How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Overnight Fast for Instant Pain Relief

A sprained ankle can be considered as the worst situation for your foot, and one cannot bear the pain that is produced by just flexing the ankle. For such a case, we are here to help you to answer how to heal a sprained ankle overnight fast for instant pain relief.

A person is almost deprived of doing such activities peacefully when he/she is suffering from a sprained ankle:

  • Walking
  • Jumping
  • Exercising

And other of the actions done by the foot becomes a tough job.

How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Overnight Fast for Instant Pain Relief -
How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Overnight Fast for Instant Pain Relief –

So, to enjoy such activities sooner, all you need is a right and working tips to heal a painful and injured ankle overnight.

So, give a short time to this article where you can get low cost and fewer effort methods which you can apply easily without spending lots of time. Let’s start diving into it.

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The first thing to note before continuing:

The type of sprained ankle in which you are suffering can be either the low, high or even the severe. So the remedies, tips and the solutions we shared in this article will work according to the type of condition. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]In simple words, the standard and low ankle sprain can be hopefully healed overnight for the instant pain relief, but if it’s the severe and the worst ankle sprain, the solution will take a longer duration.[/alert]

How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Overnight FAST for Instant Pain Relief:

Here are some remedies & easy-to-utilize tips you can use to get rid of sprained ankle OVERNIGHT. Here they are:

Simple foot exercises (For low sprain & common sprain):

[alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]If your injury is severe, and you are experiencing massive pain, so don’t depend on this method as you need another robust solution for such condition.[/alert]

Photo of Pair of White-and-gray Runnings Shoes

Exercises for your foot:

If you have minor pain, then you should definitely consider exercise (especially the foot exercise) as one of the best ways to heal your sprained ankle. And here’s and how to do the foot exercise the right way:

Up & down practice:

Move your foot up and down while sitting or laying on the bed. Snugly raise your foot up, and with slow movement take it to the middle position. After that, move it to down.

This will help the ankle to get freed from the stiffness and will help to decrease pain slowly.

Left-right foot movement:

Move your foot to the left side with slow movements and after it returns to it’s standard front position, take its place to the right with the same slight force.

Do this simple exercise for some minutes.

The round exercise:

This is the straightforward and one foot exercises that will heal your ankle circularly.

So you have to, move your foot in round clockwise position, don’t use your hands, do it by just your foot.

Alternatively of this, move your foot round in anti-clockwise direction with slight movement.

That’s it.

Repeat this exercise with the exact way, and you will hopefully be getting rid of the pain and sprained ankle overnight.

The hot water solution:

Related image

The heat is sufficient for lots of the pain and stiffness in our body, like them; here we have an answer for your sprained ankle via hot water. It’s straightforward, let’s start working with it!

You need:

  • A tub or any container with hot water

The thing to do:

You are just required to dunk your affected foot in the hot water tub. Make sure your ankle is entirely covered by the water. Keep your foot until the water doesn’t cool down. [alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]Note: Do not use boiling water for this tip; only take that amount of hot water that you can bear.[/alert]

Reason to do this:

Except for the paragraph we mentioned above, the heat can assist several painful areas of our body.

All because the heat of the water will get into the deep of your ankle which will effectively heal the pain and the sprain of your foot.

Ice the sprain:

clear, close-up, cold

Ice is effective in healing the swelling and the sprain in the ankle. So let’s just move in the direction.

You are needed:

  • Just an ice cube

The direction of the tip:

Note: Put a piece of cloth on your ankle before applying the ice cube, all because to reduce the cold sensation of ice to your sprained ankle.

With a simple way, apply the ice to your ankle in round movement to provide the remedy to every part of the swollen ankle.

Apply the cold icy remedy for at least one or two minutes.

So, with just the help of a low cost and easy to obtain ice, you can quickly treat your injury in a reasonable time.

Massage your ankle:

Image result for ankle massage
Picture credit:

If your sprain isn’t old, so you can treat it overnight by just massaging it.


  • Ordinary oil like: olive or coconut

The direction of the tip:

Put the oil in a small cup or any container; place the oil container in the pot with warm water all to increase the oil temperature. Wait for some minutes until to make the oil get hot.

Take oil in hand; apply it to your ankle and other areas of your foot that feels painful.

With slight movements, massage your ankle with fingers and make sure not to press hard as it can produce more pain.

Continue the massaging process for some minutes.

Make sure not to press the ankle or any nerve hard, all you need round rubbing to your ankle.

How often to massage:

Do this two times a day in the same way; your pain will heal sooner if you do this well.

Use tiger balm:

Image result for tiger balm

With this magical balm, you can heal the unbearable pain and can hopefully get rid of the sprained ankle overnight.

For this you need:

  • Either tiger or Vicks balm

The thing you have to do is:

Just take the balm in your finger and apply it to the sprained ankle.

Now, slowly rub the painful areas with round movements

Use both clock and anti-wise rotational movements to massage correctly to your ankle.

Continue the massaging process for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

This is one of my favorite ways to get relief from the ankle sprain, as I too use balms for such pain and stiffness of the body.

