Vomiting Rehydration: How to Rehydrate Yourself After Throwing up

Although throwing up can remove unwanted and toxic substances from the stomach, but other than that, it also abandons lots of water from there. In simple words, when a person pukes, he/she suffers from dehydration which is the removal of water from the body. So due to all this, it’s important to know how to rehydrate yourself after throwing up.

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But still, a question kicks in mind is: why being worried about dehydration?

And here’s the answer!

Why worry about dehydration?

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Drinking, as well as rehydrating the body via water isn’t only needed to quench the thirst. Since the brain, heart, lung and other of the organs are made of water, so they need daily rehydration to work well. [alert type=”danger” icon-size=”normal”]The most intense point is, vomiting and diarrhea can cause severe dehydration which can lead to the death if they are not in control. [/alert]

So after wrapping all the above paragraphs, we hope you have now realized how crucial is it to rehydrate yourself after throwing up or after making yourself puke.

So let’s get into the main topic which is about vomiting rehydration and learn how to rehydrate yourself after throwing up!

Vomiting Rehydration: How to Rehydrate Yourself After Throwing up - Redstonelife.com

Vomiting Rehydration: How to Rehydrate Yourself After Throwing up

Below we have added prescriptions that you need to do to rehydrate yourself, so keep your eye to each of them, they are all critical together to accomplish the task.

Firstly, let the vomiting stop:

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You shouldn’t take any sort of liquid or food even if they benefit in the condition of vomiting. If you do so, it is possible that you will vomit again which can double up your dehydration. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]It is recommended first to rinse your mouth thoroughly to finish the bad taste, sit at a peaceful and noiseless area for some minutes.  Rest yourself until you are not free from the feeling of nausea.[/alert]

To put them in another way, you have to keep yourself relaxed and free from nausea.

Rehydrate with cool water:

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Although, the first thing that comes to rehydrate the body is, water. However, in such conditions, you should not gulp an entire glass or small bottle at once. All you need is a minimal amount to fulfill the requirements.

Let’s know how to take water:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Sip just one teaspoon of purified cold water. Keep taking the exact amount of water every 10 minutes. After that, if you are not feeling any sign of nausea or throwing up, then you need to upgrade the spoon to the one glass to rehydrate faster.[/alert]

Make sure not to gulp it; it is recommended to take the water in with small sips.

ORS – An effective solution:

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ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) is the first thing that most of the physician prescribes when you suffer in dehydration. All because they are fast and effective in rehydration. There are multiple powdered forms of them available in the market, but the best point is, you can even make yours right in the home.

Let’s learn to make ORS:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Mix half teaspoon of salt with five teaspoons of sugar. Add the mixture in one liter of boiled water. Before you go, cool the water, and then you can simply have it as a solution of dehydration.[/alert]

So, it was this much simple to prepare homemade ORS.

Take Clear Liquid diet:

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Clear liquids aren’t rare items that you haven’t used; they are actually such fruit juices which are free from pulp and which can turn into the liquid at the room temperature. In other words, such juices are great for rehydration after throwing up.

So, let’s know how to use them:

You need to use any of clear liquids like:

  • Weak lemonade
  • Sport drinks
  • Diluted apple juice
  • Mint tea
  • and alike to these.

After managing any of the clear liquid, sip them in one tablespoon with some gaps. You can take more than one if they aren’t feeling un-well to you.

The maximum amount of such liquids you should take in a day is 8 ounce, which equals to 16 tablespoons.  Make sure not to take one which is sour or citric.

Finish the suggested amount of liquid in before you sleep.

Why should you take Clear Liquids?

The juices we suggested above consists sodium, potassium, and sugar which is easy to digest and is excellent for treating low blood sugar level.

Coconut water:

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You may already have aware of the richness of coconut water; now here it’s also ready to rehydrate your body after throwing up.

So, here you need to do is obtain fresh coconut water.  We better recommend getting pure and extracted from the market. Take it to your stomach in small sips. If it is feeling good to you, you can take a half glass with some gaps.

You can also add some Chia seeds in the coconut water to make it a powerful remedy. Since these seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, they can heal your weakness felt after throwing up.

Why take coconut water?

This liquid contains natural electrolytes plus high levels of potassium which is a practical item against the dehydration.

Have the chicken broth soup:

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Here comes another item that is a good source for the rehydrating body after throwing up. Moreover, it is also one of the best things for the hungry stomach in such conditions.

So, simply prepare a fresh and healthy chicken broth at home (you can also replace beef with chicken). After that, let it cool down and have the tasty spoons of it to cure hunger + dehydration of the body.

Note: Never take hot broth in such conditions; always let it cool before taking it.

Things which are not suitable for rehydration:

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Peoples in such condition try their own miscellaneous and irrelevant liquid items which can result in adverse effect on their body. So below we have listed some of them which you shouldn’t take as a tool of rehydration.

No dairy products:

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Products like milk, yogurt and other heavy and dairy products should be avoided in such scenarios. Wait for some hours until you are not relieved from nausea as well as continuous vomiting.

No alcohol, No caffeinated beverages:

beverage, breakfast, brewed coffee

Products that contain alcohol or caffeine in them should be prevented in the condition of vomiting and diarrhea.

Alcohol contains such toxins which can actually dehydrate your already affected body.

Furthermore, caffeinated items like coffees are more adverse as they can take more water from your body.


So, the article clarified that it is crucial to rehydrate the body to free it from the adverse effects of vomiting. Whenever you puke by yourself or automatically, it is a necessary job to provide such items mentioned in this article to make yourself powered up.

To the end of this, we believe that you can now rehydrate yourself easily after throwing up.

If you have got any other tip(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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