Ultimate Guide on How to Overcome Negative Thoughts: (27 Ways!)

Negative thoughts not only affect your mind but it also changes the physical and psychological behavior of a person.

They can interfere with our life by adding negativity to every plan, decisions, and goals.

What’s more, if not overcome soon, negative thoughts can lead to chronic stress, which may turn into mental illness in the future.

Negativity is a man-made problem so there’s no proper medical treatment to overcome it.

However, with the help of the positivity, you can surely bring changes in your mind, can free it from the evil thoughts and overcome negative thoughts in general.

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Ultimate Guide on How to Overcome Negative Thoughts_ (27 Ways!) - Redstonelife.com

If you keep negative thoughts in your mind, you cannot bring success, peace, and change in your life. 

Hence why, do your best to overcome negative thoughts using the following tips, and we hope you’ll soon bring positive changes in your life!

  1. Find out the Root Problem
  2. Write Down your Negative Thoughts
  3. Make a List of Your Positive Thoughts
  4. Visualize Your Own World
  5. Make a Positive Morning Routine
  6. Try Yoga or Some Meditation
  7. Negativity is a Trap
  8. You Could be a Culprit too
  9. Don’t Overthink
  10. Keep Smiling
  11. Hangout with Positive People
  12. Work Harder than Before
  13. Replace Negativity with Positivity
  14. Start Fighting with Little Negativity
  15. Accept Your Mistakes
  16. Don’t Hate Anyone
  17. Build Sympathy
  18. Spread Love Everywhere
  19. Learn from your Mistakes
  20. Focus on the Present
  21. Focus on your Breathing
  22. Looks the World Around you
  23. Have a Short Workout Session
  24. Give Positivity to Others
  25. Get Motivation
  26. Read motivational Quotes
  27. Sing your Favorite Songs

Find out the Root Problem

Most negative thinking occurs from a problem that is unknown to you.

Such issues are known as the Root Problem!

To get rid of these negative thoughts, you must find out the deep reasons why these negativities keep building up.

After you identify all the negativity, it’ll be much easier for you to overcome them.

You can also check out this blog post to learn how to identify things that are affecting your lifestyle!

Write Down your Negative Thoughts

Although your mind keeps reminding you of every possible negative thing, however, you should still write them in a notebook so you can store them all in one place.

Think and list down everything you think is negative in your mind.

Check the list daily and try to figure out why are you storing them in your mind?

How are they interfering with your life and brainstorm on how can you overcome them?

Make a List of Your Positive Thoughts

Your mind isn’t only full of the negativity, there could be some good things that are stored in your mind as well.

Similar to the negative thoughts, write down the good things that you keep in your mind.

Read those good things and understand how important they are in your life and try not to leave them at any cost.

Visualize Your Own World

One practical method to overcome negativity is to visualize yourself in your dream life. A life that you love to see.

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite places. It could be an island, a rainy day in the garden, a trip to Switzerland, etc.

In Short: imagine all those things that could bring positivity in your mind.

Make a Positive Morning Routine

Good thinking starts early in the morning.

If you can control your thinking then you can also control your life.

You must take steps of replacing thoughts of fear with thoughts of positivity and hope.

One way that many great thinking people use is to build an ideal morning routine where they read something inspirational and positive every morning.

Try Yoga or Some Meditation

Yoga helps to increase the physical and psychological strength of our bodies. 

It helps to clear unwanted thoughts and brings attention to our breath, which is all you need to overcome negative thoughts.

Yoga is incredibly relaxing; it helps ease your mind and entire body.

Join a yoga class, get help from your trainer, and do your best to remove negativity with the help of it.

Negativity is a Trap

Do you hate those who did wrong to you? 

Actually, do you think you can defeat the ones who did wrong to you with your negativity?

Of course not! 

You cannot do anything to your enemies by keeping bad images of them. 

In fact, you will only harm yourself with negative thoughts of your own.

You Could be a Culprit too

This is hard to believe but most of the time, we’re our own culprit. 

It is not always that somebody is responsible for the negativity in our life.

Our jealousy, hate, competition, and other bad things could be a possible reason for all these negativity too.

Be neutral, and don’t always blame others for your negativity.

Don’t Overthink

Thinking about the things that you don’t like can build stress in your mind.

With overthinking, you’ll be stuck into even more complexities.

Just think about how you can overcome your negativity and how important is it to throw it out of your mind.

Keep Smiling

“A smile on your face is the sword in the throat of your negativity.”

Smile reduces stress and brings positivity in your life.

Always keep smiling in every situation of your life. 

Whether you are in trouble or depression, a smile can give you hope and make you happy inside.

Hangout with Positive People

Some people are full of positivity and try to make others happy.

Meet with your friends or family members who have positive behavior. 

Sit with them and spend some time with them.

A time spent with good people will build positivity in your mind.

The better company you keep, the better chance are there that you will bring positivity in your life.

Work Harder than Before

If you are working for around 8 hours, add some more work hours to your day because when you are working, you are almost free of every negative thought; you are only focused on your job and not on any useless stuff.

