Things To Do Without Internet: 60 Cool Things You Can TRY!

Be it our work, entertainment, communication, or education, today we are all dependent on the Internet for different purposes.

And without that, it is not easy to spend even a single day!

However, let’s imagine for a second what if your:

  • Internet package has run out of the package
  • There’s a technical fault in your city
  • You are tired of using the Internet too much, and you are getting bored at your home!

Now, what are you going to do? 

How will you spend hours of your day without such a vast entertainment source?

This guide will tell you the alternate sources of entertainment and the things to do without Internet.

Let’s get started!

Things To Do Without Internet: 60 Cool Things You Can TRY!

Things To Do Without Internet: 60 Cool Things You Can TRY! -

There are so many other cool things that one can enjoy when they are out of the Internet & here’s the list of those 60 things!

Don’t Regret if there’s ‘NO INTERNET.’

The Internet is now one of the most demanding needs of everyone’s life; however, when you start to take it way too seriously than you should, you can’t enjoy other things in your life once you run out of the Internet connection somehow.

Instead of only spending your time on the Internet and grieving all day when you don’t have an internet connection, explore new things to see more of the world’s unique elements.

No doubt, the Internet is a great gift to humanity in many ways, but it can still become a problem for you if you don’t use it carefully.

That is, depending on the Internet too much can put you into numerous problems i.e.

Always keep these things in your mind whenever you think that the Internet is your second life or one of the most important things without which you can’t live.

Identify Other Things You Like Instead of the Internet

Undoubtedly, the Internet is one of the most common things that we all use every single day as a source of entertainment, knowledge, communication, and the list goes on.

However, there might be several other things that you like to do when there’s no internet.

Think & identify your most favorite activities and serve your time in those things, so you don’t end up wasting your time in the absence of the Internet doing nothing.

(Check out this blog post to learn how to find the purpose of your life!) 

Make a To-Do list

By creating a To-do list, you can note down all the tasks you can do without the Internet.

Think, and enlist your essential tasks! Mention time, priority, and other important information as well.

Also, mark tick on each task that you’ve completed.

Not sure how to create one? 

Check out this blog post to learn HOW:

Get Together With Family

Nobody is close to you when you are on the Internet, not even your family members.

So, don’t lose this golden opportunity and sit with your parents and other family members.

Discuss the essential things and try to fulfill the gap that the Internet created between you and them.

Look Through Old Family Albums Together

Grab old photo albums of your birthday, parents’ wedding, or any memorable life event, look them together with your Family, and discuss those events with them.

Believe us, this is one of the best things you can enjoy in the absence of the Internet!

Take a Family Visit to the Zoo or Museum

You’ve got precious time to make some great memories with your family; take Your Family to the zoo, museum, seaside, or other delightful places.

Take photos, have lunch there and do your best to make that time the best one of your life.

Learn New Things

Spend your free time learning new things that you’ve done never before!

Learn to cook your favorite meals, learn to make sketches, and discover other useful skills.

Don’t let this time pass uselessly; spend it learning something that’ll be beneficial for you in the future. 

Go For Outing

Leave your house, and move to the streets, parks, markets, etc. to refresh your mind.

Walk on your feet, and feel the breathtaking life outside your home and the internet.

Look to the natural beauty in your sight-radar and realize how beautiful real-life is than virtual life.

Meet friends – in REAL LIFE!

It’s enough that you’ve been chatting with your best friends on the internet.

Now it’s time to meet them in real life and spend the best time with them.

Visit your friend’s house, make a gathering, and enjoy the real-time communication among them.

Plan Your future

We’re too busy on the internet that we forgot about our upcoming time.

Have you ever thought:

  • What are you going to do in the future?
  • How are you going to pay your loans?
  • How are you going to manage your education, job, and family matters?

If NO, you can spend your free time thinking about these things and finding out the best solution.

So, don’t get late! Think, analyze, and start making your plans in a notebook.

Write everything with the proper solution, i.e., how will you pay loans, your education expense, and life after retirement!

Play Video Games

Whatever device you use should have some of your favorite video games that you can play when there’s no internet connection.

Even if you don’t have any, you can install some of them now so you can enjoy them later in the future.

Video games like Chess, Puzzle, Quiz can help you to pass your boring time pretty well.

Watch Movies, Shows, Serials

A single movie is enough to pass your boring time when there’s nothing to do else.

Additionally, you can watch a recorded Netflix series, which would also be enough to pass your day without the internet connection so, be sure to download them in your device while you have the internet connection so you can watch them later when you don’t.

Go to the Library

If you use the internet to gain your knowledge, then reading informative books is the second-best thing you can do without the internet.

Visit the library, get some books on current affairs, history, or your favorite topic, and read them! 

Take Some Time to Relax

Getting tired after scrolling over the web pages, watching streaming, and chatting through the messengers is all normal, and this is the best time for you to give proper relaxation to your body and mind.

Take a nap, or have a coffee with someone and talk about things other than work.

Try different things to relax and forget the internet until you don’t have access to it.

Organize your Messed up Room

Finally, you’ve got time to clean, organize, and manage your room!

