I Hate My Life: 17 KILLER Things To Do (if you seriously hate it)

A situation where you don’t want to talk with anyone, having no any interest like others in anything, keep shifting your moods and hates your life, in such cases, it is incredibly crucial to answer to yourself why I hate my life.

A very typical question occurs why a person hates his life?

There are chances in having a bundle of hidden psychological facts, feelings, and abnormalities that can make a person to suffer in such worst condition.

If you are also one of those millions who’s going through the same period, worries no more, because in this article you’re going to learn how to love yourself again!

I hate my life, what to do now?

There is a bundle of tricky and smart techniques that can hopefully make your issue solved. Below, we have listed some methods step-by-step all the way from the beginning to the end so it will be easy for you to understand and fix your problem.

Let’s dive in right now!

I Hate My Life: 17 KILLER Things To Do (if you seriously hate it) - Redstonelife.com
I Hate My Life: 17 KILLER Things To Do (if you seriously hate it) – Redstonelife.com

Why do you hate yourself?

To get the right and direct answer, it is essential first to understand the question, understand the deep cause of why the issue has taken birth? So why do you hate yourself? [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Think deeply, make a list of things that are disappointing you from yourself, try hard to reach every end of the question, why I hate myself? Why do I don’t love like others? Why I am not what I should be? And Why isn’t my life pleasant me anymore?[/alert]

Obtain every of such answers anyhow to clarify the exact weakness in you.

We better suggest to take some time for this step, right down every of such points in a paper and start answering them to get the particular reasons of hating yourself.

Don’t afraid from weakness:

Man in Blue and Brown Plaid Dress Shirt Touching His Hair

Nobody is perfect, so everybody must have their specific weakness. If everybody keeps weakness, so why do you think your weakness is your fate?

Reason to add this heading is that peoples tend to hate themselves by not being perfect at a particular domain. Examples are like studies, sports, activities, making lots of friends, etc.

As a result, a person gets envious from others and in the end suffers a lot in disappointment and depression.

Not being right in such type of things can easily attract a person into hopelessness and can weaken them inside.

You are not smart in a specific activity then it certainly doesn’t mean that you start to hate yourself. No! Not at all, such weakness and psychological problems shouldn’t be taken seriously. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Everyone has their own passion and skill, and if you work upon it, you can get really good at that too.[/alert]

In simple words, weakness is to make the person feel that he is a human, not the GOD

So, next time when any of your classmate or a competitor performs well and seem to be perfect in any domain, you should not break yourself knowing the fact someone’s specialty is your weakness.

Search the best in you!

Man Wearing Black and White Stripe Shirt Looking at White Printer Papers on the Wall [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]The entire solution of this article is based on your research in yourself. The better you can dig inside yourself, the better you can understand and fix your problems. So, in this step, we came up to dig out the best things in yourself.[/alert]

If you’re disappointed by your uselessness or your any other weakness, one of the best features in you is that you can fix all of these myths.

You can undoubtedly be better in at least one particular domain.

Study yourself, if you are good at sports, computer, science or any other skill.

Knowing what best you can do by yourself can clear a lot of disappointments from your mind.

Furthermore, work hard to shine more in the specific specialty, be thankful of that and kick off every one of the myths that were making you hate yourself.

You are never alone:

adult, background, beach

Whether you are betrayed or have been cheated by the loved ones, there must be someone who loves you. They can be your parents, childhood colleagues.

If still you can’t feel relieved by spending time with them, yet there is someone who loves you, want to empower you, is eager to see you standing in your legs with the hope, and he is none other than the GOD (indeed the greatest.)

The love and existence of GOD near you should always be kept in your mind, soul, and heart. He undoubtedly helps and finishes every sort of disappointments, the hopelessness of those who believes, loves and maintain a strong faith in him. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]To this end, you have to make yourself realized that there are still those in your life with whom you are neither alone and nor weak.[/alert]

There is ease after difficulty:

Woman Stands on Mountain over Field Under Cloudy Sky at Sunrise

The black days will pass, and hopefully, a new ray of sun is going to power up your hopes.

Whether you are suffering from intense depression, hopelessness, and weak mind power, there will come a day that will surpass every of such troubles along with it, and the thing it will leave behind will be a shining hope for your future time.

Whatever is weakening you now will hopefully empower you only if you continue your struggle.

There will be a time for sure when you will laugh at the things of which you are afraid of right now.

So, all the above lines state that:

Pain is temporary; pride is forever.

Get re-born – A new hope:

Man Sitting on Edge Facing Sunset

When you hate yourself, your society, the one who betrayed or have left you in darkness, here comes the time for you to restart a new life with new hope, new strategy, new peoples and especially with the new ambition.

