Can I Drink Milk After Tooth Extraction? – Let’s Find Out!

Milk is one of the vital sources of nutrients for our body. Since fresh milk does not have any chemicals or a sweet flavor, it does not cause any harm to our teeth.

However, some people still have a question:

Can I drink milk after tooth extraction?

And that’s not an ignorable question because many other foods and drinks are avoided after tooth extraction. For that reason, it is essential to make yourself clear about whether dairy products such as milk are acceptable or not!

Can I drink milk after tooth extraction?

Can I Drink Milk After Tooth Extraction -

Yes, you can take milk after wisdom teeth extraction. It is one of the few drinks that is allowed after the surgery. Since milk is a source of energy, don’t hesitate to have it after wisdom teeth removal. However, make sure you don’t add sugar or any flavor to the milk. Consume it in a flavorless and straightforward form to get some energy after the tooth extraction. 

Precautions & care while taking milk after wisdom teeth removal

Here are some of the essential points to remember while taking milk after wisdom teeth removal.

Don’t use a straw

Never use a straw for drinking milk.

Because straw requires suction force which can dislodge the blood clot and may lead to dry sockets.

So, always drink milk or any other drink with glass rather than a straw.

Drink in sips

Don’t gulp the milk in large sips, or it may pressurize the surgical site. Drink in little sips with some gaps so you can give energy to your body without harming the extraction site.

Take plain milk

For about a week, take only simple and plain milk with no flavors or preservatives. You shouldn’t add sugar because it is not suitable for the tooth hole in starting days of extraction.


Rinsing helps to remove the milk stuck inside your mouth. It is always good to rinse your mouth after drinking milk or any other foods or drink. 

But after wisdom teeth surgery, make sure you don’t rinse too vigorously and don’t spit the water forcefully. 

Can you drink chocolate milk after wisdom teeth removal?

Taking milk after the surgery is perfectly finebut as we’ve mentioned multiple times in this post, you can’t take it with any additional flavorsso chocolate is no different!

That can be harmful to your surgery site because its sweetness can cause pain, irritation, and other complications. What’s more, any sugar item stuck in the surgery site can lead to decay of the gum. 

Thus, it is recommended to avoid any flavor or preservatives in milk for a minimum of one week after wisdom teeth removal. 

Can I eat Weetabix in milk after tooth extraction?

Weetabix is a flavorless and healthy food that is harmless and incredibly beneficial after tooth extraction. 

So the short answer is yes, you can have it without any worry. You can also have bananas with the milk.

However, as mentioned above, don’t add sugar or any sweet flavor to it.

Can you drink hot milk after wisdom teeth removal?

Hot foods, whether it is milk or something else, are incredibly harmful to the surgery site. It can dislodge the blood clot and lead to severe dental complications such as a dry socket. 

You should only take milk at a lukewarm temperature to avoid any serious harm.

Can I drink tea after tooth extraction?

Tea is usually consumed hot which is not safe after the surgery.

However, if you can manage with cold tea, there are still chances for you to enjoy it after extraction.

Can you drink milkshake after wisdom teeth surgery?

Banana smoothie is good for energizing your body after extraction. But make sure you do not add anything sweet; otherwise, it may become harmful for you.

It is pretty simple to prepare as you only need to mash the banana well and blend it into a light smoothie.

What are some benefits of milk for our teeth?

Milk and dairy products are suitable for our teeth in the following ways:

They contain casein proteins

This type of protein builds a protective film on the surface of your teeth. They also protect the hard outer layer of your teeth, known as the enamel, from decaying.

The decay of enamel can lead to sensitivity to hot, cold, and sugar in your teeth. Thus, it is good to consume dairy products to make teeth stronger against the teeth pain.

They are rich in calcium and phosphorus

Such nutrients help repair damage in your teeth. When acid from bacteria and food breaks down your enamel, these minerals help fight that.

They are mostly pH-neutral

Such nutrients can help neutralize acid in sugary food and drinks. Make sure to consume dairy after every snack or meal.

They help in saliva production

Saliva helps maintain and repair your teeth, and healthy amounts can lead to a better smile. A significant amount of saliva in your mouth also helps reduce dry mouth.

What are other sources of calcium?

Many foods contain calcium, but most find milk and dairy to be the easiest way to meet the daily required amount. What’s more, your body quickly absorbs the type of calcium found in milk and other dairy products.

However, if you don’t like drinking milk, don’t worry; there are various ways to meet your calcium needs. Luckily, these are the tasteful sources of calcium that you can try.

  • Plain yogurt with fruit
  • Cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, and cottage
  • Foods containing buttermilk
  • Frozen yogurt and ice cream
  • Calcium-fortified soy milk

Note:You can also take calcium supplements with a physician’s prescription.

Avoid soda or aerated drinks

Say no to soda

Soda, sweetened juices, and other fizzy drinks can be harmful for your teeth because they can wear them down over time. They can cause serious harm if you drink them after wisdom teeth removal.

There are various potential side effects of consuming acidic and sugary drinks; some are as follows.

  • Pain and tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities, tooth loss, and abscesses

The Bottom Line

Milk is beneficial and must-have dental nutrition. The best thing is that you can drink it even after wisdom teeth removal surgery by just following some of the usual precautions.

We hope you are now clear about almost everything related to the topic and now know about every vital thing regarding drinking milk after wisdom teeth removal.

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