful.

Since the subconscious mind stores long term memory, keeping needless things for long can deprive you of its benefits.

Build a space for new thoughts in your mind, try to forget whatever that has no benefit to you. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]A replacement of needless events with fresh and beneficial things will result in an effective tool that will help you accomplish better things![/alert]

Pause Social Networking:

A gap from virtual life will help you dive deep and reach your subconscious mind. 

Social networks are considered to be responsible for affecting concentration from the real world. 

The excessive time spent in such services is responsible for disrupting the thinking capability. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Keep your life less dependent on the virtual world. Turn your phones off for certain hours of the day. Understand how technology is becoming a barrier between you and your life. In the end, you would surely observe efficiency in your subconscious state.[/alert]

Find & Fix the Distractions:

Multiple reasons can become a wall between your journey towards subconsciousness.

The typical examples can be the worry of job, failure in the exam, family problems, etc.

You should avoid such tensions to succeed!

These types of issues are also responsible for resulting in a negative effect on your mind.

A pressurized mind tends to be less focused and less capable of doing things than relaxed ones.

So do your best not to worry about these things!

Use Sleeping Power:

Our subconscious mind is always in its working state, whether we are in sleep or awake, you can reach it at any time.

Have a quick contact with your brain before you sleep, keep the important events of your day in mind.

Remind yourself of the plans and goals of the day that you need to fulfill.

This trick will assist your subconscious mind to process thoughts whilst you sleep.

You can even avail a chance to view your thoughts and imaginations in your dream sometimes. So, use this tip every night some minutes before you sleep.

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Understand Your Inner Self:

The inner self of someone distinguishes them by belief, goals, and thoughts of others.

To know your inner self, you should acknowledge your vision, goal, aim, and motivation.

More specifically, it is to make the person know about the pure behavior of them.

Listen to what your inner self says about you, understand it, and keep a strong focus over it.

Do Physical Activities:

Physical activities are not to reach your subconscious mind, however, they are great for relaxing our mind. 

Be it a morning walk, cycling, or any sort of sports like Soccer, Tennis or Basketball!

Performing physical activities will result in a positive change in your thinking style.

A 30 – 60 minutes of exercise every day will result in a golden tool to make your mind act more accurately and precisely.


The mind-blowing facts, abilities, and possibilities of subconscious mind conclude with the quote:

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality”— Earl Nightingale

To succeed in moving yourself in the deep of your subconscious mind, implement the tips suggested throughout this blog post with devotion and we hope that you are going to experience wonderful results in the subconsciousness.

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