17 KILLER Ways To Fix Wrist Pain From Mouse Uses

Being a graphic designer, gamer, programmer, or even a social networking hobbyist, how much you spend in front of your computer results in a significant amount of adverse effects in the body. Like the neck & back pain, the wrist pain is also one that remains long and prevents us from accessing the mouse peacefully. So, for this solution, we have brought 17 killer ways to fix wrist pain from mouse uses.

Below, we have shared a lot of tips and cures so you can get rid of pain & enjoy your computing experience for long.

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However, before you move to the cure able methods, firstly let’s discuss:

Why should you actually treat wrist pain from the mouse?

?, ask, blackboard

Although the pain caused by overusing a mouse can be treated. However, there is a severe issue known as Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can be caused by excessive and wrongly use of the mouse.

CTS is caused when the pressure is applied to the median nerve:

It can suffer the person into severe pain and other abnormal issues in the wrist. So just, the overuse of a computer mouse can sustain us into this issue.

CTS is not directly linked to causing by overusing a computer mouse. But the way it is caused is somehow related to prolonged and irrelevantly use of the computer mouse.

[alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]Other than that, issues like unbearable wrist pain, stiffness, joint issues, difficulty in working by hand and possibly other of the situations can occur if you don’t fix the problem.[/alert]

To this end:

After all these, it’s crucial to know how to fix wrist pain from mouse uses, so without discussing further, here’s how to get rid of this pain!

How to fix wrist pain from mouse uses:

From here to end, we have listed numbers of different solutions with their own better outputs. So we suggest having a look at each of them to treat your wrist pain caused by overuse of mouse effectively and efficiently.

Let’s dive in!

17 KILLER Ways To Fix Wrist Pain From Mouse Uses
17 KILLER Ways To Fix Wrist Pain From Mouse Uses

Fix the way of using the mouse (Must to do the thing):

Although the excessive use of a computer mouse causes the wrist pain, other than that, a wrong placement or position of the hand over the device can suffer your wrist into the pain.

Moreover, it can additionally hurt others like the arm, hand, shoulders and alike.

Below, we have mentioned several of the instructions that guide the right way of using the mouse.

So, get them correctly so you can prevent your wrist from getting this unexpected pain from using the mouse next time.

1 – Hold it loosely:

Silver Magic Keyboard

Never use the mouse by gripping it tightly. Keep your hands relaxed and loose while using it. It is recommended to handle the device loosely so it will not cause any pain on the wrist.

2 – Don’t touch with wrist:

Related image

It is recommended to control the mouse via the palm of your hand. Resting the end of the mouse with your wrist or forearms is prohibited to remain secure from the side effects.

3 – Don’t just burden your hand:

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We mostly access the computer mouse with just the movement of our hand, but it is also recommended to let your whole arm including the shoulder to work with it. It’s because controlling the device with just your hand can result in a lot of tiredness and pain on it.

4 – Keep straight position:

Man Playing Game on Personal Computer

Whether you are on a bed with a laptop or using your system on a table, the alignment of your arm & hand must be in a direction straight towards the mouse.

Don’t bend, neither raise your hand, it should simply be in a straight & relaxed position.

Pushing, pulling and holding the mouse irrelevantly is a common cause of wrist pain, so try hard to keep the alignment straight.

5 – Have ease over the mouse:

apple, business, click

Keep your chair at the position where you don’t need to make efforts in reaching your hand to the mouse. Your arm shouldn’t face problems while moving to the mouse.

So, always organize the relaxed and comfortable setting to get access to the mouse without troubling the wrist.

 Exercise your wrist:

Person's Right Hand

Exercising the body is crucial to make them work longer and painless. Each of them needs their way of movement so they can move well. The wrist also needs its particular activity when you burden it for hours.

So, let’s begin some of the wrist exercises:

6 – Open & close exercise:

This activity is about closing your wrist completely and re-opening just after that. Bend your every finger with this process so it can result better to the entire hand.

Do this continuously for 1 to 2 minutes after taking a break from a mouse usage.

7 – Stretch the hand:

Well, this one seems pretty mirrored like the previous exercise, but the result and the method are somehow different.

So in this, you need to open and stretch your affected arm as much you can, after that, close it and make a fist. Repeat the method exactly 20 times altogether.

Another reason it differs from the previous ones is it requires at least a minute or more of you to get performed well.

8 – Up & down the hand:

Here you have to open your hand as much you can and then close it after that, down position. In simple words, take your hand to its alternate position from its current ones, and after that, take it to its opposite side.

Doing this will effectively relieve the pain of the joint that connects the arm with the hand.

9 – Twist your hand:

In this exercise, you are only required to twist/move your hand into the circular position to the left as much you can. After that, take your hand back and move it to the right side.

This activity is one of the easiest one, so keep twisting your hand for some seconds with a short break.

10 – Wrists rotation exercise:

This exercise requires you to put your wrist and palm both on the table or a flat surface, and turn them clockwise direction. After that, do this opposite in anti-clockwise direction.

Perform this for at least ten times to make the activity work effectively.