Look into your cupboards and drawers, remove the unwanted items and organize them properly.

The best thing is cleaning your room can also help you reduce stress from your mind.

Recycle Your House

Don’t let your time spent on the Internet run you away from the fact that there might be so many useless things in your house! 

And this is the time you can use to eliminate all those items from your house so that you can get some extra space.

Look for the old items in the storeroom, recycle, or donate them so somebody else who’s needier can be benefited from the things you’ve never touched in months.

Remove Unnecessary Data From your Phone and Laptop

Waiting for the internet connection to get back is simply a waste of time; instead, use that time in exploring old and unseen data of your phone and laptop and get rid of all of them that you won’t use in the future.

Visit all the drives and folders, remove the unwanted data, and backup the important items.

Also, update your device drivers and run a complete ant-virus scan to ensure there are no viruses in your device.

Inspect your Lawn

There could be many things you were missing in your lawns.

i.e., mowing, watering plants, cleaning the garbage, etc.

And this is the perfect time to complete every critical task that you missed on your lawn.

Spend time there, and you’ll get a good feeling after sorting out all the essential things.

Go Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be time-consuming; hence, when you don’t have access to the Internet, use that time to make a list of things you need to buy, and buy them!

That can help you save your upcoming time, and you can later use that crucial time to do something productive.

Colour Something

According to psychology, coloring helps to reduce stress and promote creativity.

It is a pretty cool way to kill boredom when there’s no Wi-Fi OR internet in general in your place.

So, grab a coloring book, and fill your favorite colors accordingly.

Contribute to Domestic Chores

Help your wife and mother by doing the dishes.

Work with your family by taking responsibility for the kitchen and other household stuff.

This way, you’ll get to realize how difficult it is for women to manage a house!

Play With a Pet (If you have it)

Pets can help you to pass hours of your day without getting bored.

Spend time with your pets, give them a proper bath, comb their hairs, and play with them.

Get busy with them; it is good to spend a reasonable time with your pets.

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Almost half of the world population doesn’t involve physical activities daily, and one of the main reasons for that is the healthy addiction towards the internet.

Some important exercises you should try are:

  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Swimming

Thus, use your offline time to go for a long run or play some sports with your friends or family.

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When was the time you last took a sunbathe? We won’t be surprised if you say more than a year ago!

Wake up early in the morning, and make yourself ready to take a proper sunbathe.

The time between 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. is the best to give you a vitamin D enriched bathe.

Note: Make sure to wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to your body. Also, 10 – 20 minutes of sunbathing is enough for you in summer days.

Plant a Tree

You can give a lot to nature by merely planting a tree in your area.

Planting can increase your connection with nature.

No doubt, gifting a tree to the earth can reward you with lots of benefits. i.e., fruits, fresh oxygen, shade, and much more! 

Drive to the Place You’ve Never Been

Plan a long drive with your friends or family members and explore the new territories of your city that you haven’t been to before.

Drive to the countryside, take the fresh air with mirrors open, and spend some hours in that new Place.

Play Board Games at Night

Call your friends, and plan a late-night dice game at your home, and enjoy that internet-free time with your friends.

You can play different types of other games, i.e., Chess, Nine Men’s Morris, Cards, Monopoly, or even any other physical sports.

Take a Long Deep Bath

Once again, the healthy addiction towards the internet doesn’t even let us spend proper time bathing.

Use this time to take a proper long and deep bath, using soap, shower gel, and a scrubber.

Don’t get in a hurry, and do not leave the bathroom until a full bath has been taken!

Learn to live without the INTERNET

I hope you agree with us when we say:

The most important thing you should do without the internet is to: Learn How to Live Without It!

That’s because, unless you reduce your addiction to the internet, it will be challenging for you to spend even a day without it.

All in all, think and identify the numbers of creative things you can do without the internet and learn to live on them.

Other simple & cool things you can do without the internet:

  1. Learn a poem
  2. Go shopping
  3. Try a new restaurant
  4. Try some food you’ve never had before
  5. Go to a concert
  6. Take a fishing trip
  7. Go bowling
  8. Paint or draw something creative
  9. Go on a date
  10. List down the things you can do if the internet never comes back
  11. Try a new sport
  12. Talk to neighbor
  13. Pray
  14. Do yoga
  15. Play a catch
  16. Do 20 pushups
  17. Call someone close to you
  18. Make a new friend
  19. Ride a horse
  20. Invest 100 dollars in something special
  21. Smell the flowers
  22. Get a fresh haircut
  23. Pay utility bills
  24. Watch news channels
  25. Clean your room
  26. Climb a tree
  27. Monitor your health condition
  28. Learn how to code
  29. Try creative writing
  30. Do a family art project

The Bottom Line

We hope you agree with this:

“A life without the internet feels a life without reason.”

But after knowing the super cool things you can do without the internet; we hope you also realize that:

“Life is not meaningless at all even without the internet, and you can create a lot of memorable moments even when you are disconnected.”

To conclude, there are so many things you can enjoy in the absence of internet connectivity. Plus, we believe that you are now all set to spend your valuable time on several unique things that you can do without the internet.

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