Why Does My Arm Hurt When I Sneeze? (Here’s some Causes & 5 Actionable Tips to Fix Them)

Many people complain about feeling pain in their arm at the time of sneezing. This can either be normal or perhaps hiding a serious issue behind all.

Corresponding to some benefits of sneezing which give us a reason to sneeze is some unknown reaction to the body which is not good and one of them is the pain in the arm while sneezing.

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Ignoring this can lead to an unexpected and more severe issue to the victim.

Thus, you should know the answer to the question:

– why does my arm hurt when I sneeze

And off-course, how to fix it.


Here’s why and how:

Why Does My Arm Hurt When I Sneeze - @Redstonelife.com

Why does my arm hurt when I sneeze?

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There can be various reasons why your arm hurt at the time of sneezing.

If the pain is coming from the shoulder, then you possibly be feeling the pain around your shoulder joint and on the middle of your upper arm. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]When you feel pain in your entire arm, it is due to the irritated nerve which is passing from the arm. There are the fluid-filled discs between the spinal bones that provide a benefit of shock absorption.  More specifically, these discs also assist in keeping sufficient space for the nerves coming off the spinal cord to move between the spinal segments without getting affected by compression.[/alert]

The main problem occurs when the nerves get compressed possibly due to the result of disc stress, damage/loss of disc height space. The situation is also known as a pinched nerve. It can happen to a single or group of nerves.

When such nerve(s) get irritated, this can also irritate the muscles that it controls. In the result of muscle irritation, the specific muscle can get sore and possibly led to spasm. To the end of all these, the particular arm suffers from pain.

So what sneezing has to do with this?

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As you know, the pain is caused by a specific problem that occurs to the fluid discs. Moreover, your arm can still be hurt whether you sneeze or not.

However, it is still possible that you can observe changes as well as an increment in the pain of your arm in the result of a sneeze.

That is because, when you begin to sneeze, the body inhales much air inside in the very first step, in the last step, the body throws out the bulk of pressure that is even felt in the other body parts.

That particular pressure increases the disturbance on the discs causing the arm to hurt.

 Can sneezing cause more pain to your arm?

Yes, your arm can be hurt more after the sneeze than in the normal state.

It’s all because of the pressure, the more pressure the sneeze releases, the higher there are chances of facing severe pain.

Is stopping the sneeze the adequate solution?

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You might be thinking if you got any of the ways by which you could block a sneeze and get rid of this pain from your arm to hurt you, even more, would be a great thing, isn’t it? [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]The straightforward answer to this is, sneezing isn’t the only action that causes pain to your arm. Even coughing, laughing and doing any other activity that pressurizes the discs can result in the same or even more pain throughout the arm.[/alert]

A key thing to remember is, you cannot get control over the power of your sneeze, it’s all the natural process commanded by the brain that must be completed.

To this end, stopping a particular sneeze wouldn’t give you a permanent or smart solution.

How to get rid of arm pain when you sneeze?

Instead of practicing any irrelevant technique to get rid of this problem, the natural and practical tips will assist you in curing the pain in your arm produced by the sneeze.

Here are few:

Fix your posture:

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The wrong and irrelevant position is one of the reasons that hurt your nerves. Fix every of the daily life posture that you were keeping wrong.

Sitting, standing, sleeping, every of the position of these activities should be accurate to provide relief to the affected arm.

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Always use a cushion while sitting for long, take rest after working long on the computer or at the working desks.

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Do simple exercises by taking frequent breaks.

Avoid leaning over the hard and bad structured chairs.

While suffering from a pinched nerve, it is suggested to spend most of the working time while standing. That helps the nerve to get relief and reduces the pain after some time.

Rest your body:

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A disturbed and pinched nerve requires an adequate amount of rest to get cured soon.

Take a break from strenuous activities like weight lifting, basketball, golf and others that cause pressure to your body.

Keep your body in the rest stage until the final relief.

Make sure your mattress isn’t unbalanced and having no ditches.

Monitor the pain by doing slight movements with the arm, if you still observe the pain, you need to continue the rest for more time.

Apply heat:

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Heat is considered as a practical solution for deep pain. No matter if it’s your arm or any other part of the body, you can still cure the hurt with the heat.

Fill a plastic bottle with hot water, apply it throughout your arm. Hold the bottle at the most hurting area for 10 to 15 minutes.

Before you start, make sure to test the water’s heat before applying on the skin!

Use ice cubes:

Ice Cubes

Ice can be used to reduce swelling inflammation over the pinched nerve.

Get two handfuls of ice cubes, wrap them in a towel, and hold them directly against the pinched nerve.

Keep the process live for 10-15 minutes.

Seek medical help:

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A pinched or compressed nerve can worse the pain around your arm if its left untreated.

If you still have the same complain, you possibly need to consult with the specialist. All because there are possible chances for the nerve(s) to suffer in severe compression that can’t be solved by home remedies.

Get yourself checked to the medical expert, discuss them briefly about the level of your pain, don’t forget to share them about the incident that may cause a problem to the fluid discs.

The final verdict:

The article in points states that:

  • Your arm hurts due to the compression over the nerve(s)
  • Sneezing isn’t a cause for the problem but can make you feel more pain throughout the arm
  • Sneezing isn’t alone that hurts your arm
  • You can fix your arm with straightforward home remedies!

To the end, if you were whenever feel strange ache throughout your arm while sneezing, we believe that you are now prepared enough to understand the cause, and hopefully, can handle the problem smartly with your own.

Nonetheless, if you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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