Here’s how you can do this:

Erase painful memory:

You are supposed to forget whatever happened in the past to move further towards a bright and new hope. Your new life has nothing to deal with its predecessor, nor does it need that to proceed further.

You have to do your best to forget the painful, stressful and such moments which makes you hate your life. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]No doubt, it is a quite difficult job trying to erase the harsh happenings in mind, but don’t you worry, below we have listed some of the proven tips that you can take into practice to forget your past & get rid of all the depression going around your mind and start a new (and not to mention, peaceful) life![/alert]

Change your place – optional but recommended:

Man Walking on the Road Holding Black Luggage during Sunset

It is a tested & proven recommendation that giving a replacement to places full of dark memories, and other incidents can result in a new and hopeful life.

Shifting to either a new area or better the new city can result in a lot in your moods.

You will find everything new just like you are born now.

New peoples, weather, lifestyle and lots of such physical and psychological changes can affect a lot to your hopeless life.

Build a new lifestyle:

Man Wearing Grey Shirt Standing on Elevated Surface

Build a brand new, like never before life routine to get yourself on a unique adventure.

Replace every of the unhealthy, sluggish lifestyle that was making you more depressed and try doing new things that you haven’t done before.

Start waking up early and never let the day begins without any physical activity.

Do jogging, do any of your favorite sport, breath in the fresh and less polluted air.

Follow a healthy routine and diet plan.

Always have a walk in the evening and always get to the bed as early as you can.

Spend time with books, read those that can catch your intention towards them.

Try to replace every one of your habits which you think are the reason behind hating your life.

Make a new efficient routine that includes every of the daily life activities in a manageable way.

Meet new peoples:

Three Men Sitting on Veranda

Spending the day at home & meeting with nobody can suffer a person into deep loneliness and feeling deprived of the world.
All of such can make the person dislike them.

Moreover, keeping the lonely lifestyle for long will make you troubled in interacting and dealing with the others.

So, give your time to the outer world, get deal with the new folks, have fun with them, and share your plans and problems so you and they can powerfully get connected.

Get busy:

attractive, businessman, busy

According to us, the most common habit that makes a person annoyed, depressed and especially hateful to their life is being free, idle and useless for most of the day.

Doing nothing and just thinking why & how others are doing are the possible ways to suffer from enviousness and feeling ourselves useless person.

If you start surfing half of your day in study, job or any other sort of activity, we believe that your most of the worries will be vanished off.

The busier you keep yourself, the faster you are going to forget every tragic incident and moments happened to you.

Wake with goals:

art, blueprint, brainstorming

Your day shouldn’t start just like the previous day. Leave your bed and be sure that you have a list of the tasks that you are going to perform in the entire day.

Do all tasks in the form of goals, make a step by step plans of each and a particular purpose.

Set time, planning and management of the targets so that your day will end successfully.

Exercise – must do activity:

Person Running Near Street Between Tall Trees

Without a healthy and active life, it is not easy to begin a new lifestyle. And without spending an hour in exercise, it is not possible to be physically active.

So, get registered to a gym, fix a suitable routine where you spend at least an hour for the workout. Do jogging, stretching, cycling, yoga, etc. Never let any of your days pass without any physical activity.

Exercising will result in a massive change in your weak lifestyle and bad mood. So, all we recommend whether you are healthy or not, it is crucial for everyone to give time to physical health in the form of exercise and workouts.

Live for your vision:

Gray Pathway in Between Grasses

A life without a correct vision is like a vehicle without the wheels.

A vision is a picture of our future that we build in our life.

It is what that makes the person spend their entire life for its accomplishment.

“A vision is a hope that makes us realizes why we are living in this world.”

Unfortunately, without a clear and specific vision, a person is merely spending a meaningless life that has no destination and the feeling of the reason to live.

As Dalai Lama quoted that:

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.”

In other words, you need to have your vision, one for which you are going to spend your entire life.

A vision is a vision, whether it’s of a sportsman, a businessman, a writer or one with any particular domain.

To this end, you should build a clear vision, spend your life for that and we believe that living in an envisioned life is the way of finding hope and love in life.

Ending points- the final suggestions:

analysis, blackboard, board [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]The central idea that is extracted from the article states that a change is necessary to start loving your life. You have to move anyhow, change your lifestyle, routines, habits and rest of other things that need to be fixed to get yourself free from the hateful life.[/alert]


After wrapping all the information shared in this article, we believe that you are near to build a new lifestyle that has no relation with everything that makes you hate your life.

However, still, the last thing we suggest to you is to work hard in making your life meaningful and full of love otherwise you’ll keep on saying the same thing: I hate my life.

To the end of all, we expect you to adopt each of the instructions recommended changes listed above. Following them all, we believe that you will end up having a life with hope, happiness, and love!

If you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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