Newborn Baby Checklist: 6 Must-have Items – Do you have all?

The newborn baby checklist is perhaps the only thing a parent wants to see as soon as they get a new family member into the house. Welcoming a newborn baby, is a mixture of excitement and fear, especially for the first time parents. When you have lots of things to handle you must have a newborn baby checklist for your baby. It is important to buy things for your baby, but it is also essential to know what is a must-have and what is not necessary.

Many parents get into a fool from the marketing of different products which shows that these items are must-haves for the newborn, but the parents hardly use these. That is why it is essential to understand what is a must-buy for a young and which products are just hype!

Today, we have bought a newborn baby checklist where we have listed six must-have newborn baby accessories which parents need to prepare for a newborn baby so that they can priorities things and manage their budget and resource according to it.

Newborn Baby Checklist: 6 Must-have newborn baby accessories

Prepare room/space for your baby:

It is not necessary to ready the place for your baby if you do not have a spare room. However, if you have room for your baby, you must get it ready for the due date.

There are many things and furniture which are needed in the baby’s room such as wardrobe, crib and a table for dressing up. You can decorate and furnish the room according to your liking and gender of your baby but also keep an eye on the budget so that it is easier for you purchase.

You can also add a relaxing chair or sofa to feed your child, let him/her sleep as well as have your space in the room.

What about this?

In case you do not have a spare room, you can add the space to your place for your newborn. It can include the furniture and things according to the size of the room and your requirement. If you are willing to co-sleep your baby, then you might not need the crib, but if you want your newborn baby to sleep alone, then a separate cradle is a must.

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Clothing and blankets for newborn and a few size larger:

It is also essential for you to get clothes for your newborn; you would require some necessary clothes for your babies such as new oneness, shoes, bibs, napkins, two-piece and casual clothes. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]These dresses should be in the size of a newborn, but there must be few clothes which are a size larger than newborn because babies grow faster and you will need bigger clothes very soon.[/alert]

The clothes also include the wrapping sheets, lightweight blankets, and clothes as per your liking.

Diapers, nappies and diaper bags:

Diapers are a significant part to prepare for your newborn because you will need this right from the first day. There are diapers available in the infant size, and you will also require some nappies to get through all day.

Also, an essential item for a newborn is a diaper bag which has different sections to keep things for your babies such as feeders, diapers, clothes and other things which will accompany you in traveling.

You must also need Rash cream, baby wipes, bag for dirty diapers, paper liner & even the dustbin to put the dirty diapers in it.

Feeding bottles:

Feeding bottles are another thing which you must prepare for your newborn, in case of bottle feeding or breastfeeding, a feeding bottle is a must.

The feeding bottles are essential to feed the newborn for beginning and just in case any issue happens with mother or child and baby does not start to latch. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Other items to be included in the list are the bottle sterilizer, nipples, nipple brush, pacifier, and nursing pillow to provide support to your newborn while feeding through feeding-bottles.[/alert]

In case the mother is breastfeeding, you will also need a breast pump and milk storage bags to store it.

Accessories and electronics:

There are few accessories and electronics which are the must-buy for the newborn and parents cannot survive without it.

Some of these valuable electronics and accessories are baby wipe holders to give you easy access to the wipes and keep it warm.

You can also buy electronic steelier for feeding bottles, vaporizers, electric kettle to boil water, baby car seat, carry cot, strollers, bouncer and high chair, etc. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]These items can be added or subtracted according to the requirement of parents or newborn.[/alert]

Medicine and bathing:

There are also many things which you will need for the baby. Like, for the bath, you will be needing a bathing tub or chair, washcloths, towels, shampoo, soap and plastic cup for rising. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Complete bathing products are required right from the first day and should be carried to the hospital if need.[/alert]

Parents also require some medicine for a newborn in case of any medical emergency; you can even make a first aid box to which you can add the medication.

The box can contain some bandage, safety scissors, diaper cream, nasal drops, antibacterial cream, cough syrup, etc.


I hope you liked our Newborn Baby Checklist where we listed some of the essential newborn baby accessories that you must have.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Having these items make it easy for the new parents to go through the initial stage of their parenting & I am sure that by having these things, you will find it much easier to control your kid(s) compared to the time when you would not have these.[/alert]

Again, we hope you liked our Newborn Baby Checklist & if you want any other newborn baby accessories to be listed here, please don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment box. 🙂

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