Can I Eat Chicken Nuggets After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The crispy chicken nuggets are one favourite food of kids and adults.

The spicy taste, crispy crunch, and the chicken inside it make it a demanded food worldwide.

As much as it tastes good, if you’ve recently undergone teeth removal surgery, Chicken nuggets could be one of the foods that can harm your incision site. In other words, chicken nuggets are something that you need to prevent after wisdom teeth extraction.

When Can I Eat Chicken Nuggets After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When Can I Eat Chicken Nuggets After Wisdom Teeth Removal -

Say NO to chicken nuggets for seven days after wisdom teeth removal.

The crisp outer layer of nuggets is made from bread crumbs and corn, which are risky for your teeth extraction site. And inside nuggets, there’s a marinated chicken that could get stuck in healing gums and harm the surgery site.

That is why nuggets, even though they are super delicious, need to be avoided after extraction.

Can I eat chicken nuggets in pieces after wisdom teeth removal?

Even if you eat nuggets in small chunks after your surgery, it’s harmful.

You only need to give up on them for seven days, so do your oral health a favour by waiting until that time. After that, you can once again reintroduce them to your foods-to-eat list, no problem!

Can I eat chicken after wisdom teeth removal?

Similar to nuggets, plain chicken can be harmful for you post-extraction.

It is recommended to avoid all types of chicken, such as minced, mashed, or fried chicken, after surgery.

Can I eat quesadilla after wisdom teeth removal?

Quesadilla is a combination of several ingredients in which most are harmful to healing gums.

Dentists recommend waiting for at least 7 – 10 days before introducing quesadilla after extraction.

Instead, you can choose a plain sandwich made of boiled eggs or mashed potatoes during your healing days.

Can I eat French fries after wisdom teeth removal?

French fries become crispy after getting fried in oil. That is why they are also not suitable after wisdom teeth extraction.

However, you can eat mashed potatoes with a little sprinkle of salt as a replacement for French fries.

Can I eat tortillas after wisdom teeth removal?

Thankfully, you can!

Tortilla is a healthy and safe food that you can take after surgery.

Just remember that when you want to eat it, make a soft tortilla instead of a crispy one.

Can I eat a chicken roll after wisdom teeth removal?

It consists of chicken pieces which are something that you also must avoid following your extraction.

Alternatively, you can take a vegetable roll by adding mashed potatoes and tomatoes without seeds in a soft tortilla.

Can I eat a chicken burger after wisdom teeth removal?

No, because it contains solid chicken and other spicy ingredients.

Instead, you can go with a plain mashed potato sandwich as it is both healthy and safe to eat after wisdom teeth extraction.

Can I eat butter chicken after wisdom teeth removal?

Don’t get deceived by the word butter; the chicken is still there and is ready to interfere with your extraction site.

Take a rest from chicken butter and other chicken dishes to allow your surgery site to heal quickly.

Can I eat chicken kebab after wisdom teeth removal?

Here comes the most important question for South Asians!

Unfortunately, chicken kebab is sticky and has chances to stick in your teeth and gums.

Thus, skip them for a week after extraction.

Can I eat shrimp after wisdom teeth removal?

Shrimp is solid and chewy, which makes it a prohibited food after extraction, and eating it within ten days after your surgery can cause complications.

In some situations, one may even need to avoid shrimp for more than ten days if the extraction site doesn’t heal completely.

Can I eat chicken pop after wisdom teeth removal?

Chicken pops are very similar to chicken nuggets. They are crispy, crunchy, and hard to eat, making them a not-to-take food after extraction.

Can I eat chicken stick after wisdom teeth removal?

Do not for at least one week if you want to be safe from any harm and let your extraction site heal quickly.

And even after a week, you should still eat chicken sticks in small bites rather than biting half or entire stick in one go.

Can I eat chicken steak after wisdom teeth removal?

While chicken steak is quite soft and very easy to chew, chicken, whether it is soft or not, is forbidden after wisdom teeth surgery.

That’s because the chicken, even in the soft form, can get stuck to your gums and cause complications.

Can I eat mashed chicken nuggets after wisdom teeth extraction?

Mashing the chicken nuggets can make them softer, but they will still contain chicken that can easily get trapped in the extraction site.

All in simple words, chicken in mashed form can still harm your healing gums because it is a sticky food that may interfere with the extraction area.

Can I eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?

No, you can’t! You have to prevent pizza for two weeks after wisdom teeth removal.

If you have undergone a lower wisdom teeth extraction, you must wait for eight weeks.

The reason is quite simple, the pizza bread is solid, and the chicken pieces are not ideal after teeth extraction.

The Bottom Line

Be it plain chicken, chicken nuggets, or a specific chicken dish; it is always best to take a break from all chicken foods for a week or more, depending on the condition of the surgery site.

Moreover, you don’t need to skip nuggets for a longer time, as seven days is relatively easy to pass.

Thus, take care of your surgery site, avoid foods that need to be avoided so you can recover quickly, and start enjoying your favourite crispy chicken dishes again.

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