11 – Get a wireless mouse:

The wireless mouse devices differs a lot besides being free of tangled wires. Since you can use them on either table or your lap, therefore with them you will be able to bypass a lot of issues in which one of them is: wrist pain.

You will not need to go near to the computer neither you need to push your arm to it.

Moreover, you can quickly adjust your hand over by keeping it as nearer you can.

So, if you want to to get rid of the wrist discomfort, you should get the wireless Bluetooth mouse just today.

12 – Use over your lap:

Image result for mouse on lap

Keeping the device closer to your reach makes it easy for the arm to work comfortably with it. This can be done dramatically with the wireless mouse, as you can easily place it over your lap and can work without pushing your arm.

Apart from this, you can get a table especially for keeping the device near you with better accessibility.

13 – Take a break from mouse:

adult, black and white, black-and-white

Not just the wrist, even using the computer continuously for hours with the same position can burden the entire body. Each of our body parts needs a reasonable amount of rest to work well and painlessly.

Continuous gaming for the longer duration is common examples where a person affects his hand from the mouse.

In such cases, we cannot quit the process until the end of the match. So in the result, the break-less use of a mouse can suffer us into the wrist pain.

So, you have to manage a break from the mouse usage to give the wrist a specific amount of rest. Two to three minutes of pause can even be okay to prevent your wrist suffering from the massive pain.

14 – Warm your wrist:

Woman in White Long-sleeved Top Holding White Cup

Since heat is capable of providing the relief for multiple bones and tissue pains, so you should avail the benefit of it to treat the overworked wrist.

How to work with this method:

  • For this remedy, you are needed to boil water to the temperature that you can bear on your skin.
  • After doing that, take a towel and dab it in hot water.
  • Squeeze the towel and apply it directly to the affected areas of hand and wrist.
  • Re-soak the towel and re-do the process for 2 to 3 minutes.

You will receive a surprising output by using this method. All it will do is it will fix your pain by reaching the heat to the deep of the wrist!


You can add the warm water in a tub and dunk your wrist in it for some minutes. It can be more efficient from the previous using less effort, as you can also do this while having a warm water bath.

More easily, you can hold a cup with the warm water or the coffee to apply heat to the wrist.

Use any of these methods at least twice a week to cure the massive pain due to the overusing of a computer mouse.

To this end, whenever you suffer from wrist pain, the hot water is always ready for you to provide you relief without the lengthy process and effort.

15 – Massage the wrist:

Person Holding Hand

Other than exercises, the painful and tired body parts need the comfort of massage to get relaxed and be pain-free. Moreover, this can also help the wrist to perform the task better than before.

How to massage the wrist?

That’s quite simple; you just need to rub your wrist with your fingers in circular positions. Put slight pressure while doing that, also use clockwise and anti-clockwise in the process.

For the better results:

You can also use hot oil for massaging your wrist. For this method, you first need a hot oil to begin the process.

The easy way for this is, boil a glass of water and pour it in an open container, now put the bottle of your oil in hot water and wait until it doesn’t change its temperature.

After all, take the oil in fingers, apply it on the wrist and begin massaging with the suggested way with different motions. You can also do this to other parts of your hand. Continue massaging for up to 2 to 3 minutes.

How often to massage?

Since massaging has no side effects and it is a cheap and straightforward method, so we recommend to have the benefit of it once or twice a week.

To this end, we believe that you will receive a significant amount of relief and better functionality of wrist than before.

16 – Fix pain via balm:

adult, blur, close-up

There are certain balms you can get from the market which are fantastic in healing the pain by extended work on a mouse. The best of them we know is the Tiger Balm, which is more effective in relieving from the deep depression.

How to use the balm?

Just acquire the balm from the market, and apply it to the affected areas through your fingers. Use round movements on the painful area to let the solution work perfectly. Keep the process continue for some minute to get better relief.

To put it on another way, you simply have to massage your wrist with any of the effective balms.

To the end of this, you should have a better balm at your place so you can get rid of such sudden, temporary or long wrist pain which can affect you in doing further stuff by your hand.

17 – Get a wrist splint:

Image result for wrist splint

It is a kind of long glove specially made for the ones who suffer most from the wrist pain and splints. Having one of it with you can be a good choice if you access the computer mouse for countless hours.

So all it requires is just to put it on your affected hand, whether you are working with the mouse or not. You can even use them when you do some heavy stuff to prevent the wrist suffering from the un-well conditions.

Other than such, you should have its benefit, especially in the night time.

Just have it on the hand on the bedtime, and you will feel a better result in the morning.

So, according to us, wrist splint is a worth having item for every of the wrist pain sufferers to continue their work with the mouse without painful interruptions.


So, with all of the tips, tricks and remedies described in the article are inevitably going to result positive if performed well. Plus, by applying the habits of using the device correctly, you will hopefully no longer be deprived of using it for your miscellaneous tasks.

In the end, it is our suggestion to have access to mouse with the right way otherwise you will end up getting wrist pain from mouse no matter what you do. And, even if you indulge in any of side effects from overusing it, we hope you are not going to worry and will fix the wrist problems effectively caused by the mouse uses.

We hope that you’ve finally learned the way to fix wrist pain from mouse. If you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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