10 Exercises For Wrist Pain To Get You Rid Of The Pain in No Time

Wrist pain generally makes it difficult for the person to do any work efficiently with their hand.

From typing on a computer to playing sports, or picking up something becomes a tough job in this condition.

Furthermore, wrist pain usually occurs after prolonged usage of a computer or at any other work.

Leaving the pain ignored and taking no action against the wrist pain may get you into a serious injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thankfully there are the ten exercises for wrist pain listed in this blog post that will hopefully help you get rid of the pain in no time.

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10 Exercises For Wrist Pain To Get You Rid Of The Pain in No Time - redstonelife.com

10 Exercises For Wrist Pain To Get You Rid Of The Pain in No Time:

Followings are the practical and straightforward exercises that will hopefully help you to fix your wrist pain in a quick time.

Here they are:

1 – Shake your hands:

You must do this exercise after prolonged work on the computer, gym, or any particular burdened work on the wrist.

The best thing is that this exercise is quite simple; all you need to do is shake your hands, which you can do anytime you want.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Simply shake your hands in free time.
  • Night time is best to do this activity.
  • Do this activity every day to release stiffness from your wrist muscles.

2 – Raise the fingers:

This one will help you giving the required stretch to the wrist muscles. Furthermore, it is not only useful for the wrist pain but also the pain and stiffness in your fingers.

Here’s how to raise the fingers:

  • Make a fist, then release your fingers and move them up.
  • Keep sliding your fingers until they don’t reach up completely.
  • In general, it’s like making a fist and then keeping your hand in the front/straight position.
  • Repeat this exercise 5-10 times a day.

3 – Touch the thumb with fingers:

This one is a bit interesting and more comfortable to perform.  Moreover, this will help in producing movements in the wrist muscles. If you look at the wrist during this exercise, you can easily observe mobility in the wrist muscles.

  • Touch each of your fingers individually to the tip of the thumb.
  • Do this with a bit of force for effective results.
  • Do this exercise for 2-3 times a day.

4 – Stretch the wrist

Stretching is necessary to release the muscles stiffness, which is causing pain in your wrist. That is, it helps to release the muscles tension plus the stiffness in it.

  • Sit on a chair, and put your elbow and arm on the table.
  • Hang your wrist over the side of the table.
  • Bend your hand down for 5 seconds.
  • Return the hand to the previous neutral position.
  • Repeat this for the ten times.
  • Do this exercise three times a day.

5 – Flex the wrist:

Some flexibility to the wrist may help in releasing the pain. Moreover, it will also help in making the wrist work peacefully with less stiffness.

  • Hold your arm in the straight position. Keep the wrist and hand straight with the palm of your hand facing down.
  • Bend your wrist down by pointing the fingers towards the floor.
  • With your second hand, bend the fingers down with a slight force. Hold this for about 15-30 seconds.
  • Return the hand to the straight and neutral position.
  • Now With your second hand, bend your fingers up with slight force. Hold this for about 15-30 seconds.
  • Continue this for ten times.
  • Repeat this exercise three times a day.

6 – Squeeze the hand:

Squeezing helps in stretching & exercising the wrist muscles. Giving some squeezes to the affected wrist may help you get rid of the wrist pain.

  • Take a soft rubber ball and squeeze it.
  • Hold the ball for up to five seconds.
  • Release your hand and make it free.
  • Repeat the exercise ten times.
  • Do this for two to three times a day.

7 – Curl the wrist:

Curl the wrist

Giving a proper curl to the wrist may help you strengthen your wrist muscles. Also, with this exercise, your wrist may get much better and effective than before.

  • Get a small item that weighs around 1-pound.
  • By holding the weight, raise your forearm, and make an L-shape. Make sure to balance your forearm with the floor.
  • Keep your wrist straight and fingers front.
  • Bend your wrist up for a while.
  • Return it the neutral/ straight position.
  • Repeat this action for ten times.
  • Do this exercise three times a day.

8 – Push the palm:

By pushing the palm, your wrist can obtain better flexibility and required amount of mobility in the muscles. The good part is that this exercise benefits both wrists at once.

  • Join your both palms like the praying position.
  • Press both palms together and release after a second. Make sure the palms touch with each other.
  • Continue the press for 30 seconds.
  • Alternatively, Press your palm against the desk and hold it for 5 -10 seconds.
  • Do any of these exercises three times a day.

9 – Rotate the hand:

Rotating your hand with some force may assist you in removing the stiffness from the wrist muscles. Moreover, it will also benefit you by making the wrist more active than before.

  • Make a tight fist.
  • Keeping your hand raised, rotate your hand on the left and then to the right side.
  • Make a slight pressure while rotating the hand to the left and right side.
  • Repeat this ten times.
  • Do this exercise 3 times a day.

10 – Push the thumb:

Pushing the thumb with a slight force may help you release the pain and stiffness from the wrist muscles.

The following points explain the right way to do this exercise.

  • Make a tight fist, excluding your thumb.
  • Raise your thumb like a thumbs-up sign.
  • Generate resistance with your thumb and push it to the back.
  • Slightly push the thumb back with the assistance of your second hand.
  • Hold it for some seconds & repeat for 2-3 times.

Other tips to get you rid of the pain in no time:

Apart from the quick exercises, there are some other useful methods as well, which may help you treat the wrist pain in no time.

