How to Love Your Job When You Hate It: (27 Surefire Ways!)

Working is one of the main purposes of our life and without working, you can’t succeed in life.

But what if we start hating it? And what if we stop working and end up putting our life in trouble?

The thing is, when we hate our job, we simply put ourselves in a terrible position.

Not only we can hate our job, but we can also lose other interests in our daily life i.e. studying, playing, dreaming, etc.

The best solution for this problem is to simply start loving your job when you start to hate it. 

And if you are unsure how, there’s nothing to be worried about because, in this blog post, we’re going to see how to love your job when you hate it.

So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

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How to Love Your Job When You Hate It: (27 Surefire Ways!)

How to Love Your Job When You Hate It: (27 Surefire Ways!) -

There’s nothing worse than seeing yourself hate the job which you need to do to live a proper life. Let’s find out some ways that can be used to add love to your job.

Identify Why You Hate it

If you no longer love the job that you NEED TO DO to continue living a good lifestyle, there must be one or more things that are making you hate it.

Stress, burden, lack of interest, and other possible reasons may steal your interest from the job.

Find out the things which are becoming a barrier between you and your job. Catch those culprits and do your best to fight against them.

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Understand the Importance of Job

Tell yourself why do you need to do the work and why is it important to work to survive?

Of course, without working, you can’t run your home, pay your bills, support your family, and cannot accomplish your goals and dreams.

Think about the importance of work so you can love it and add interest to it.

Respect Your Job

Your job is the reason you are living an independent life. It is paying you, fulfilling your needs, and teaching you important life lessons that you need to gain experience.

There could be so many reasons that can make you love your job, you just think about them.

Respect and love your job, and understand how much benefits it is giving to you.

Plan Your Day

Think about the tasks you need to do today. 

See the important things you have to do in your job and what things you need to avoid today.

Make a proper planning every morning!

Plan, organize, and make yourself motivated to do all the things at a proper time.

Make a To-Do List

There could be so many different things that you need to do in your job every day.

That is, remembering all of them can be challenging for you, however, with the help of a productive To-Do List, you can smarty list down your job tasks and accomplish them one by one before the deadline.

If you don’t know how to create a To-do list, check out our recent blog post.

Get Formal for the Job

Wake up early, have a bath, and wear formal office dress. 

Always go to your office with a clean and sophisticated dress.

That’s because cleanliness affects positively to human behavior and enhances our moods.

So, avoid leaving for work in dirty and informal clothes.

Don’t Expect Good

How can you ensure that today it is going to be the best day of your life?

You may encounter problems that you never thought of!

So always get ready for every difficulty in your life and don’t pray for an easy life, just get ready to tackle every good or bad thing that comes your way.

Be Nice to Your Boss

Your boss could be the reason why you hate your job. 

Usually, the strictness, cruelty, and challenging orders given by them make us hate our boss.

But you need to understand him and ignore everything you think is bad in him/her.

All because bosses are strict with you because they have to maintain their attitude to run their company.

So, try to accept their behavior, be habitual of all strictness so you can avoid hating your job.

Make Your Office Your Home

You are more comfortable in your home so you find working at home more pleasing overall than in the office.

But why is that?

That’s only because you have accepted your office as the only place to work.

Make friends in your office, interact with co-workers, and believe us, you’ll love visiting the office every day.

Meet With the New Employees

Remember that you were once a confused and distorted employee at the start. A new job requires some time to get settled into it.

Meet with the new coworkers, help them and guide them about their job with your experience.

This is a good way to feel better about your job and be proud of whatever you have learned from your experience.

Improve your Workspace

Giving a small enhancement to your workspace could be life-changing.

You don’t have to change much; simply remove clutter from your work area and organize the space to meet your needs.

Keep only important items in your desk, clean it regularly. 

In short: do your best in making your work area clean and so lovable.

A well-organized workspace is less stressful and helps make your workday peaceful. Plus, having a dedicated workspace is a single most important thing to have to love your job again.

Pause Work For a While

Sometimes doing the same job every single day makes us tired and we start hating it.

Take a break from your job, go for a vacation, and neglect that you had a job for some days.

Visit new places, and relax your mind from the burden of your work.

Work with Determination

Are you satisfied with your job? Is it in favor of your will? And are you sure you are not forcing yourself to do it?

People usually hate their job when it is against their choice. They are either hired for the wrong position or said to work against their will.

So, make sure you are working with your choice and not forcing yourself for that.

Divide Your Work

Your job may have so much work that makes you hate it.

