So you want to learn how to make yourself sleep on your back? Follow these tips!

Sleeping on your back is beneficial in many ways.

It helps to maintain the spine in a neutral position & the back sleeping position supports the comfort of the neck, head, and shoulders as well.

However, only 8% percent of the world population sleeps with this position.

The common reason for this can be being habitual of the other positions or discomfort to the back position due to the back injury.

Hence because of all these, in this blog post, we’re going to figure out how to make yourself sleep on your back!

So You Want to Learn How to Make Yourself Sleep on Your Back?

How to make yourself sleep on your back:

There are several tips and habits need to be adapted to sleep on your back.

Also, it will require a few efforts for you for adopting a new position; but if you keep every step sequentially, you will soon become habitual of this advantageous sleeping position:

Prepare your mind:

A new sleeping position requires a change from the person. And since you are already habitual of any other position; your brain will not easily allow you to switch to the new one.

Moreover, if you still try sleeping on your back directly, it will surely not work for long as your body is already in favor of any other sleeping position.

Hence, make yourself realized the benefits of this new position.

Plus, you also should know why you are switching from the old to the new style of sleeping. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]All in simple words, you have first to prepare your mind that you are going to switch to the new bed position. Think about the advantages of back position, and make yourself mentally prepared about it.[/alert]

Get a new mattress (Optional):

A new and comfortable mattress would likely make you able to sleep on your back peacefully. All because, since the whole back is rely upon the bed, the back sleepers require a better comfort in the mattress.

If you can manage some expense, purchasing a new mattress will make you quickly shift to the new position. Browse Best Mattress at Amazon

However, looking at the fact that your mattress is in good condition, and you have no plan or savings to buy a new one, you can continue sleeping on your current bed.

Use the ideal pillow:

For the back sleepers, it is suggested to use the thin pad beneath the head that does not imbalance the neck from the rest of the lower body.

More specifically, use a pillow which is slim and soft enough to provide a relaxed sleeping experience. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Contour pillows are the ideal for the back sleepers which can smartly maintain the neck with rest of the body. They also keep the neck touch with them, which is necessary to provide relief for the neck pain.[/alert] Browse Contour Pillows at Amazon

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Make a border of pillows:

Even if you are in snooze, extra pillows around you will smartly assist in keeping you notified when you revert to the old position.

Get two pillows, put each on the individual sides, i.e., one on the left and another on the right side of your arm.

Don’t keep them too close to the body; otherwise, they will cause disturbance during sleep.

Maintain a gap of some inches so you can freely move your arms without interruptions. [alert type=”success” icon-size=”normal”]The extra pillows will work as a border for your body and will act like a notifying tool if you even try to turn and switch to another position. If the body attempts to change the position, you can immediately disallow that by avoiding change and continue the sleep on your back.[/alert]

Use a pillow under the knee:

Putting a pillow under the knee helps in maintaining the proper alignment of the back.

If you are using any inappropriate pad beneath your neck, which is misbalancing the back from the other body, the additional pillow will provide better positioning to the imbalanced back posture.

Upgrade to the ideal sleeping position:

After you complete all the setups above, you are near to start sleeping on the back.

  • When you move to the bed, lay on it comfortably by adjusting pillows correctly.
  • Spread your legs over the bed, and give your back snugly rest on it. After then, give your head rest on the pillow.
  • Observe and check whether the position of the body is correct or not. Make yourself comfortable over the bed, and begin to sleep in the straight back position.
  • Always make your back maintained in the straight position & make sure it’s not curved or imbalanced into the inappropriate position.
  • These pre-sleeping instructions will help you to maintain the new position on the bed.

Practice for sleeping on your back:

As mentioned before, it is not too comfortable to directly sleep on your back. That is, you need to prepare yourself about the new position in the awaked time. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]On your spare time, make some attempt for lying on the back. Play the songs, read magazines, or engage in a particular activity so you can continue the practice longer without getting bored.[/alert] [alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]A key thing to remember, follow every instruction we mentioned above to maintain the right and comfortable position successfully.[/alert]

Start sleeping on your back (Finally):

When you successfully followed every above step and are all ready to adopt the new position, start your nights on the back position.

No worries if you change to the previous one in the sleep, by following every recommended instruction, you will soon become a permanent back sleeper.

The starting days will possibly be a bit discomfort for you, but if you successfully spend time in this, you will soon make yourself habitual of it.

Therefore, begin sleeping on your back, and notice the mistakes and improper body alignment and fix them to adjust yourself entirely in the new position.

Who should not sleep on their back?

Although the back sleeping position is considered healthier and productive for the back pain, still in some cases, this position should be paused and avoided until the specific period.

The following points explain why one shouldn’t sleep on their back:

  • For some peoples, this position can lead to tongue blocking, and the breathing tube causes a condition of breathlessness.
  • If a person got an accident or breakage of bone on the back, he/she shouldn’t sleep on their back if it’s causing severe pain.
  • People who are suffering from a disc herniation and pinched nerve should also not use this position.
  • The back sleepers can also suffer in much snoring. Although this is not a critical issue, if you are experiencing severe snores with this position, then you might have to stop sleeping on your back.
  • If the mattress has some ditches in the center, it can affect severely over the spinal bones by causing excessive pain and difficulties in doing any activities.


After some conscious attempts and smart implementations, you can successfully make yourself sleep on the back.

Plus, by following the right position, instructions and keeping other needy stuff in mind, you can smartly benefit your back by keeping it safe from severe issues caused by inappropriate sleeping positions.

If you have got any other tip(s) or question(s) in mind, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us here.


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