Here they are:

Apply heat:

Heat can be used as one of the most exceptional solutions against the wrist pain. It works by going deep in the stiffed muscles, which are causing you severe pain.

  • Dab a piece of towel or any cloth in hot water.
  • Squeeze it well to avoid drippings of the hot water.
  • Apply the towel over the wrist.
  • Hold the towel on your wrist for 2 minutes.
  • Similar to this, another method is to put your hand into the hot water tub for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Use any of this remedy every day until the complete relief.

Apply ice:

Alternate to the heat, you can heal the wrist pain with the help of some ice cubes. All because ice works in the deep of the muscles similar to the heat.

  • Grab a handful of ice cubes and wrap them into the towel.
  • By Pressing with your fingers, apply the towel to your wrist.
  • Let the towel stay on your wrist for 10- 15 minutes.
  • Use this remedy twice or thrice a week.

[alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]Note: Stop using this remedy immediately if you are feeling excessively cold in your skin. Otherwise, it may cause the frostbite (an injury caused by excessive exposure of cold to the skin.)[/alert]

Massage the wrist:

Massage, if done correctly, may help you treat the wrist pain in no time. Massaging the wrist helps in reducing the stiffness and provide you with a significant amount of relief.

  • Get some hot oil.
  • Apply it throughout over the wrist.
  • With the thumb of your second hand, rub the oil circularly.
  • Use different movement’s, i.e., clockwise, anti-clockwise, up and down for the best results.
  • Massage until the oil doesn’t absorb in the skin.
  • Massage your wrist twice a day until the complete relief.

Apply Tiger balm:

Tiger balm is specially made to heal the muscles pain. It consists of clove oil, eucalyptus oil, mint oil, and other exceptional ingredients which cooperatively treat the prolong and severe wrist pain.

  • Apply a little of the Tiger balm over the wrist.
  • Massage it gently throughout the painful areas.
  • Continue the massage for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat Tiger balm remedy three times a week.

Elevate the hand:

Poor blood circulation may also cause pain in the wrist. Plus, it can even lead to the swelling throughout the wrist.  Hence, elevation will assist in providing a better circulation in the wrist veins.

  • Raise your hand above the heart level.
  • You can take the support of a table, pillow, or the back of the chair.
  • Keep the hand up for a minimum of 1 minute or more.
  • Repeat this tip two times a day.

Compress the wrist:

Compression helps in enhancing the blood circulation in the affected wrist. Buy a wrist bandage that will provide you with a better compression to treat the wrist issues.

Use the bandage whenever you are observing pain in the wrist. The night time is an ideal time for wearing it to get better results.

Maintain the proper wrist posture:

The improper way of working may easily cause pain in the wrist. Plus, it can also lead to a severe issue known as the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Therefore, the right technique of working with your hand can prevent wrist pain and other problems.

The proper way of using the mouse:

Wrist pain is often caused by the prolonged work over the computer mouse. Gaming, designing, and other frequent clicks cause problems in the wrist.

So, the following right ways of using the mouse may help you avoid the wrist pain caused by mouse uses.

  • Do not hold mouse tightly; use it comfortably.
  • Don’t raise your fingers while using it.
  • Don’t touch your wrist to the mouse.
  • Keep your arm in a straight position.
  • Take a rest from continuous mouse uses.

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The proper way of using the keyboard:

A wrong way of using the keyboard may also cause problems to the wrist just like the mouse uses.

Since we need to use both hands to type continuously, there are possible chances for the wrist of both hands to get severe pain.

However, the appropriate way of using the keyboard may help you avoid wrist pain caused by the keyboard uses.

  • Don’t force your fingers for typing.
  • Don’t bend or raise the hand for typing.
  • Keep the wrist in a relaxed and comfortable position.
  • Don’t type with only the specific fingers; use every finger of both hands.
  • Don’t touch the wrist to the keyboard buttons.
  • Keep the keyboard close to your reach.
  • Learn how to type professionally; you can learn from any typing tutor software.

Take frequent breaks:

A reasonable amount of rest is necessary to avoid pain from the wrist.

Long-term workouts on keyboards, mice, and strenuous activities may cause stiffness in the muscles joints. Thus, there must be taken some short breaks to provide a better rest to the wrist muscles.

Therefore, take frequent breaks after some hours and do any of the ten exercises for the wrist pain mentioned above.

Reduce the wrist burden:

Any work which gives the load to the wrist may result in stiffness in the wrist muscles.

Moreover, this can double up the pain and problem in which you are already suffering if you don’t stop this.

People usually burden their wrists on activities like writing, typing, or cash registry.

The simple solution for this is to reduce the force while working with the wrist.

Therefore, reduce the excessive and unnecessary work to cure the wrist pain quickly.

When to seek medical help?

In some possible cases, you may need an expert’s consultation to get professional treatment.

What’s more?

The long term pain, wrist fractures, and carpal tunnel syndromes are some of those wrist problems that you can not treat with self-help.

Therefore, if the wrist pain is out of the limit, rush for medical help, and discuss the problems which you are experiencing in your wrist.


Wrist pain is hard to treat unless and until you use the right exercises and effective remedies. 

Moreover, professional wrist exercises, a better rest, and other recommendations may get you rid of the pain in no time.

Keep better care of your wrist; avoid the burdened activities until the end of your wrist pain.

The last point, don’t ignore the severe condition and consult with the medical expert to avoid the issue getting severe and complicated.

If you have got any other question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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