Divide it down into small tasks and concentrate on a single task at a time.

Put all the tasks in the priority queue and complete them one by one.

Dividing your job will help you reduce the burden from the mind, so keep in strong touch with this tip!

Add Levels to Your Work

As some of you may know, video games give levels to your work. I.e. Easy, medium, and difficult.

Complete all the work which is easiest for you, and then move to the medium and then the difficult ones.

Completing all the easy tasks first will help you ease your mind, since the easiest tasks can be done quickly and this will build interest in you for your work and you can then do the rest of the things without feeling any load on your mind.

Focus on Work, not Time

Looking at the clock all day won’t make your work any easier. 

Instead, it will cause you stress and make you hate your job even more.

Work calmly in the office, focus on your job, and don’t get trapped by the clock or you’ll keep losing interest in your job.

Don’t Rush For Home

People usually want to get rid of the office as soon as possible. The rush from the office to home may lose your interest from the job.

Always remember you are not working for 24 hours a day in your office. It is usually about 8 hours that you need to spend, not more than that, which means, you have more time to spend in your personal life after leaving for work.

Don’t Mix Job Life With Personal Life

If you’re working in a firm, then you need to follow it’s job rules. You can’t have your own rules in place unless you intentionally want to get fired from the job.

Office life is different from your personal life, it is bounded with rules, management, and other strict disciplines. 

Whereas, a life outside the office is according to your choice and there’s no boundary in that.

Therefore, you should not count your office life the same as the life outside it.

Manage Your Stress

Stress makes us hopeless in life. Whether it’s your job, dream, or vision, you can’t accomplish anything while having stress in your mind.

Although going through stress is part of life, it must be avoided to work without any complications.

Typically stress like, family issues, health, and debt cause problems in life.

Therefore, don’t burden anything to your mind or it will lead to stress and you may start hating your work.

(Learn How to Deal With Mental Stress: 3 “Really Simple” Tips)

Learn to Relax

No matter how difficult the work is or how strict your bosses become, at the end of the day, it is only a job and your life is even more important than that.

Give time to yourself, relax for at least 30 minutes after reaching home. Have a bath and try to forget the tough day which you faced in the office.

Avoid Extra Work

If you can’t do something that’s most important to you; then how can you even imagine doing extra works besides that?

You can’t!

Concentrate only on the work which is most important to you.

Do not think of anything else other than that or you’ll feel a burden on your mind and you will end up hating every one of them.

There’s a Life Outside the Job

If you assume your job as the only reason to live, then you are only going in the wrong direction.

Although a job is important, it is not the only thing that you have to do in your life.

Focus on your job only when you are in the office, the rest of your time, you should spend on yourself, your friends, and family members.

Give balanced attention to everything i.e. your job, home, family, health, etc.

Learn From Your Job

One of the best ways to avoid boredom from your job is to train yourself to do more than just the job.

Some people only work for getting paid; however, they should also gain ambitions and motivations in their office.

Look around your office, see how the management is working, observe the good things in your office, and adopt those things in your life.

Quit Hate Not The job

Resigning from your job won’t get you rid of hate, because it’s not the job, but your own faults which are causing you to hate the work.

By resigning, not only you’ll miss your job, but also lose your source of income which is required to survive.

Stick to your job, and try to get rid of hate and not the job!

Don’t Hide Your Problems

Hiding our problems make us stressed!

Whatever complaints you have regarding your job, discuss it openly with your bosses, managers, and co-workers so they can give you some advice.

Request your boss to give you some relief from the work. Discuss him/her to change your job roles if you are not comfortable with that.

Switch Your Job (Optional)

Are you not satisfied with your job? Are you not happy even if you’re being paid a handsome salary?

Without waiting further, move to another job in which you are interested.

Whether the new job pays you less salary than before, just go for it if it satisfies you.

But don’t take this action in a hurry, think several times before moving to a new job, as there are possible chances that you may not survive long in the new job.

Be Thankful

Don’t forget that the job which you are hating is the need for a million others. 

People nowadays beg for work; they are happy to work even in a fewer salary.

Even if your job does not fulfill your needs, still, be thankful that at least you have something to do and you are earning some money.

The Bottom Line

Respect your job and keep your life moving on your foot.

If you love your job, then you are one of the luckiest persons in the world. 

Having a passion for work can keep you free from stress, worries, and failures, so keep a strong devotion in your job to keep going with it.

Keep your job in the straight path, love it, and don’t let anything make you hate it!

If you have got any other question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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