Reason to use balm:

Balms like tiger and Vicks are just fantastic for relieving from deep pain and common inner issues like an ankle sprain.

So have the balm massage as it is a low-cost and straightforward item for the relief of ankle sprain.

Compression to your ankle:

Image result for foot bandage

With some pressure through the right way and item, you can treat the swelling of your ankle.

The tip requires:

  • An elastic foot bandage
  • Two long pieces of plaster or cloth

The thing you need to do is:

Just put on the dressing on your foot, you can quickly get it from the nearest medical stores. Keep it on your foot as long until you don’t feel comfortable from the sprain.

Or if you can’t manage the elastic bandage:

Then tape your foot.

Image result for foot bandage

Wrap a piece of cloth slightly over your foot; make sure to must cover the ankle. Cover another piece on the same way over the first piece to make it fit your foot. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Don’t wrap as tightly as it will result in more pain on your ankle.[/alert]

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Elevate your foot:

Image result for foot elevate
Picture Credit:

Keeping your foot elevated to the top at the heart level, it is possible to heal the swelling and pain from the sprained ankle.

The method requires:

  • Two pillows


  • A small table

Now you have to do is:

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Keep laying on the bed, and put two pads beneath your foot. Try to keep the foot in the position of your heart. You can use more pillows for better elevation.[/alert]

You can use a small table or any item for just supporting your foot for more extended elevation.

We better suggest using this method at the night time, all because you can easily give hours to this tip and can get a better result in the next day.

So try this method whether you are watching TV, resting on a bed or reading some books, all it needs your foot to get elevated.

Visit a professional sprain massager:

adult, alternative medicine, care

People of the old times were master in the technique of finishing the sprain in the ankle.

You can hopefully find the professional sprain massager in your area or the city as they are professionally aware of healing the injury in less time as well as overnight.

They have their own natural & herbal oils and painkillers which they use in your in the treatment process.

So, if you know someone who is master in this skill, we suggest visiting once at them as they have possible abilities to get you out from the sprained ankle overnight.

A physiotherapist can be a lifesaver:

Image result for physiotherapist
Picture Credit:

Since they are professional in dealing the bones with the right technique, so they can heal your foot sprain by just their hands.

So, find the physiotherapist near you, they can hopefully understand and heal your sprained ankle in the first or some other visits.

Seek an orthopedic consultation:

People in Front of Macbook Pro

Like we discussed at the top, your sprain that you are thinking is normal can be possibly worst, which in the end can result in serious injury to your ankle.

Even you shouldn’t visit any other specialist rather than an orthopedic that is specialized in treating worst foot cases.

The defects in your ankle can be only figured out in X-Ray that you should do after or before the medical checkup.

And it is also possible that you may be prescribed operation or further treatments.

 Other habits to adopt while suffering from a sprained ankle:

black-and-white, blackboard, business

If your foot is indulged in the severe and severe stage of sprain, your ankle can take a longer duration to return into the healthy condition.

The severe sprain can even injure the ligaments that combine the foot and leg, which after some time can weaken the bond of your foot and can turn you into the serious problem.

So, until you don’t get healed entirely by the severe sprain, we recommend adopting the life-saving instructions that can assist your ankle to cease from the further pain and defects to your foot. Here are few:

You should better be on rest:

Girl resting with legs on a white chair

To protect your foot from the further increment in pain and swelling, you should keep your foot out from the irrelevant activities.

A person suffering from sprained ankle should be on chair or bed rather than punishing their foot in painful condition.

So, take some rest, try the remedies we described above, and we believe that doing this you can get out of this issue soon.

Abstain from running:

exercise, hobby, jog

You have to keep yourself out from jogging, running until you haven’t treated your foot well.

Running fast can weaken your ligaments and cause more pain as you move your foot.

So, wait for some days for the betterment of your foot, and after that, you can hopefully do whatever you were doing before.

Jumping is prohibited:

Red Stop Sign

Just like running and doing tough jobs via foot, even a single jump can result in the loss of your foot. It can also affect severely to your ligament.

As while the time of jumping, the ankle receives massive pressure that can be unwell to your foot.

Don’t step hard:

Splash of Water

Even if you are just walking in your house, you should still be careful about your every step, since the hard and pressured step on the floor can hurt your foot.

Step to the way carefully by figuring out each of the steps and be habitual to move snugly.

Protect your foot:

accident, banana skin, be careful

While suffering from the sprained ankle, you are needed to keep your swollen and arched foot out from colliding from items like table stand, someone’s foot, etc.

So, keep your foot especially your injured ankle secure from such hard items.


The tough ached and sprained ankle will hopefully be healed soon by applying and being habitual of the paragraphs we mentioned above in the entire article.

So I hope these tips helped you in figuring out how to heal a sprained ankle overnight fast for instant pain relief.

And after some effort, we believe that you will be able to:

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Exercise

And can do other activities that were a tough job while you were suffering from a sprained ankle.

Since the sprained ankle is a weird condition for us, we expect a good and the practical result to you.

So, in the comment section, we are pleased to see your feedback on how long and how easy it took you to heal your sprained ankle overnight.

And if you have got any other tip(s) or question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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