How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs – (The Ultimate Guide)

Insects are mostly trouble for our daily life, as there are millions of insects with their high birth per day. The insects can become more irritated able if they are in unusual forms. The two-headed, love bugs are the typical example of an uncommon insect. They cause lots of issues in our daily routine. This is why to get rid of them, in this article, we are going to learn how to get rid of love bugs!

How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs - (The Ultimate Guide)
How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs – (The Ultimate Guide)

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So what if a dual headed bug:

  • Found in your bed
  • Stuck in your clothes
  • Bond to your car in a group
  • Attack on your food!

Each of these situations is not acceptable by none of us. We can’t bear if a bug irritates us in our lifestyle.

You may have been facing issues from the love bugs, or if you are going somewhere for a trip or to the expedition and don’t have enough acknowledgment regarding this species, you should have a look at the needy information regarding them.

At first, let us explain you guys about some facts and the wrong sides of the love bugs.

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So what are these two headed bugs?

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They are the insects like the other we know, but look different, to put it another way, they have a two-headed body. They are mostly found in Central America especially in Florida.

These two-headed bugs are not ancient in our planet; they were first discovered nearly in the 1940s. They don’t live for the longer days.

Are love bugs harmful to us?

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]The fun fact is the dual headed bug that looks like a strange and infectious does not seriously harm us. Moreover, they don’t bite nor do they sting humans.[/alert]

So that is to say that they don’t infect as well as produces severe side effects for our body.

The more prominent fact is that the love bugs don’t harm us directly; they are indirectly an irritation for us.

So what attracts them & how these bugs give disadvantage indirectly?

They are flying insects:

Terrified? Well like other of the flying bugs, the love bugs too found in the air and most of us very afraid of the bugs which are located in the sky.

So you will not want to make your day ruined by founding a two-headed bug flying above you!

They ruin the fresh paint, doors & walls:

This insect with its other numerous groups is habitual of attracting to the newly painted objects. If you don’t clean them off earlier, they can ruin the fresh paint badly.

They love cars, but cars don’t:

One of the most irritating parts of the love bugs is they make our cars feel like their home. As we mentioned above, they are hugely attracted to the freshly painted things so your vehicle.

They crash into your car and affect its paint if they are dead on it.

The female love bug is more harmful to your car than male ones, their eggs, those remain to the bonnet, or any other part of your vehicle will affect the paint unexpectedly.

While you are driving, you will not even know what sort of insect crashed into your vehicle.

When you leave your car, you will observe how badly the love bugs affected the beauty of your vehicle.

So they can turn your cars into something just like this:


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And also into such weird condition like this:

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So the two headed love bugs are usually irritating able for:

  • Your home
  • Your vehicles
  • You

They are difficult to remove:

Wherever they spatter, either on a vehicle or the wall, they leave weird dirtiness to that area. Cleaning them off is a tough job because even after removing their dead bodies, they nevertheless leave lots of spots and their squashed body over that place.

Lights attract love bugs:

Like other of the bugs, they also land to the artificial and real light. Whether it is the bulb of your room or the headlight of your motorbike or any other vehicle, they can crash into the light.

These are the usual situations and the periods where we can face the irritancy of these insects.

So you have understood the importance of getting rid of them as soon as possible. So if you don’t know how to do so, don’t worry, because as we said above, in this article, you’re going to learn how to get rid of love bugs.

As you have known about their wrong sides, so now let’s have figure out the fantastic tips and tricks that can make you possible to get rid of the love bugs.

How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs

So without any further ado, here we go:

1. How To Get Rid Of Bugs In The House:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Here’s how to get rid of love bugs from the house. Here are some of the most powerful methods.[/alert]

Keep your home clean:

Love bugs which can make the walls dirty needs to get cleaned as soon as possible. Washing the affected areas can secure your home from temporarily from their destruction.

So wash the affected walls with foam and liquid soap just after the love bugs change its color.

Also try to keep your home hygiene, as dirtiness is one of the reasons that attract the insects towards our homes.

So cleaning the walls and rest of the parts of home routinely can somehow reduce the permanent damage and can help in getting rid of the love bugs.

Have a powerful blower:

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You can even get the bugs out of your ways by using the pressure of a blower. Just blow off every of the love bugs through an electric blower, this can help in taking bugs off your way for a while. Buy Powerful Blower from Amazon now

Get an Electric Racket:

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Whenever a single bug trespasses your home, and you are unable to get it under control quickly, then you will also need a big racket.

You can wave this device to the love bug which is in the flying condition. Buy an Electric Racket from Amazon now

Use the insecticide spray:

The standard and simple method of making these bugs out of your home can be an insecticide spray.

However, when insects are in the groups, you need to spray your home smartly on specific areas written below:

Spray on doors:

Doors are the welcoming place for the love bugs for your house, so sprinkle your door entirely with than natural spray. It will prevent the insects entering your door by killing them.

Prepare your own:

Yes, you can make your tool as well as the love bug repellent spray right just your home. To do this, you will be required:

  • Hot water
  • citrus-scented detergent
  • Mouthwash

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]After getting this ordinary stuff, merely mix the hot water with the soap and add little amount of mouthwash in the liquid. Now shake then put the mixture in the bottle or a spray and spread merely or spray your homely made insect repellent spray to the walls and doors of your house.[/alert]

Or check out this video to go through the entire process required to get the job done! 