Work more to make your life less distracted and protected from any unwanted thoughts.

Replace Negativity with Positivity

You can’t fight fire with fire!

Similar to this, you can’t fight your negativity with your negative behavior.

You have to use your positive power to overcome all your negative thoughts.

Instead of thinking, “We can’t get out of our debt, it’s impossible,” think, “We will surely pay all of our debt eventually.”

Always think positive and replace your negativity with it!

Start Fighting with Little Negativity

Negative thoughts may vary from each other. That is, there could be some negative things that are not so hard to overcome!

Your friend made fun of your dress; your teacher gave you fewer marks, your neighbors teased you last night with their loudspeakers.

Negative thoughts like these should be removed from your mind, as they are not a big problem, and you can accept them.

Start removing a little negativity from your mind, and soon, you’ll get rid of all the negative.

Accept Your Mistakes

You should not say that somebody is the culprit behind the ongoing situations in your life.

If you are doing so, you are only adding more negative thoughts in your mind.

Be responsible, accept your mistakes, as it’s you who added negativity in yourself, and you are the only one who can overcome it.

Don’t Hate Anyone

There could be one or more than one person whom you don’t like, hate.

Mostly, we hate others due to the bad behavior they did with us.

However, hating someone simply builds negative thoughts in our minds.

If someone did wrong with you, just forget & forgive them, and move forward to avoid the negativities in your mind.

Build Sympathy

Always be ready to help the people around you.

Search for the people who need you, understand their problems, and help them out as much you can.

Being ready for others good will make you positive inside, so be available for others in their difficult times so they also help you in your difficult times.

Spread Love Everywhere

Love is the solution for every negativity in your life!

If you start loving everyone, you can avoid hate in your life.

Give love not only to those who love you but also to the one who keeps misunderstanding with you.

The one who shakes the hand first is no doubt the one who defeated the negativity in their life!

Learn from your Mistakes

Whatever is passed, just let it go!

Making mistakes is the part of life, however, if you are not learning from your mistakes, then it’s pretty likely that you will do the same mistake again and this way, you’ll waste your time a lot.

Remind yourself what wrong you did in the past and don’t mourn it, but think that as a life lesson, and learn not to repeat it in the future.

Focus on the Present

When you are trapped in negative thinking, you usually think about something that happened or something that may occur in the future, or both. 

These are all nothing but a trap of your mind.

To get rid of that, put your attention entirely into the present instead.

Stop worrying about the future and focus on the present life.

Focus on your Breathing

This technique is beneficial in getting your control over the mind.

Take a 1 – 2 minutes of break from time to time and take a deep breath.

Ensure that you are breathing with your stomach and through your nose.

Focus only on your breathing and don’t think anything negative.

Looks the World Around you

Pause your work, and take a 1-2 minute break, try forgetting your negative thoughts, and put your attention on what is going around you at the moment.

Just concentrate on the world around you; the walking people, the chirping birds, the noises from the street, the smells around you, and the blowing wind on your head.

Have a Short Workout Session

It’s always a great idea to work out, especially when you’re having negative thoughts.

Go for a 30 – 40 minutes workout and lift some weight!

Workout lets you release internal tension and worries. Plus, it’ll make your mind focused and strong once again.


Give Positivity to Others

If you are trapped in negative thoughts or worries, then one of the best ways to get out of your head is to help others bringing positivity in their life.

By bringing positivity to other’s life in any way, you can also start to observe better and more optimistic again.

Some ways to bring positivity into other’s life is to:

Be kind: Leave your bus seat for an old man, don’t push someone in a rush, let others go first in the lift.

Help needy: Find people near you whom you can help. Your friend is worried about college fees; help him out by paying some of his expenses.

Listen to them: Have patience and listen to every word of others. Focus on their conversation and make them feel like you care about their thoughts.

Get Motivation

There must be someone who motivates you. It could be your teachers, parents, or any particular personality in the world.

Follow their positive lifestyle, learn from them, and build a strong motivation in yourself.

“One who is motivated doesn’t fall like a leaf in difficult situations.”

Read motivational Quotes

Quotes of people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and Steve Jobs are worth reading. 

You can get instantly motivated just by reading some of their quotes.

Read the books of great personalities, and remember their quotes by your heart.

Also, you can easily find positive quotes from the internet, so don’t wait and give a read to them.

Sing your Favorite Songs

There could be at least one song whose lyric touches your heart.

Listen to them and sing with the singer along.

Carefully listen to the positive words in the song and try imagining as there’s everything positive in your life too.

Besides, songs are also great for releasing stress from your mind so make sure you’re fully getting its benefits.

The Bottom Line

Negativity is not only bad for you, but it’s a big problem for the entire humanity. 

We should avoid and fight it to prevent hate in the world.

The most practical solution to overcome negative thoughts is to replace them with positivity, which is only possible if you take reasonable steps against them.

So, try your best in fighting the negativity, and believe that it is 100% possible to add positivity not only to your life but also towards the entire world.

If you have got any other question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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