How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps on your Tongue

A white & tiny pimple like bumps you feel or see in the mirror over the tongue is known as the Lie bumps of the tongue. They occur typically to almost every one of us mostly. For such simple and standard issue in your tongue, here you go to know how to get rid of lie bumps on your tongue.

In medical science, the condition when a person’s tongue suffers from such weird bumps is known as “Transient lingual papillitis.”

These lie bumps can produce pain and some other unwell condition to our tongue, and in the end, we keep on rubbing them with our teeth.

Therefore, to instead hurt your tongue more, lets dive below to know:

Here we go!

How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps on your Tongue (Causes and tips to avoid them in future) -
How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps on your Tongue (Causes and tips to avoid them in future) –

What causes lie bumps on your tongue?

Wondering what causes lie bumps on your tongue? Here are some of those items:

Acidic foods & drinks:

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The foods that contain an excessive amount of acid or just using a little quantity, such acidic diets can make your tongue to be affected by this issue quickly.

The common acidic foods that you might take daily can be:

  • Sugar
  • Fish
  • Grains
  • Meals with high protein

So, if you are experiencing lots of lie bumps in your tongue, you need to reduce such or other of the acidic foods to get your tongue well soon.

The spicy foods!

Barbecue on Grill With Sauce Platter

The food that drools everybody towards it is none other than spicy food which is the definite cause of the lie bumps in your tongue. You may already know or have guessed by yourself that your tongue changes its appearance just after eating some hot spicy items.

The foods that possibly have suffered you in this condition can be:

  • Hot spicy soup
  • Spicy chicken items
  • Rice with high spice mixture

And other meals that contain a high amount of spice can produce lie bumps in your tongue.

All you have to do, it is to decrease the number of spices and use of such foods at your home and scan the food menu in the restaurants and keep away from spicy meals until your tongue doesn’t get healed.

Biting your tongue!

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Like we mentioned at the top that, if you bite your suffered tongue, it can power up the bumps and can hurt you much more than before. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Even if you are free from lie bumps, you can still suffer your tongue in this issue by just biting it habitually.[/alert]

Many people are habitual of rubbing their tongue at the night time; if you are also one of them, you should avoid your tongue to be scratched by your teeth or simply get bitten. To get out of this habit, we recommend always to keep yourself notified if your tongue is being bitten by the teeth. If you keep your attention towards your tongue and prevent it from being bitten, this can result better in relieving you from lie bumps.

So, don’t bite your tongue!

There is also a dental tool known as an anti-tongue biting guard, so if you want, then you can get it today here. (No Affiliation)

You can hopefully abstain in future & can get rid of this habit and can protect your tongue from producing lie bumps.

The poor digestive system:

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Think for a while if you feel acidity or you suffer from any digestive issue. If yes, then the weak digestive system is a leading cause for the lie bumps!

One of the most elegant solutions for treating your digestive system from acidity is to take cold milk, yogurt, and chia seeds regularly. Avoid eating spicy foods until your stomach isn’t free from burning sensation and acidity.

Try to skip foods in restaurants especially the oily and spicy ones and cook healthy foods on your own. Try to include cucumber and apple salad with your meal, and you will get a great result in your digestive system.

The cause of lie bumps via digestion issues can be a long-term, as until you don’t treat your digestive system, you will not be easily able to get rid of lie bumps.

The allergic foods:

adult, biscuit, business

There can be several or a single allergic food that you use daily to feed your stomach. It can have a hidden reaction to your body that can result into the lie bumps.

The common foods that can be allergic to you are:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Peanut
  • Wheat/Roti (Loaf)
  • Fish

And many others items can be an allergic food to you.

So, check if food feels allergic to your stomach as it could have been possibly resulting to tongue bumps. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]These are the typical conditions that can cause bumps on your tongue, by sharing you these symptoms, we believe that you have known the hidden causes and according to us, this information is the 50% treatment of lie bumps. All because, by avoiding such allergies, foods, habits, and the issues we mentioned above can prevent your tongue to get affected! After acknowledging the causes, let’s step down to the central part.[/alert]

How to get rid of lie bumps:

Here’s how to get rid of lie bumps on your tongue:

Use tongue cleaner:

Image result for tongue cleaner toothbrush

Whenever you eat or drink some sticky or sweet items, they usually get stuck in a layer to the top of your tongue, well cleaning this white stuff will not help you in vanishing the lie bumps but the remarkable result that this can provide is the ease of the remedies we are going to mention in the article. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, get a toothbrush with a tongue cleaning function and clean it whenever the tongue gets stuck with a sticky layer. Roll the cleaner snugly in a circle manner to make it work effectively.[/alert]

Have cold items:

Close-up Photo of Pink Juice in Clear Drinking Glass

To remove the lie bumps, you can use cold foods and drinks as an assisting item which can be a straightforward method for you.

The cold water can be the easiest and perhaps the best items that you can use for this tip. Drink 8 cups of cold water daily after some gaps. Drinking more water will also assist your body to digest the food well. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Ice creams, non-fizzy cold drinks, cold meals and other frozen items that are not allergic to your body can be used as a tool for killing the bumps efficiently.[/alert]

An ice cube remedy:

clear, close-up, cold

With the aid of a single ice cube, it is possible to heal the bumps of the tongue soon. The thing that is required by you is just application of ice to your tongue.

