How to Get Rid of Newborn Hiccups Naturally (+Tips for not Getting Them in the Future)

The sudden or unusual hiccups to the newborn baby are no doubt a tensed situation for the parents. It is unclear for them to understand the apparent reason that is causing constant hiccups for them. In such scenarios, they all need to know how to get rid of newborn hiccups.

Either it’s an issue from the hunger stomach, breathing problems or any kind of pain that your baby is suffering from, it is a tough question that a parent can understand.

So there should be a better solution to free the newborn from unexpected hiccups that is an issue for both parents and the babies.

So the simple answer to your worry is that…

Hiccups are considered to be a normal especially one with the age of 12 months.

But, it is not sure that every baby’s hiccups are normal and an ignore-able condition. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]According to the research, feeding too much is considered as the typical cause for hiccups for the newborn.[/alert]

And rest of the other reasons will undoubtedly be discussed in this article so that you, the parents will not repeat such irrelevant activities or the things that are causing hiccups to your newborn baby.

So today in the content of this article, we are going to share the leading causes and the way through which you can free your baby from the hiccups.

You’ll learn:

  • Things to keep in mind while feeding (Click here if you want to read that)
  • How to get rid of newborn hiccups (Click here if that’s what you’re looking for)

All you need is to give a read to the content, and we hope you can return with several benefits from this article to you and your baby.

Let’s dive in.

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Things to keep in mind while feeding:

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In this section, we are going to share everything that you need to follow while feeding your baby. Here you will obtain the needy information that can assist your baby to make them not suffer in hiccups due to the food. So, have a read to these instructions and apply them in the next feeding of your baby.

Here they are:

Avoid overfeeding:

Image result for feeding baby

The bad thing that happens when you over-feed your baby is, whenever you give the bulk of milk or another item to them, the stomach that is not capable of holding such amount of food, in the result, activates the Diaphragm muscles to go into spasm.

In the end, the body starts producing hiccups, and the parents get no information about how it started.

No hurry in feeding:

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Also, you have to take some breaks in each of the food. For example, don’t follow up another item just after providing them the first because the newborn babies are not good at digesting and accepting the bulk quantity of food.

It is a time taking process for their stomach to understand the given food completely. Thus, the gap that they receive after any meal will help their stomach in digesting the food and being able to take the next food without hurdles.

The better diet with the better routine:

Related image

Get a better diet routine for your babies which is under the supervision of medical expert or the one who have a better knowledge of parenting.

Be aware of the better and professional feeding technique & routine that should be followed that would actually be healthy for your baby.

Milk no doubt should be their priority food that is what they need to grow better and live a healthy life.

But, don’t feed the baby continuously with the milk, as we explained above, take some breaks and always feed snugly.

Don’t let the milk goes in bulk as this can too produce unexpected hiccups and other un-well situation to their health.

Milking process should be paused for some seconds to let the baby easily take it in small quantity.

Doing this will assist a lot in stopping the hiccups and rest of other issues of their digestive system

Avoid wrong items:

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Don’t feed them with irrelevant and unwanted liquid items. Provide what that is the priority for them rather than the things that have nothing to do with their stomach. Baby syrups should also be in drops quantity rather than providing a full tablespoon directly to them.

Let them calm first:

adorable, baby, beautiful

When you are up to feed your baby, firstly try to make them calm and relaxed with some tricks. Play with them with their toys and with activities they interact.

However, we are not meant to let your baby hungry until they are not in a relaxed mode!

All you need to do is, try to ease them before some minutes of their feeding time. It will help them to quickly get the food in without letting it stuck with their peevishness and other moody reactions.

Whenever they get in relaxed and cry-free condition, you should begin the feeding process as that will be the best time that to get the food to their stomach without letting it becomes a cause of hiccup to them.

By keeping them calm and in relaxed mode, they can happily take their food and the food will too be easily got in without sticking at somewhere which can cause severe and sudden hiccups to them.

To the end of this technique, do whatever that is felt useful to your baby and makes them calm so that they can quickly get their food in and can hopefully be free of the hiccups.

Bottom line about feeding:

Feeding process should not be in the vast quantity or the quick manner, follow all the tips that we mentioned above which are prohibited while feeding to the babies. More importantly, the unexpected hiccups can be reduced if you follow such habits in their food routine.

How to get rid of newborn hiccups:

After knowing the DOs and DON’Ts recommendations while feeding, here come the essential points that you need to follow to keep them free from hiccups.

