How To Make Yourself Do Complicated Tasks (without getting bored) – 15 Tips!

Throughout your life, you’ll find yourself in so many situations where you’ll have to do complicated tasks.

These are those tasks that are difficult to accomplish and can put a burden on you.

What’s more, a complex task can also affect your other works and you may end up failing in all of them.

Generally, tasks that are long, complex, and difficult are considered to be complicated. However, simpler tasks can also become difficult for you if you don’t manage them properly.

With hard work, smart planning, and proper thinking, you can easily make yourself do complicated tasks.

Not sure how?

No worries, because in this blog post, we’re going to learn exactly how to make yourself do complicated tasks.

Let’s dive in!

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How to Make Yourself Do Complicated Tasks

How To Make Yourself Do Complicated Tasks (without getting bored) - 15 Tips! -

The following tips explain how to tackle all the difficulties that most of us find ourselves in when doing a complicated task and also, how to make ourselves do those complicated tasks.

Realize Why You Need To Do That Complicated Task

Knowing the importance of your tasks can help you stay motivated about them.

Find out why you are doing that particular task? 

How important is that to you? 

And what will happen if you skip it because of its complexity?

Once you understand the importance of completing your tasks, you won’t say they are complicated, you’ll just work to complete them.

Find Out Why is it Complicated

There could be one or more reasons for which you find a particular task complicated.

Let’s take an example!

Assume you find washing your car a complicated and daunting task.

Ask yourself that why does this work seem difficult to you?

Why do you consider it to be complicated? 

Is this the kind of work that you don’t like doing? 

Does it consume most of your time? 

Or it’s something else?

Fight with Complications

Without unrooting the root cause of the problem, it is not possible to make the complicated tasks done.

Whatever difficulties you are currently facing, be brave, and handle them using your will power.

Always remember, if you don’t fight your difficulties and just keep on ignoring them, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything in your life.

Do NOT Think Negative

Avoid asking questions like, “How long will it take to complete this task?” “Can I do this?” or “Should I do it later on?”

These are only “Negative Thoughts!”

Negative thinking only makes your mind more complicated which eventually leads you to avoid working on your tasks.

Start your work right now and examine how to tackle your problems!

Plan Your Tasks

Without proper planning, you cannot accomplish anything worth having in your life.

Think when and how will you begin your task and what tool you need to do that task. 

Identify the possible problems that you may face while doing that task and then plan accordingly to counter them.

Plan your tasks with proper thinking and make sure not to forget anything which is required to complete it.

Make a To-Do list

You don’t have only one task to do in a day, there could be many others too which can interfere with that one complicated task that you must do today.

If you tend to forget important stuff more often than not, that’s where you should realize you need to start creating a To-do list as soon as possible.

Having a productive To-do list can help you stay organized throughout your day. 

Put your all tasks in a list, prioritize them, and plan to complete them in an appropriate time.

Start With Easiest

Once again, it’s pretty likely you need to do more than one task every single day. 

To make sure you do every single one of them effectively, start with the ones that you find the easiest.

Beginning with ease will release stress from your mind which means, it will also help you release the initial burden from your mind and make you feel relaxed.

After completing all the easy tasks, move onto the medium level tasks, and finally, the harder ones!

Follow this strategy, and soon, you’ll accomplish all the tasks regardless of any complication level in no time.

Love Your Job

You may find every single task tedious that’s related to your job if you don’t like your job in the first place.

But, if you love them, then there would be almost no complication in them.

That is, whether the work is difficult or not, if you do it by your heart, you will feel no difficulty or problems in doing that.

Hence why, love your job and don’t hate them!

Convince Your Mind

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right – Henry Ford

It is usually your mind which tricks you into thinking that the task is complicated (even when it’s not.)

Don’t get fooled by your thoughts and don’t trust assumption like, “This task is difficult, I can’t do this!” instead think “It’s not tough, I can do this if I put in the smart work and dedication!”

All in simple words, don’t get trapped in negative thoughts and convince your mind to believe that everything is easy and possible for you.

Surround Yourself With Hard Workers

Considering there’s something called “Subconscious Mind,” in the long run, it’s a great idea to live around people who are positive and love working hard!

Look at your friends, co-workers, and people around you and see how they handle their complicated tasks.

Learn from their way of working, and adopt the good things that they follow to handle the difficult tasks.

Break Your Task Into Steps

It doesn’t matter whether a task is time-consuming and difficult or not, if you break them into parts, it’ll become much easier to do.

For example, if your task is to complete a presentation for your office, simply divide it into smaller parts.

i.e. break one task for collecting information, second for designing the slides, third for adding content, and divide it further according to your plans.

Do all the tasks one by one and you’ll soon end up completing them all.

Stay Focused

It’s difficult to do any task if you are not concentrating on it.

Distractions like smartphones, noise, mental stress may steal your focus from the work.

Make yourself strongly focused on your work to complete it on time with perfection.

Stay Positive

A positive mind is capable of performing complicated tasks easily.

If you think positive and keep positivity in your mind, it’ll be very easy for you to handle the difficult tasks.

Whether you’ve failed multiple times in achieving anything, stay positive, and continue your path towards accomplishing your goals.

Enjoy the Difficulties

Whatever problems you face in your tasks, don’t burden them on your mind, and view them as an enjoyable obstacle. 

That is, if you enjoy fighting difficulties, you are simply making your life easier.

Everything in the world has some complications, but when you keep moving, you eventually overcome those complications.

Think of your problems as a common part of your life and don’t take them too seriously.

The Bottom Line

You can make your life easy by making yourself ready to do complicated tasks. 

Don’t get scared of difficulties, instead, handle them smartly, and keep working hard.

Always remember, difficulties are the part of your life, you can’t ignore them, you have to fight with them with your self-help.

To the end, by adopting these easy and life-saving tips, you can make every task of your life easier and successful than ever.

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