How Long Does It Take a Sprained Ankle to Heal Completely?

So if you have accidentally stepped your ankle into the sprained condition, you are worried how long does it take a sprained ankle to heal completely, we have what you desire to know about your affected foot with the sprained ankle.

So, scroll below and get whatever you need to know about the duration it will take you for fixing your foot.

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How Long Does It Take a Sprained Ankle to Heal Completely_ -
How Long Does It Take a Sprained Ankle to Heal Completely –

The essential points to remember:

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The recovery from the aced ankle depends on the type of pressure applied to your foot that has caused sprained in the ankle.

The stage of sprain can be one of them:

  • Severe
  • High
  • Low

So your foot is affected by any of these types of sprain of which you want to get rid of. [alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]We recommend to also studying the signs of each type of ankle sprain we discussed below so you can know in what your foot is suffering from.[/alert]

How Long Does It Take a Sprained Ankle to Heal:

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We hope you will agree that:

It is better to not having any of the ankle sprains


“It is better to have a low ankle sprain than the severe”!

Moreover, you don’t need any evidence as we have described how long and how severe is the high ankle sprain.

Coming to the low or common sprained ankle, a person still feels slight pain in their ankle which can pull them back from doing tough physical activities. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Your foot can be healed from the low ankle sprain in two or more weeks if treated well.[/alert]

So now, it’s time to know either your sprain condition is low or not.

Signs of the low sprain ankle (First degree):

Here are several signs of the low sprain ankle (aka first degree ankle sprain).

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Swelling over the ankle:

Just like the high ankle sprain, this type of condition can too result in the swelling in your ankle. But it will not be as worst and the high ones.

Feeling mild pain:

Since it is the low ankle sprain, if you are sensing a little bit (not severe) in your ankle while movement, it can be a sign of this sprain stage.

Joint stiffness:

So in this condition, a sufferer faces some slight difficulties in producing some movements in their foot. More specifically, find stiffness in their ankle.

If it’s also to your foot, don’t worry, as the stiffness in the low ankle sprain is mostly limited and can be fixed in a short time.

Discomfort in exercising:

In the low ankle sprain, you can feel some joint pain and uncomfortable sensation in your foot.

Your activities like: 

  • Jogging
  • Jumping
  • Sports

And other of like these can result in some pain with the foot movement.

 In the simple words:

A person suffering from this type of sprain can feel the temporary or limited ache in its ankle while movement and other of the actions performed via foot.

The thing that makes the low ankle sprain different from the high is the severity & duration of the pain.

 The healing duration of “high” sprain (Second degree):

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The high ankle sprain that is usually caused by the massive force and random steps while jumping or playing outdoor sports.

The high ankle sprains need necessary care and medication to get fixed sooner.

Since it takes time when we apply wrong actions on over ankles, so it is a long process to cure this type of sprains.

To put it on another way,

The high ankle sprains can take substantial recovery weeks which is almost six to seven weeks of time

A very long and painful time it is!

Next time is sure not to perform such activities that can deprive you of extraordinary actions from your foot. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]So, here we believe that you have figured out how the “High sprain” can be an issue to your ankle, below we have mentioned the points that can make you clear if the sprain or high or not.[/alert]

Signs of the high ankle sprain:

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So, let’s know either you are stuck in more than “Six-week” trouble or either you are lucky.

The reason for getting sprain:

Remember if you pushed your foot forcefully to the ground and at that moment your ankle is twisted with pressure.

If this happened to you, keep it in mind that this is the first and common sign on the high ankle sprain.

The massive pain in the foot:

If you are feeling pain while rotating your foot even slightly, that means you are near to the high ankle sprain.

The issue with walking:

In the high ankle sprain, a person feels pain in this ankle just while walking. Even a single step results in the aching feeling in the foot.

Swelling in ankle:

If the higher ankle sprain isn’t treated sooner, it can birth swelling as you produce movements through your foot.

Your higher ankle can swell by just walking or doing some action via foot.

Beside of these tough issues, if your ankle is not letting you spend a minute in the pain-free day, you should have realized that your sprain is in the high or severe condition.

So, don’t let yourself continue in such a situation, and have your foot treated with the right tips and the ways that can keep you out in such painful trouble.

The time is taken to heal severe ankle sprain (Third degree):

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This is the worst and the most troubled stage that is considered as the pressing issue for your ankle. And can hardly be cured without an orthopedic specialist.

The time of this will to be longer than other stages of sprain.

So, the duration will be dependent on the specialist who is treating your foot.

The time we can share with you that can be more than the low and high sprain which can be about five to six weeks.

Symptoms of the severe ankle sprain:

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Severe swelling & pain:

No doubt, the highest stage is undoubtedly going to turn the person into excessive pain and unusual swelling in the ankle.

Lack of stability in joint:

In this stage, the ligament of your joint can tear which is a thing to treat well by the specialist.

If you get late while being indulged in this stage, this can result in the other severe pain issues to your ankle.

Loss of motion:

A bizarre thing can happen to you that can prevent you to do movements on your foot.

You will feel extreme pain and will unable to make motions in your foot.

Lots of pain while walking:

Your exercise will be prohibited, and even you can’t take any step without massive pain.

Each of your movements through this type of severe ankle sprain will be a tough job for you.


It was as essential to know how to recognize the type of sprain of your ankle & also how long does it take a sprained ankle to heal completely? ! 

Now you should know the duration it takes a sprained ankle to heal.

So we did it by discussing both the time and the sign of each ankle sprain.

To this end, we hope that you have got how long it is going for your foot to get free from the sprained ankle and what kind of foot injury it was that teased you from doing a movement from your foot.

If you have got any other tip(s) or question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.



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