Can You Talk After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You may have heard many weird questions regarding wisdom teeth removal.

But none as weird as:

Can you talk after wisdom teeth removal!

It seems weird because talking is one of the most typical activities for us, which has almost no side effects on our dental health. But since the post-wisdom teeth extraction period requires one to take lots of precautions, it might be possible that talking may lead to some side effects.

Many other routine things are not good after surgery either, like forceful rinsing, workout, eating solid foods, etc.

For this reason, it is good to make yourself clear on this topic, so let’s begin! 

Can you talk after wisdom teeth removal?

Can You Talk After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Let's Find Out! -

As per medical experts, you can safely talk after wisdom teeth removal. But talk only when necessary because the more you talk, the more your tongue and associated muscles will disturb the clots.

Since communication isn’t possible without words, you can continue to speak, but be careful not to touch your tongue with the surgery site. What’s more, proper rest is necessary after the wisdom teeth surgery, so it would be best if you avoid any activity that leads to weakness or irritation.

I am having difficulty talking after wisdom teeth removal – what to do?

Some people face difficulties while talking after wisdom teeth removal. That’s either because of the tooth hole creating a vacuum while you speak or the pain you are experiencing from your teeth extraction site.

Speaking difficulties because of both cases are normal, so you don’t need to worry. Just wait for a few days to let the wounds heal, and you may start comfortably talking after.

Note: if you are still experiencing severe pain in your surgery site after 5 – 7 days after surgery, you must visit your surgeon and discuss the problems you are facing.

How many hours or days after a wisdom tooth extraction can I speak?

Speaking is an essential activity in our lives, and it is not recommended to stop talking for hours or days, even after a wisdom tooth extraction

All you need to do is speak only when you absolutely need to and let your mouth get proper rest by avoiding any activities that might hurt the surgery site. 

How long until I can open my mouth after wisdom teeth removal?

Surgeons usually tell us to keep our mouths closed to control any bleeding. Since the gauze pad is placed in the gums, it is necessary to keep the mouth closed for a specific amount of time to let the gauze pad control the bleeding.

You can open your mouth when the gauze is removed and the bleeding is under control.

What to do after wisdom teeth removal?

Well, this is a big question that includes many more questions in it, because you need to follow several do’s and don’ts, along with essential guidelines for dental care after wisdom teeth removal.

But one of the most important things you need to do is take proper care of your teeth extraction site because it is the place that needs to be secured from all sorts of harm.

Is laughing after wisdom teeth removal fine?

Laughing is a sudden reaction of the human body, which is hard to stop. It is somewhat like talking, so you need to take care of your extraction site while laughing because it may pressurize the area and cause pain.

Can I work the day after a tooth extraction?

After wisdom teeth surgery, you may feel some pain in your extraction site. In the case of excessive bleeding, you can feel an intense weakness in your body, so it would be best if you take a rest for at least one day if you’ve gone through a complex wisdom teeth surgery and extracted two or more teeth at once.

However, if it is a single teeth surgery, you can go to work the next day. It is always best to schedule your surgery on a Saturday so you can have the entire weekend to rest.

Can I talk (continuously 5 hours) at work the day after a simple wisdom tooth extraction?

Some people have to talk for hours at work, such as conducting meetings, taking interviews, engaging in phone calls, etc.

It is challenging to limit talking after surgery and simply not possible during work hours.

The best solution for such cases is always to get extraction done one day before your off day, such as Saturday as we’ve just mentioned so that you won’t have to talk much and give proper rest to your mouth for the whole of the next day.

Does talking lead to pain after wisdom tooth extraction?

Talking, in some cases, can lead to pain after wisdom tooth extraction. When we talk, the mouth’s muscles and teeth put pressure on the extraction site, disturbing the healing wounds.

I’m feeling weak after the extraction – what should I do?

Weakness and dizziness are relatively common after an extraction. This usually happens because of excessive bleeding after the removal of an impacted tooth.

The first thing you need to do is control bleeding by biting on a gauze or applying an ice pack over the cheeks.

Visit your surgeon if the bleeding does not stop even after 24 hours of surgery.

Take a long rest and avoid strenuous activities that may make you weaker.

Never skip meals as they’re the best way to counter weakness.

Take soft foods like mashed potatoes, ramen noodles, porridge, soup, mashed rice, etc.

Also, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, especially following a complex surgery.

Note: if you don’t follow the given precautions and continue working after extraction, there are chances you may faint or suffer from other serious side effects.

The Bottom Line

You should limit typical activities, like talking, for some time after wisdom teeth removal. Talking is not too problematic, but it is always good to refrain from activities that may lead to irritation in the surgery site.

Always keep these essential points in mind to avoid post-surgery complications after your wisdom teeth removal procedure.

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