Can I Eat Strawberries After Wisdom Teeth Removal: FIND OUT!

Summer is a welcoming season for one of the delightful fruits, i.e., strawberries.

It usually comes in the market in May, June, and July with the best taste.

If you’re also someone who likes to have strawberries and recently had wisdom teeth removal surgery, you might ask yourself, “Can I eat strawberries after wisdom teeth removal?”

Wisdom teeth extraction stops you from taking most of your favorite foods and drinks for some time.

Therefore, it is crucial to clear yourself about whether you can take strawberries or its shake after wisdom teeth surgery or not.

Can I Eat Strawberries After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Can I Eat Strawberries After Wisdom Teeth Removal -

The dental expert recommends waiting a week before introducing strawberries to your meal. 

Strawberries can disrupt the healing wounds on the extraction site. They also contain dozens of tiny, solid seeds that can quickly get into your teeth hole and may result in complications there.

If you are eyeing a strawberry salad after an extraction meal, it would be a recommendation to take a break from it.

For a light meal, you can choose mashed potatoes, eggsplain cakesoft tortillas, chicken broth, mashed rice, and yoghurt.

If you are looking for a sweet alternative to strawberries after extraction, then you are welcome for plain ice cream, Jello, flan, plain cake, and mashed bananas.

You might be thinking that if you get rid of the seeds in the strawberry, then it’ll become a safe fruit to eat, but the fact is, there are around 200 tiny seeds in a strawberry, and it’s unrealistic to remove all of them.

Can I eat strawberry-flavored ice cream after wisdom teeth removal?

strawberry ice cream

Yes, ice cream is an excellent alternative to strawberries but make sure it is plain flavored because natural strawberry ice cream may contain seeds.

Can I drink strawberry juice after wisdom tooth extraction?

Strawberry juice

Strawberry juice will still include seeds that are not good for your extraction site.

Even when you mix strawberries in a blender, seeds only become tinnier and do not vanish, leaving a good chance that it gets stuck into your healing gums.

Therefore, the strawberry shake is also forbidden for a week after extraction.

When can I start eating fruit after wisdom teeth removal?

It all depends upon the type of fruit you want to eat.

Soft and sweet foods are usually safe to eat after the extraction, while solid and citric fruits harm the teeth extraction site, so you must avoid them.

However, in the case of strawberry, even though it is sweet and soft, you can’t have them because it has lots of solid particles (seeds) that are harmful to your teeth extraction site.

Many other fruits also contain lots of seeds, just like strawberries, so you also need to avoid those fruits.

All in simple words, choose seedless fruits that are soft to eat, i.e., bananas, peach, pear, or apple.

How to eat strawberries post-wisdom tooth extraction?

Smoothies would be a healthy option after a week of wisdom teeth removal. They can help to counter the weakness that is possibly caused by avoiding lots of your favorite and daily solid foods.

You can also begin to eat strawberries in small pieces after a week.

Can strawberry seeds get stuck in your teeth?

girl worried about something

Strawberry seeds are vulnerable even if you don’t have a wisdom teeth extraction. They can quickly and silently get stuck in the lines of your teeth.

Further, the seeds are so sticky that they become hard to remove from the back molars. And if they’re not removed sooner, they can cause tooth decay.

Can I eat strawberries with braces on?

kid smiling having braces on

You need to avoid that as well if you don’t want seeds stuck in your braces.

You should also avoid fruits with small and solid seeds during the braces treatment.

Can I eat grapes after wisdom teeth removal?

Grapes contain seeds, but unlike strawberries, grape seeds are easy to remove.

Without worries, you can eat grapes after removing their seeds on the first day of the extraction.

It would be best to choose large grapes. Large grapes are usually filled with one or two large seeds that are pretty easy to spot and remove.

Can you eat raspberries after wisdom teeth removal?

Raspberry is another berry fruit that you have to skip after extraction.

It consists of many tiny seeds that can easily get trapped in gums.

Can you eat blackberries after wisdom teeth removal?

Blackberry is a forbidden fruit you must avoid for a week after wisdom teeth extraction.

Like strawberries, they also have too many seeds, which harm the surgical area.

Thus, you should avoid all three berries for seven days after the extraction.

Are all berries prohibited after wisdom teeth surgery?

When it comes to a suffix berry, you should know that the fruit must have one or more seeds.

Almost all berries are prohibited after extraction because of seeds!

Seeds make berries a vulnerable item for your surgery site. Therefore, berries are fruits to skip for a week or more after extraction.

When can I eat seeds after wisdom teeth removal?

Seeds should not be taken directly for two weeks after extraction.

Because they can be of many forms, some seeds are large and solid to break, which can harm the teeth hole.

Therefore, consider a wait of two weeks before introducing yourself to seeds again.

Can I eat applesauce after oral surgery?

Though wisdom teeth removal prohibits several fruits, you still have some options.

Apple sauce is a superb option as it is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, which can counter post-extraction weakness.

Banana smoothie is also a nutritious breakfast choice.

The Bottom Line

In summer, you won’t need to skip strawberries as it takes only a week to reintroduce them as a fruitful meal after extraction.

And the only reason you need to take a break from it is to avoid its seeds getting stuck to the extraction site. Otherwise, it is a super healthy fruit you can take all year without any problem.

To conclude, a week of break from your favorite meal may deprive you of delightful taste, but with that patience, you will soon recover and get back to your favorite fruits and strawberries again.

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