When Can I Eat Popcorn After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Popcorn can get stuck in your wisdom teeth hole and cause complications there; therefore, it is considered quite harmful after tooth removal, and you must avoid taking it after your surgery.

However, there is no permanent restriction for popcorn after wisdom teeth removal.

So you might be thinking, when can I eat popcorn after wisdom teeth removal?

The answer is you can take it after your wounds have healed and you are fully recovered that you can start eating solid foods again.

Here’s a detailed guide about whether you are ready to eat popcorn or other solid foods after wisdom teeth removal.

When can I eat popcorn after wisdom teeth removal?

When Can I Eat Popcorn After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Redstonelife.com

Depending on the condition of your surgery, it is usually recommended to wait at least eight weeks before you start eating popcorn again.

The best post-operative care is to avoid popcorn, nuts, seeds, burgerpizzafrench friesquesadillashrimpcigarettessoda, and chewing for some time. 

However, all these different food items have different restriction times.

Therefore it is always best to wait for a minimum of 8 weeks to start eating popcorn again.

Why shouldn’t you eat popcorn after wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is a painful and lengthy process that leaves bleeding, wounds, and pain in the hole. If you eat popcorn or any solid food after that, it can cause you severe problems.

A popcorn kernel is stiff and easily stuck in the tooth hole.

Eating popcorn after removing a wisdom tooth can also lead to other risks such as a slow healing process, dry socket, pain, swelling, and infection in the extraction site. 

If you interfere with tooth holes with any solid or crunchy food like popcorn, it can disturb the blood clot that is in the healing process in the socket. That will cause the extraction site to heal much slower than usual.

Therefore it is always best to follow the recommendations and avoid eating popcorn after wisdom teeth removal, so you don’t get into any serious trouble.

How long does it take a wisdom teeth hole to close?

Generally, the wisdom tooth extraction area soothes within 4 – 6 weeks. However, that hole will fill with bone over the next several months.

What should I do if I mistakenly eat popcorn after wisdom teeth removal?

Eating popcorn after tooth removal is a big mistake; secondly, removing popcorn from healing gum is also a sensitive procedure because you will have to deal with the healing wounds.

If popcorn gets stuck in your tooth hole, you will need to clean it sooner to prevent infection, but this is not an easy and harmless procedure.

Removal of solid food from the teeth extraction site is only possible if it is not stuck in the deep. Do not force yourself to remove popcorn by yourself. It is always best to visit your dentist if stuck particles are not easily removed by yourself.

Will popcorn kernel dissolve after being stuck into gums?

Unlike other foods, popcorn kernels are stiff and do not degrade with saliva. In case if kernel gets into your gum, it will not go on its own.

Instead, it will irritate your gums and may result in bacteria that will begin eroding the root of your teeth.

Note: Never use a toothpick or any pointed tool to remove stuck food particles from the extraction site. Try to swish your mouth with water without causing massive force. Otherwise, don’t use alternate ways as they may worsen your condition and cause severe complications in your extraction site.

Can I eat popcorn with the other side after wisdom teeth removal?

You can eat some prohibited foods from the opposite area where the extraction was performed.

However, popcorn’s kernel is made up of different layers, so there are chances of tiny particles moving toward the extraction site and getting stuck there. Therefore, you should avoid popcorn from any side.

Can a child eat popcorn after a loose baby tooth is pulled?

If your child has a loose baby tooth extraction and desires popcorn, they won’t need to wait for a longer time.

Baby teeth roots naturally dissolve after the extraction, so there isn’t any socket left behind once a tooth falls out.

Thus, you will need to wait for only a week before giving the child popcorn.

What are some foods that are allowed after wisdom teeth removal?

You can take porridge, mashed potatoes, rice, scrambled eggs, yogurt, pudding, and Jell-O.

Since these foods are soft and easy to consume, there is no chance of your extraction site getting affected.

However, you should never take any foods at high temperatures or with high sugar because both are harmful to your teeth extraction site.

Can popcorn kernel get in your teeth also?

A popcorn kernel is a bit hard and chewy, making it easier to get stuck in your teeth, gums, or lines.

Not only inside the tooth hole but popcorn kernels can also get inside your teeth, so you need to remove them if you find them once you’re finished eating them.

You can use dental floss or a toothpick (NOT FOR EXTRACTION SITE) to remove popcorn kernel from your teeth.

Rinsing your mouth with water can also help remove stuck particles from your teeth.

Can popcorn cause abscess?

A food particle stuck for a long time sometimes causes an abscess because it prevents the natural fluids in the gums, allowing the bacteria to grow.

Thus it is essential to wash your teeth properly after eating popcorn or other solid & crunchy foods.

Are there side effects of eating popcorn?

Popcorn is healthy and beneficial food.

It is good to avoid it getting into your teeth and gums because removing it is a bit hard once it is stuck.

But don’t forget that popcorn is one of the food items that you must avoid if you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth removed.

The Bottom Line

Popcorn is one of the typical snacks that is enjoyed in homes, cinemas, and tourism spots.

But since solid food can get into your extraction site, you should avoid it for eight weeks.

Until then, you can enjoy other soft and easy-chew foods so your extraction site will heal sooner.

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