How To Find The Purpose Of Your Life: 12 Tips!

In our childhood, our teachers often used to ask us questions like, “What is the aim of your life?”

And we would typically answer, “I want to become an engineer, musician, politician, etc.”

However, these are the goals of our life; whereas a purpose is a reason for which we live.

Every living creature has a specific aim in this world, and without one, they won’t have a path to follow.

A large portion of the world’s population is spending a meaningless life, they are so confused as to what to do in their life.

If you are one of them, don’t waste any further time and try to find the purpose of your life and follow it so you can keep your life on the right track.

And if you don’t know how, don’t worry, because, in this blog post, we’re going to learn you how to find the purpose of your life.

How to Find the Purpose of Your Life: 12 Ways!

How To Find The Purpose Of Your Life: 12 Tips! -

Finding the purpose of your life requires some smart thinking. You have to keep a strong concentration in your life to know the reason for your existence.

And here’s how you can do that! 

  1. Revolutionize Your Life
  2. Look Around You
  3. Converse With New People
  4. Don’t Copy Other’s Purposes
  5. Explore Things You Love To Do
  6. Think About the Things you Enjoy
  7. Make a Life Purpose Statement
  8. Find your Inner Guidance
  9. Build Love for Others
  10. Know What Other People Like About You
  11. Organize Your Goals with Your Life Purpose
  12. Stick With Your True-life Purpose

Revolutionize Your Life

It’s only you who need to be changed, not the world!

Look into yourself, there could be tens of things that are stopping you from finding a purpose in your life.

Most commonly, the wrong things that affect our lives are:


Try your best to overcome every bad thing in you. Otherwise, it is not possible to find, plan, and create a purpose in your life.

Look Around You

What is happening around you? Why is this world created? What is your 

reason for being in this world?

Think and concentrate on life moving around you! 

Look at the sun, clouds, and understand why they were created and what are their purpose in this world.

Everything in this universe is created for a specific reason and the same way, you also have a purpose in your life. DO your best to find them!

Converse With New People

It’s easy to scroll down social media while you are alone on the train or sitting in a hotel waiting for a friend.

Avoid that and instead, take your time talking to the people around you!

Talk to them about their education, job, and lifestyle

Talk to them about their past and what they want to do in the future. 

Although, meeting with strangers may feel awkward, but talking to people outside your circle tells you more about the world which you never knew before.

Conversing with new people may provide you the knowledge which you’ve always needed to do something new in your life.

Don’t Copy Other’s Purposes

If you’re copying someone else, then you are simply insulting yourself!

Everybody in this world has their own path, passion, and vision which works according to their will.

Copying someone’s purpose is just like a fish is trying to become a hawk and which is simply impossible.

Make your own life, don’t look at other purposes, and find your own.

Explore Things You Love To Do

We are all born with a meaningful purpose that we have to find. 

Your purpose is not something that you have to create; it is already inside you. You have to discover it to create a successful life.

In simple words, the main purpose of your life is what you love to do and not what you are supposed to do without your will.

Ask yourself, that:

  • What do you love to do?
  • What comes easily to you?

This certainly takes a reasonable amount of time for a passion to invoke, however, if you find it and establish love in it, you can easily make it a purpose of your life.

Think About the Things you Enjoy

Ask yourself, what are the things that you enjoy doing? 

It could be anything that you love; i.e. teaching, reading, music, sports, etc.

Focus on the things that give you happiness, work on them, and make them the purpose of your life.

Make a Life Purpose Statement

Write a description of what life would look like if it were running ideally according to you.

For example. in your perfect world, you could be living a financially stable life, having a good job, and spending a peaceful life.

Combine all such statements into one statement, and you’ll get a clear idea of your purpose.

Find your Inner Guidance

It’s not only your mind that guides you, but also the inner self that works similar to the GPS.

Your mind keeps intelligence, while your heart is full of love, devotion, and everything that is according to your will.

Follow not only your mind but also your inner self to find the purpose of your life.

Build Love for Others

Finding the purpose of your life isn’t only an intellectual work, but it’s something we need to feel as well.

Sometimes relieving others’ pain can lead us to our purpose. There could be many people around you who are in severe problems, they are the ones who need your help.

No doubt, living life for others is one of the best purposes of everybody’s life, so don’t miss this chance and help out everyone who is really in need of you.

Know What Other People Like About You

Appreciation can also help you find purpose in your life, think about the things that people like in you. 

This could be your positive behavior, your better treatment with the other person, and so forth.

Find the things you feel are making others fan of you, that could be the true purpose of your life!

Organize Your Goals with Your Life Purpose

Once you are done with finding your life’s purpose, organize all of your activities around it.

Everything you do should be in an organized manner. If an activity or goal doesn’t fit according to that, you won’t get succeed in it.

Keeping your life in an organized way is most important when setting professional goals. That is, proper alignment in your goals plays an important role in making your purpose true.

Stick With Your True-life Purpose

When you have gained more clarity about your purpose, you don’t need to burden on your life, instead, stick with your purpose and you will surely adopt it as the passage of time.

Don’t try to achieve everything at once or you’ll end up burdening your life and ruin everything.

If you move slowly, then you’ll someday not only find the purpose but also achieve so many goals with it.

The Bottom Line

Everyone must have a purpose in their life in order to keep going on the right track. 

Without a reason for living, you cannot get peace, happiness, and success in your life, that is why do your best to find out why you are in this world and we believe you’ll easily find the purpose of your life and start living according to it!

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