Buy an Insecticide Spray from Amazon now

Use vacuum cleaner:

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When love bugs become stubborn and get stuck in any particular area of your house, you will need a vacuum power.

The vacuum cleaner works finely for getting the love bugs out of your way by pulling them out with force. Buy a Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon now

Trim the grass routinely:

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The grass is one of the places that make the love bugs easy to grow. The green substance of the grass and the soil surface helps these bugs in increasing.

It means if you are not cutting them by the time you are welcoming their breed to take birth and spread their groups in your area.

Trimming the unnecessary grass of your garden routinely can stay yourself away from the irritancy of the two-headed bugs.

So make yourself dutiful of setting the grass time by time to get rid of the dual headed love bugs.

Buy Grass Trimmer from Amazon now

Use mosquito coils:

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Have some coils in the open areas of your house, the smoke of the coils will help in preventing the love bugs away from you as well as your house. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Try breaking the coils in small parts and light them on the different corners of your house.[/alert]

If you live in an open house, this method will be a better tip for getting rid of the bugs.

What to do in the open lawns?

If you have organized an event at your home’s garden and your area is severely affected by the love bugs.

So make one thing clear that it is tough to get rid of the love bugs in an open and large area as well as areas of the open sky. As these bugs can intrude your lawn from anywhere and in any quantity [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So if you don’t want to spoil your event, then shift your party time after the sunset, as love bugs are inactive in the night time.[/alert]

2. How To Get Love Bugs Off Your Car

As we said above that love bugs can affect the paint of your vehicle insanely, so if you don’t want to spend much in fixing your car, then let us know how to get love bugs off your car.

 Cover up your vehicles:

Whether it’s a car, truck or the motorbike, you will need to protect every one of your vehicles from getting affected by love bugs.

Since they get attached to the paint of the vehicles, so if you cover up your automobiles with a cotton or plastic cover, you can save a lot of the expense of your car.

So covering the vehicle just after parking them can secure their expensive paint from getting destroyed. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Note: the method above is elegant when you are not in need to drive your vehicle since you can’t cover them all the day especially while driving, so try the other tips below:[/alert]

Get a car mask:

Related image
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Since the love bugs usually attack the front of our car, so for this solution there are also existed something known as the car masks, they are merely used to cover the front as well as the bonnet of your car.

Having it can reduce your lots of effort in removing dead bugs off your bonnet.

This tip seems more persuasive for me to secure the front of our car. Buy Car Mask from Amazon now

Purchase a professional love bug removal:

Picture Credit: lovebugeraser.comGoing with the product that is specially manufactured for getting rid of the love bugs can be a smart choice for you, especially when you are in trouble with insects which are affecting your vehicles.

These sprays are specially prepared for the trapping the bugs like the love bugs. They work like a shield for your vehicles by protecting them from the effects which are left by the love bugs.

The solution of these sprays avoids the bugs from leaving their dead spots over there. So it becomes easier to clean off the love bugs quietly without a massive effort.

Just apply any of the love bug removals that you have acquired over your vehicle and wash it whenever it is affected by these insects. Buy Love Bug Removal from Amazon now

Try the cooking spray:

Just like protecting our houses from bugs through sprays, you can also apply that method to your cars too.

All you need a cooking spray and apply it according to our prescriptions.

Spray it in a little amount of the mirrors of your car before you start your journey.

It is an excellent method for getting rid of such bugs efficiently.

After you park the car, wash out the splattered love bugs out of your vehicle with pressured water.

The earlier you clean the bugs, the better it will be for your car!

Homemade solution:

The several simple solutions below to clean your affected cars can be prepared right at your home:

  • Try cleaning with baby oil
  • Use baby shampoos
  • Water and vinegar solution

Use car wax:

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There are some car waxes which significantly help in avoiding the insects out of the car.

So get a better car wax for your car and apply it as soon as possible before you see a group of love bugs attached to your vehicle.

You can get efficiently get rid of them if you apply this method before the season of these bugs. Buy Car Wax from Amazon now

3. How to get Love Bugs away from you

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]As we have told you above that, the love bugs don’t sting or cause any serious problem for us, but still, we need to get rid of them because many of the bacterial substances can be attached on their body.[/alert]

Apply mosquito repellent lotion:

Just like we use such liquids for keeping the mosquitoes out from us, we can also use them for getting rid of the love bugs out of our body. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Apply the lotion to your body especially to the exposed body parts.[/alert]

Get in the black:

It is recommended to wear the black dresses primarily on the growing season of the love bugs.

So whenever the time of rising of the love bugs occur, make your black dresses ready for your protection.


Our article about how to get rid of love bugs come on its end here; we hope that you are too going to end the irritancy of these bugs after applying the suitable methods that we taught you’re above.

We mentioned several types of solutions like homemade, natural to buy solutions which you can apply without a considerable effort.

So now you can make you, your home and your vehicles free of the love bugs by using the instructions which are written in our article categorically.

If you have got any more tip or any feedback, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us.


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