What to do about ear pain after wisdom teeth removal?

Some people feel ear pain after wisdom teeth removal, which makes them worried about what to do.

Post wisdom teeth extraction is usually very challenging because you may experience several complications such as excessive bleeding, face bruising, nausea, sore throat, etc.

However, all these issues are not severe and are curable by yourself or by a medical expert.

But what about the earache? What is the relation between wisdom teeth surgery with that? And how can you cure that?

Let’s find out the solution and answers to all these and other related questions!

What to do about ear pain after wisdom teeth removal?

What To Do About Ear Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Redstonelife.com

Both natural and pharmaceutical products can cure earache. We recommend first checking out the natural remedies as they do not harm your body compared to the other chemical products.

Take plenty of rest

Taking rest is one of the best ways to counter post teeth surgery complications.

After surgery, sleep for at least 8 – 10 hours to lessen the earache.

It is always recommended to make an extraction appointment on the weekends so you may get 1 – 2 days for proper rest.

Protect you ear

Earache starts to fade away following the day after surgery, so hurry and protect your ear from any possible harm.

Don’t sleep on the affected side and avoid exercises and strenuous activities until the pain is relieved.

Massage your ear

Massaging helps to relieve pain inside or around your ear.

Take some warm oil to your fingertips, and apply it behind your ear.

Gently rub the area around your ear in circular, clockwise, and anti-clockwise directions.

Ensure not to let the oil go inside your ear, and don’t rub too hard as it may result in more pain.

Apply cold

Wet a piece of cloth or cotton in cold water.

Apply it directly to the outer area of your ear.

Dry your ear with a piece of cloth.

Repeat this remedy 2 – 3 times a day.

Apply tiger balm

Tiger balm is a natural product that helps to relieve pain inside the bones or tissues.

Apply it gently to the painful areas and let it sit there for 5 – 10 minutes.

It is not necessary to wash tiger balm as it has no side effect if applied to the outer area of the ear.

Avoid prohibited foods

Chewing solid foods such as pizza, burgers, and french fries can lead to severe pain in your ear.

Avoid these items until your earache is relieved.

Instead, eat soft foods such as oatmeal, mashed potatoes, puddings, etc.

Avoid headphones

It would be best if you prevented headphones and other wearable devices from being attached to your ear until the pain is relieved.

Putting any heavy item over your ear may increase the pain, which may take longer to cure.

Consult with doctor

Sometimes the pain may become so severe that it becomes difficult to bear. In that case, it is recommended to check yourself in with a doctor to prescribe a better treatment.

Why do you get an earache after wisdom teeth removal?

Here’s how this happens!

When a wisdom tooth is removed from inside of the jaw, it results in swelling and stiffness in the mouth’s muscles and muscles in your throat, even jaw pain.

Because of the swelling, it puts pressure on other body parts inside your head and near your ears.

All in simple words, it is the pressure that causes pain inside your ears!

Ear pain three weeks after wisdom tooth extraction – what to do?

Earache for more than two days after extraction is unusual.

It would be best to visit an ENT specialist as soon as possible before the problem worsens.

How do you determine whether you have an ear infection or ear pain due to wisdom tooth surgery?

In this case, it is better to have a doctor look inside your ear with an otoscope because you cannot identify whether the ear pain is due to a viral infection or something else yourself.

Is it normal to have earache after wisdom teeth removal?

Complications like bleeding, gum pain, swelling are familiar to most people after extraction.

Earache happens to very few people, but you don’t have to worry if it lasts for one day.

However, ear pain after a day of extraction is not normal and should be taken seriously with a doctor’s consultation.

Can earache go away by itself after wisdom teeth removal?

Earache usually goes away within the first 24 hours after surgery.

But if the pain is severe, and lasts more than a day, then there are very few chances for it to go away on its own.

What to do about jaw pain after wisdom teeth removal?

Pain after wisdom teeth surgery is normal and will go away as the healing process continues.

However, removing the lower wisdom teeth can lead to a condition called trismus, in which you may face an inability to open the mouth or jaw.

Jaw pain usually goes away in one to two weeks. But it is essential to follow all of your oral surgeon’s prescriptions after surgery. A sore jaw after surgery is quite usual, but make sure to tell the surgeon if something doesn’t feel right.

The Bottom Line

Earache is one of the most irritating and complex conditions of our body.

However, if you take proper rest and follow do’s and don’ts, you can recover from it and most complications after wisdom teeth removal surgery.

If you struggle to relieve the pain after a day or so, it is recommended to check yourself with an ENT expert to get proper treatment.

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