Here’s how to get rid of newborn hiccups:

Avoid irrelevant activity after the meal:

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You shouldn’t play, roll or do other burdened activities after the meal. Wait for at least an hour to let the food be digested. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Avoiding heavy activities can help them in digesting the food well and can hopefully help them in preventing the hiccups.[/alert]

A simple exercise for babies:

What you should do with your baby after every meal is to keep them in an upright position for 20-30 minutes of time. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, do this simple activity to your baby as this will hopefully help in avoiding the hiccups.[/alert]

Give them a pacifier:

baby on gray stroller

Your baby may already be with a pacifier as some parents think that it will help them for being relaxed and out of the habit of thumb biting. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Like some of such benefits, a pacifier has some other amazing abilities too for your newborn babies that can assist them of being free of hiccups.[/alert]

Here’s how pacifier can be useful:

?, ask, blackboardSpecifically,the pacifier can assist the baby in relaxing their diaphragm and somehow will be good to avoid hiccups.

Make sure to boil the nipple every day to prevent germs and to protect the baby from other problems. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, if you haven’t provided the facility of a pacifier to your baby, you have to hurry up and get a better one sooner as this common item is going to fix your tension and your babies hiccups.[/alert]

Massage & burp the newborn:

Image result for baby massage

The village parents care a lot for their babies, and one of the things they do with them is an excellent massage in their back whenever they get some hiccups. Moreover, from now, we expect you are going to do it with your baby to get them out of this weird problem.

So what you need to do is:

Whenever you see baby hiccuping either at the time of meal or any other time, do massage on their back with your palm.

Massage the back of your baby with the upward and downward position. Use any oil like coconut or any the baby oil you have for the better result.

Do slight burp while laying them on your hands. All because feeding the bulky food can stick the pieces in their food pipe and the result is possible that they can have continuous hiccups.

Doing these all can work for releasing the stuck food to the right way.

Do this as much better you can whenever your baby gets in hiccups. Make sure only to do this all in slight and light force. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]To this end, burping and massaging the babies can hopefully stop and can make them relieve from unexpected hiccups. So must follow this simple tip whenever your baby is in need of it.[/alert]

The baby needs gripe water:

Image result for gripe water

Gripe water is the unique and useful liquid which is an excellent solution for newborns hiccups. More importantly, it is helpful in relieving problems in baby’s stomach.

Since it is made up of the natural solution like water & herbs, it can treat their unusual feelings and restlessness that is caused by issues in their intestine. The best use of this for your baby is the ability to digest their food well.

On the other hand, gripe water is a solution for digestive problems but not an official anti-hiccup remedy.

The benefit that it can provide your baby is it can relieve them from unusual problems in their stomach that they can’t make you know and if the reason behind the hiccups is the intestinal issue, so the gripe water can hopefully fix it and make your baby calm.

The best part is gripe water has no severe harm for the babies since it is produced from the great items like ginger, cinnamon, fennel, and chamomile, which are all valid for both babies and the aged persons.

So, all you need to do with gripe water is:

  • Get the best gripe water from the market, scan out the ingredients before selecting any of that and choose what that has the ingredients we mentioned above and is free from harmful chemical mixtures.
  • After getting one, provide them with one teaspoon and watch out its output, if it worked well as a solution for hiccups or digestive issues, you should continue it giving to your baby thrice or more every week.
  • If your baby didn’t get well with this liquid, you would have to stop it using as a hiccup solution.

So, with the gripe water, we hope that your baby will get calm from such a disturbing issue soon.

Let the hiccups continue:

Sometimes you may need to let the hiccups to go on and hope for its solution without doing any stuff. All because there are chances that the hiccups are not permanent to your baby and can leave by them. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]You have to rely on this approach only when your baby rarely affected by the hiccups. Otherwise, we recommend you to follow our previous methods to solve this issue.[/alert]


The final hope should be the specialist:

Macro Photo of Stethoscope and Pens

If your baby isn’t relieved from the significant hiccups and they aren’t getting calm, you need to go to the better specialist for the consultation. The child specialists are experts in treating and understanding what unusual thing is happening to them.

The abnormal and continuous hiccups to the innocents can hide a severe cause that needs a checkup as soon as possible. The need for the specialist should be when your baby isn’t getting relief from the methods we mentioned above, and they have been suffering for a long time.

The consultation with the specialist will clear almost every one of your tensions regarding the disturbance of your baby. They will surely answer and prescribe the actions and remedies which are capable of relaxing and controlling their hiccups.

So, get an appointment soon, discuss briefly with the Doctor and let them know the real cause and the perfect and final solution to make the baby free from the hiccups.


The precious life of the newborn is too the dear for you (the parents). The continuous and weird hiccups are not less than a tough time for their lives and should not be ignored.

So we expect from you to free them from this situation so that you can too be relieved from this intense worry.

Above all, the techniques, tips, DO’s and DON’Ts will hopefully make your baby’s newborn days free of the hurdles of the hiccups so that they can grow well and you (the parents) can continue seeing them as a healthy and an active child.

Here the tips, remedies and other of the information comes to an end, and we hope that all of these has finally let you know how to get rid of newborn hiccups.

If you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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