Yep, by just applying the ice cube to every part of your affected tongue area you can hopefully treat and vanish off the lie bumps.

So, an ice cube tip will be the easy to do and effective way to free your tongue from lie bumps.

How long to ice the tongue:

This remedy can be applied once or twice a day whenever you can manage a time to do it.

The saltwater solution (Easy & effective):

Image result for salt water

Salt has the capability of healing your tongue bumps with the help of its anti-bacterial properties. Here you go with the requirements and direction of the tip:

Firstly, you need:

  • One teaspoon of salt
  • Half glass with warm water (8-oz is recommended)

The direction of the tip:

  • Simply add the salt into the warm water and mix them well to prepare a practical solution. After that, rinse your mouth for half of the minute.
  • Roll your tongue while the solution is in the mouth, keeping the tongue touched with the water is the necessary part you should do in this tip.

How often to gargle:

You should use this tip after every of your meal. Four times a day is recommended repetition, do as we mentioned with the same quantity.

Baking soda (A powerful remedy):

bakery, baking, blur

If you have gone through the rest of the articles, you have recognized that how significant is the presence of baking soda at your home.

(Like in this article: How to Get Rid of Mouth Sores Fast at Home)

Since it’s a one-man army solution, it shouldn’t be available for the cooking purposes only.

And, here’s how to get rid of Lie Bumps on your tongue using the power of baking soda.

The way of making it a remedy:

  • Add two tablespoons of baking soda in a half cup with warm water. Mix them with a spoon to obtain a better solution.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with baking soda water for some seconds.

All it just ends here!

How often to use this?

This straightforward and low-cost remedy can be rinsed once or twice every day.

Take dairy foods:

blur, calcium, close-up

Dairy food items are helpful in soothing the acidity and alternatively the bumps in the tongue. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Foods like yogurt, cold milk, ice cream and other of the foods that are made from dairy milk can comfort the lie bumps on your tongue. [/alert]

Yogurt is our recommended dairy item from all of the suggested ones.

Custards, puddings and other cultural food items that are made from fresh milk can heal and assist your tongue in returning to a plane and bumping free condition.

So, get fresh and pure dairy milk from somewhere to prepare dairy foods and get relief from the lie bumps.

Hydrogen peroxide:

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Well, this chemical is unlike other of those which you are scared of using inside of your body. All because the hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that can be used for several body issues, and one of them is the lie bumps.

So you are needed:

  • Just a single teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide!

And the action you have to take with this chemical is:

  • Directly apply it over your tongue. You can use a spoon or any item to let it be applied well on the entire affected area.

Spit the chemical just after some seconds and rinse with fresh water and finally, don’t forget to brush your teeth for removing the Hydrogen Peroxide out from your mouth thoroughly. [alert type=”danger” icon-size=”normal”]Note: Do not use exceeded amount and prevent from swallowing it.[/alert]

Get an antiseptic mouthwash:

Image result for antiseptic mouthwash

Since lie bumps are related to the tongue which is an organ of the mouth, so using antiseptic or anesthetic mouth cleaner is a great idea. Let’s start treatment using them!

The action you have to take is:

  • Firstly, make sure that either you choose anesthetic or antiseptic mouthwash. Secondly, they should consist either benzydamine or Chlorhexidine to get a solution from them.
  • After acquiring a better antiseptic or anesthetic mouthwash, pour a little amount of the liquid in their cap and rinse your mouth thoroughly for 15-20 seconds. Spit it out just after the recommended seconds.

Reason to use any of them:

These mouthwashes consist of benzydamine that works for relieving the pain caused by the lie bumps while Chlorhexidine has more powerful benefit as it assists in fighting with the bacteria.

Tips to avoid Lie Bumps in future:

By following hygienic activities in the daily routine, you can avoid not only the Lie bumps but even other of the viral infections in your mouth.

So, we recommend adopting the activities mentioned below to free your mouth from Lie bumps & other mouth problems in the future. Here they are:

Brush routinely:

blur, bristle, brush

Don’t skip brushing your teeth any day. Brush at least two times daily for 90 seconds. Clean your teeth thoroughly from all corner sides.

We better recommend miswak as a must have mouth cleaning tool, as it is free from chemicals and harmful solutions.

Use dental floss:

Image result for dental floss

By cleaning your teeth via floss, you can avoid dirt and the sticky meals that stuck in the borders of your teeths.

Take a small piece of floss, and use it in every one of your teeth every night before you sleep.

Flossing after the dinner is the best time for effective cleaning as almost every of your meal has been finished after the dinner.

Have a powerful gargle:

salt water gargle for sore throat

Whatever you eat, whatever you drink, gargling after every of the meal results in a better output to your mouth. It helps in washing off the left food particles and removes the sweet out from the mouth.

Gargle thoroughly for some seconds via water, let the water reach every corner of your mouth. Use firm mouth & tongue movements for better cleaning.


The daily life and common tongue issue as well as the Lie Bumps won’t be the problem for you anymore…

But only if:

You are going to try the given tips of this article with the way we suggested. By making these remedies applied to your tongue, you will hopefully be able to free your tongue from these weird pimples like bumps efficiently and effectively.

Here the tips, remedies and other of the information comes to an end, and we hope that all of these has finally let you know how to get rid of lie bumps on your tongue.

So, apply these remedies just today and let us know which of these worked best and useful for you and it will be glad for us to see that you have quickly gotten rid of lie bumps!

If you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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