When Can I Eat Chicken After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Pizza, burgers, quesadilla, rice, noodles, and even french fries are incomplete without a bit of chicken.

But what if you have had your wisdom teeth removed but still want to enjoy chicken?

You might be wondering, when can I eat chicken after wisdom teeth removal?

The question is essential because foods like chicken are unsuitable for healing gums.

Moreover, chicken is solid and chewy, making it one of the foods one needs to avoid after wisdom teeth removal.

In this blog post, we’ll also discuss other information you need regarding the topic.

When Can I Eat Chicken After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When Can I Eat Chicken After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Redstonelife.com

You should avoid having chicken for at least seven days after your wisdom teeth removal surgery because chicken is easily stuck in your teeth hole, which later becomes challenging to remove. And if you can’t take it out and it stays stuck for an extended period, it can even cause pain and tooth decay. And this is the reason why getting chicken in your mouth is a considerable risk in the starting days of wisdom teeth extraction.

So therefore, it’s better to switch to soft foods that are healthy and easy to chew.

Can I eat chicken nuggets after wisdom teeth removal?

Chicken nuggets, although seems a bit different from other recipes of chicken, they are still prohibited after wisdom teeth removal.

The reason is that they are too easy to get into your healing gums and may cause problems there.

Can you eat minced chicken after wisdom teeth removal?

Chicken is chewy and requires much chomping and grinding.

It has a sticky nature that makes it vulnerable to your teeth.

Thus, taking it in the minced form should also be avoided as it still has chances to disturb your teeth extraction site.

Can I drink chicken broth after wisdom teeth removal?

Finally, here comes the delicious and super healthy chicken item you can consume after wisdom teeth extraction.

It is also helpful to counter post-extraction hunger and weakness with no side effects!

After removing the chicken pieces from the bowl, you can take chicken broth without worry.

Just ensure broth is not too hot, as high-temperature meals can harm the teeth extraction site.

Note: Do not add spices, chicken pieces, and artificial flavor. Just add a little sprinkle of salt for a better taste. Check the bowl properly for any tiny chicken particles in the broth. Those little chicken pieces are more susceptible to trap in the teeth extraction site and extremely difficult to flush off.

Can I eat a chicken spread sandwich after oral surgery?

Once again, No!

The chicken spread contains tiny chicken particles, artificial flavor, black pepper, and other chemicals that are vulnerable to your teeth’ gums.

Instead, you can go with plain mayonnaise on soft bread.

What can I eat instead of chicken after wisdom teeth surgery?

It is no doubt that avoiding chicken for a long time isn’t very easy, but you should avoid it at all costs if you care about your oral health.

So now you might be wondering if there’s any safe and delicious alternative to chicken after wisdom teeth removal.

Luckily, there are many!

You have options like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, mashed rice, porridge, and broths.

All these foods are easy to prepare, safe to eat, and healthy as well that you can have after your surgery.

How to remove chicken from wisdom teeth gums?

It is slightly easier to remove chicken from molar or lines of the teeth than to flush it off from the tooth hole because chicken is a chewy and sticky substance that becomes difficult to remove once stuck in gums.

Moreover, using your finger, tongue, or toothpick will worsen your surgical site.

The only appropriate way to remove chicken from healing gums is to rinse your mouth slowly with water until the chicken particles are entirely removed.

If that doesn’t work, consulting with your dentist is the last and probably the best bet if you fail to get rid of those chicken particles at home by simple rinsing.

Note: Do not throw out water with force. Remove it slowly in drippings. Avoid inappropriate ways to remove chicken from your gums.

Is chicken harmful to your teeth?

Chicken is rich in protein which strengthens the jaw and teeth.

The only thing that makes it a bit harmful is that it can quickly get stuck in gums, molars, and lines of your teeth, and if you don’t get rid of them quickly, it can cause bad breath and bacteria.

How to avoid chicken causing bad breath?

Chicken is still problematic for your teeth even if you don’t have wisdom teeth extraction. In normal conditions, you still need to maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid chicken and other foods causing bad breath in your mouth.

The followings are the tips to avoid bad breath from your mouth caused by chicken.

Floss your teeth

Flossing helps remove food particles from the lines of your teeth.

It is always good to floss your teeth at least once a day.

Especially if you have a chicken meal, floss immediately to prevent it from sticking to your teeth.

Rinse your mouth

Rinsing your mouth should be a common habit in your daily life.

It helps flush away chicken and other food and drinks from your teeth.

Make it your habit to rinse after every meal you have.

Optionally, you can use salt water rinse thrice a week. It is effective against bacteria and bad breath.

Brush your teeth

Brushing is a mandatory part of our daily life.

Brush bristles are firm; they can forcefully remove stuck particles from your teeth.

Try to reach brush to the corners of your teeth, especially the molars.

Note: Do not brush your teeth on the first day after wisdom teeth removal.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash contains dedicated chemicals to remove bacteria, plaque, and bad breath from your mouth.

Use mouthwash once a day with a mixture of water.

Note: Mouthwashes contain harsh chemicals, so don’t overuse them.

Dental scaling

The dentist can remove stubborn plaque, tartar, and food particles through scaling.

Scaling is one of the most effective ways of removing stuck particles from teeth.

It is recommended to have dental scaling after every six months.

The Bottom Line

Chicken makes every meal tasty, but you must avoid it for a week (or more in some cases) after your wisdom teeth extraction to ensure you don’t get into any trouble while healing.

The only reason to pause chicken for a specific duration is to protect your healing gums from possible harm.

After a break of one week, you can continue eating chicken. But still, maintain good teeth cleaning habits and prevent every possible food item that can silently stick in your teeth and cause plaque, bacteria, and tooth decay there.

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