Can I Eat Tortillas After Wisdom Teeth Removal? – Let’s find!

Tortillas are thin flatbreads originally made from maize hominy and sometimes from wheat flour.

People who have recently undergone a wisdom teeth removal surgery often ask, “Can I eat tortillas after wisdom teeth removal?”

Since it is made of maize flour, people are afraid that it may harm the teeth extraction site. However, not only tortillas but many other foods and drinks can be questionable after the teeth removal.

Therefore, to clear all the confusion, we’re going to talk about if you can eat tortillas after wisdom teeth removal or not in this blog post, so let’s dive in!

Can I eat tortillas after wisdom teeth removal?

Can I Eat Tortillas After Wisdom Teeth Removal? - Let's find! -


Luckily, you can eat tortillas after wisdom teeth removal.

Not only this, you can even eat bread, wheat bread, flatbread, oatmeal, cream of wheat, mashed rice, and noodles after your surgery.

Also, just because tortilla is allowed after wisdom teeth surgery doesn’t mean you can ignore the precautions. You should never eat it if it is hot or crunchy.

Also, eat tortilla and other foods from the other side of your mouth, so your surgical site remains safe from any possible harm and also, make sure the grain is cleaned correctly and is free from any hard particles that may quickly get stuck in the tooth hole and cause other complications.

Is it okay to eat roti after wisdom teeth extraction?

Roti is almost the same as tortillas. You can eat it after surgery if it’s not hot. 

The only difference between the two is that tortillas are usually made from corn-wheat, whereas roti is generally prepared from regular wheat.

How to make Tortillas at home?

If you’ve ever wanted to prepare tortilla yourself, check out this quick recipe to prepare it at home.


  • Take a large bowl, add flour and salt to it and stir in water and oil.
  • Knead the flour 10-12 times, add a little flour or water to prepare a smooth dough, and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  • In a greased cast-iron or any heavy skillet, cook tortillas on moderate heat until lightly browned, one minute on each side.
  • Tortillas will be ready if you see any fluffiness in them.
  • To avoid harm to the surgery site, let it cool down for 5 minutes.

Can I eat ravioli after wisdom teeth removal?

Ravioli can be of different types; it may contain meat, fish, cheese, or vegetables, which need to be avoided after wisdom teeth removal.

Can I make tortillas in oil after wisdom teeth removal?

Cooking tortillas in oil can make them crunchy and solid, and crunchy foods are harmful to the tooth extraction site.

You can prepare tortillas with oil on regular days, but never consume them after your teeth surgery.

What are some other soft foods that I can take after teeth surgery?

There are plenty of other foods that you can eat after wisdom teeth removal, some of them include:

Soups and Canned Broths

Many of you may have already guessed that soup would be on this list, and if so, you were correct! 

They’re healthy and enjoyable after oral surgery.

Chicken noodle soup is a good choice after surgery; consuming other crunchy foods is not a good idea until you can move your jaw without feeling any pain.

Note: Don’t take soup until it is at room temperature, or hot soup over the surgery site may lead to severe complications.

Fresh smoothies

Many people will tell you to take the ice cream to soothe the surgery site, but since antibiotics can damage your gut microbiome, you may need some energetic diet.

Luckily, you can soothe your body by making smoothies with tons of probiotic-rich yogurt.

You can add some Greek yogurt into your smoothies and some cocoa powder as well.

Add plenty of milk and water to make the smoothie light and easy for your gums.

Note: Don’t use a straw for drinking smoothies or any drink because suction force may lead to a dry socket.


Boiled eggs are another great option to energize your body after your teeth extraction.

You can take a reasonable amount of eggs after the surgery but make sure you don’t take it if it’s too hot, or this (just like any other hot foods) can cause complications to the surgery site.


If you can’t kill your hunger with only eggs, instant oatmeal could be another option.

Just don’t make steel-cut-oats, as they are hard to swallow.

Prepare with essential ingredients so you can fill up your stomach without hurting your teeth extraction site.

Mashed potatoes

You have to give up on potatoes after your teeth extraction, but worries not as you can always take instant mashed potatoes as an alternative.

Try to make it creamy and soft by mashing it well.

You can add a minimal amount of salt as well but only for taste.


Just because you can enjoy tortillas after the extraction doesn’t mean you can have other meals blindly as well.

Since it is usually consumed with other add-ons, it is essential to know whether you can consume tortillas with them or not.


Meat is not allowed for three to five days after wisdom teeth surgery.

Because it can easily stick into the teeth hole and become difficult to remove.


Note: If you have mistakenly eaten meat or any other food which is now stuck into your surgery site, don’t use a toothpick, finger, or any other tool to remove it since it will only worsen the wounds. 

Instead, try to rinse your mouth with slight force; if it is still not removed, then better visit your surgeon and ask them to remove the food particles for you!

The Bottom Line

Tortillas are daily served food for Asians, and the good news is, it is allowed after the teeth extraction so you can consume it without worrying too much.

However, it is always best to keep precautions in your mind and follow the critical points to be safe from any complication after wisdom teeth extraction.

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